How To Make an Awesome Instagram Profile Picture: Sizes and Ideas

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Making an aesthetically Instagram profile picture is an important step for the first impression. You have to choose the themes, color schemes, composition, and more to create a cohesive Instagram look.

Here are some important tips and ideas about Instagram profile pictures you should know. Moreover, you can also learn more about how to enhance the headshot for the Instagram profile and change the original one from the article.

Make Instagram Profile Picture

Part 1: The Requirements for Instagram Profile Picture

Before uploading a profile picture, you should know the requirement for Instagram. What should you choose for the Instagram profile picture? Unless you are managing a business account, a headshot is always the best choice. Here are the basic requirements for profile picture size.

Size for Instagram Profile Picture: 110 pixels x 110 pixels

Size for Photo Thumbnail: 161 pixels x 161 pixels

The maximum file size a profile image on Instagram can be is 10MB. A photo with a large size is not always a nice choice, you might find out the image turn out blurry and pixelated.

Instagram Profile Picture Size

Part 2: 8 Best Tips to Choose Instagram Profile Picture

Tip 1: Match Your Aesthetic and Brand

It is the major principle to choose the Instagram profile picture that matches the rest of your feed. It can make sense on your page and match the aesthetic of your personal brand.

Match Aesthetic Brand

Tip 2: Choose a Recent Taken Photo

First and foremost, you should use a headshot that was taken recently as your Instagram profile picture. Keep it as evergreen as possible, or else, the new followers might think it is inactive.

Recent Taken Photos

Tip 3: Select Photos Light and Clear

A blurry or dark photo is not a good choice for an Instagram profile picture. You should choose a clear photo. Moreover, it should be bright unless you are a fan of Punk.

Bright Profile

Tip 4: Highlight and Focus Your Face

Though your face should be the leading role of an awesome Instagram profile picture, the background is also necessary. It will fill other parts of your photo and highlight your face.

Hightlight Your Face

Tip 5: Use Correct Micro-Expression

Gestures can tell a lot of information even though you do not open your mouth. The micro-expressions are the same. Your smile, your eyes, your nose, and more can tell a lot in your Instagram profile.

Correct Micro Expression

Tip 6: Choose Right Photo Format

You can save Instagram profile pictures in JPG, PNG, BMP, and non-animated GIF. JPG is the ideal format if your profile does not have transparency. Just upload the photo to find whether it is pixelated.

Choose Right Format

Tip 7: Using Space Effectively

To match your aesthetic and brand in such a tiny Instagram profile picture, you have to use space effectively. It is usually best that your picture is front and center, and others come in small packages.

Using Space Effectively

Tip 8: Show Values and Product

When you need to show your professionalism, you can add your product. If you are a photographer, you can take the Instagram profile picture with a camera, a tutor with a book, and so on.

Choose Profession

Part 3: How to Enhance Instagram Profile Picture

If you need to enhance headshot for Instagram, have virtual makeup, or have a smile, WidsMob Portrait Pro is a versatile avatar editor to polish headshots for Instagram. It detects all facial points and enhances the portrait images with multiple parameters. Moreover, it enables you to personalize the templates and apply a series of filters with one click.

  1. Detect all facial points and manage the skin with advanced AI technology.
  2. Manage the skin area, enhance the portrait image, and have makeup.
  3. Customize the different presets for Instagram, Facebook, and more others.
  4. Resize the headshot for Instagram and save it to different file formats.
Win Download Mac Download

How to Retouch Instagram Profile Picture

Step 1: Once you have downloaded the Instagram avatar editor, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Select Files button or the Select Folder button to add the photos for Instagram headshot into the portrait editor accordingly.

Import Portrait Ins Profile

Step 2: If you have already customized presets for different scenarios, such as Instagram, Facebook, and more. You can simply click the Preset menu and choose the desired templates. Some basic templates enable you to polish Instagram portraits within one click.

Choose Ins Preset

Step 3: When you want to personalize the Instagram profile picture, you can also click the Edit menu to touch up the portrait. It enables you to manage skin, enhance the portrait and have makeup. Moreover, there are different parameters to get a satisfactory headshot.

Makeup Ins Headshot

Step 4: After that, you can click the Export button to save the profile picture. It enables you to resize the photos, save them as JPEG/TIFF, and tweak the output photo quality. You can simply check the desired template to export all the Instagram profile pictures in a batch process.

Export Ins Profile Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: How to Upload Profile Picture for Instagram

Once you have the desired Instagram headshot, you should learn more about how to upload it to your Instagram. When you need to upload from a computer, or a mobile, you can learn more details as below.

How to Upload Instagram Profile Picture on PC

Step 1: Go to Instagram in a browser and log in to your account. Click your username to open the profile page. Then click the Edit Profile and choose the Change Profile Photo option.

Step 2: Click the Upload Photo option and open the Instagram profile photo from your computer. Once you have uploaded the photos, you can update the account to view the profile picture.

Upload Instagram Profile PC

How to Upload Instagram Profile Picture on Mobile

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and sign in to your account. The procedure is the same for both iPhone and Android. Tap on the Instagram profile at the right corner of the menu bar. Then tap the Edit Profile button.

Step 2: Touch the Change Profile Photo option on the edit profile screen. After that, you can either import a photo from your handset or take a new photo as the Instagram profile picture.

Step 3: Tap the Done button to confirm the process once you have completed uploading your profile picture to Instagram. Just check out the snapshot within your account or make some adjustments.

Instagram Profile Linking

Part 5: FAQs about Profile Picture for Instagram

1Can I View an Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size?

No. Instagram does not allow you to view the profile picture in full size within the app. Once you have clicked the Instagram profile picture, it will direct you to the Stories or do nothing. But you can use some 3rd party tools to view the full profile image accordingly.

2Can I Make Instagram Profile Pictures Online?

There are several profile picture makers online, such as,, and more. The websites allow you to upload a photo, add background and filters, and then download it. Then, you can change your profile with the photo.

3Why Instagram Reduces the Quality of My Profile Picture?

Make sure you have uploaded the photos in 110 pixels x 110pixels. When you have an image large in resolution, resizing it may result in the photo becoming blurry or low quality. It is the reason that you have to touch up the Instagram profile picture beforehand.


You should master how to make and create an awesome profile picture for your Instagram account. An attractive profile picture almost determines whether someone else will open your post and follow you on Instagram. You can follow the tips to create the best Instagram profile picture. Moreover, WidsMob Portrait Pro can help you retouch your face and make you look better. Just free download the program and make the desired Instagram headshot accordingly.

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