IrfanView WebP – How to Open and Convert WebP Files with IrfanView

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Does IrfanView support WebP format? Can you open and convert WebP images with IrfanView? When you need to open, edit, convert, and manage the WebP files, IrfanView is one of the most popular WebP toolkits. To learn more details about the IrfanView WebP, you can find all the answers by reading the simple guide. WebP file has been around for a few years but has not gained widespread popularity due to its lack of compatibility in the majority of browsers. However, practically every browser now supports WebP, with the exception of Apple's previous Safari browser version and the outdated Internet Explorer.

Convert WebP Files with IrfanView

Part 1: How to Open and Convert WebP Photos with IrfanView

As a popular photo format, WebP does compatible with IrfanView, but not for the animated WebP files. If you have already installed V4.52 with the specific Web.dll, you can open and convert WebP for your website. Just learn more about the IrfanView WebP with the steps below.

Step 1: Download and install the IrfanView on your PC. You can download the latest version from the official website or use the V4.52 above. Launch the program and open any JPG or PNG pictures.

Save WebP Photo IrfanView

Step 2: Click the File section and choose the Save as… option from the drop-down menu. Choose the down arrow next to the Save as type in the Save Picture As dialog box to pick WEBP Weppy File Format.

Export WebP IrfanView

Step 3: Save your image as a WebP file. When you select WebP as the file format, another dialog box will appear with more options. However, unless you have a compelling need to change the desired settings.

WebP Save Option IrfanView

Part 2: The IrfanView Alternative to Browse, Convert, and Edit WebP

Are there WebP viewers and converters for animated WebP, especially when you need to convert GIF to WebP? WidsMob WebP is the best IrfanView alternative to browse, convert, and edit WebP. Whether you need to check the WebP properties, browse the images in thumbnail/full-screen, resize the photos, convert WebP to JPEG/PNG/GIF, or vice versa, it is the ultimate WebP toolkit you should not miss.

1. Compatible with both animation WebP and graphics WebP as IrfanView.

2. Browse the histogram, properties, thumbnail, full-screen, and more others.

3. Provide different editing features to resize, rotate, flip, and add watermark.

4. Convert PNG, JPEG, GIF, HEIC to WebP, and vice versa in original quality.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob WebP, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Import button or simply drag them into the WebP program, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, HEIC, WebP, and more.

Import Animated GIF WebP

Step 2: When you click the photo, you can check the histogram and properties. It supports both WebP visuals and animations. Double click the WebP to view the animations WebP as the IrfanView alternative.

Edit the Output WebP

Step 3: If you need to convert JPEG to Webp, you can also resize the photos in batch. Just enable the Resize option. You can enter the parameters for width, height, resolution, and other parameters.

Resize WebP

Step 4: You can click the Export button to convert photos to WebP. Select the destination folder, you can choose the WebP as the output format and adjust the photo quality before clicking the Convert button.

Export GIF to WebP Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQs about IrfanView WebP Not Working

1Why are the animated WebP images shown black in IrfanView?
The animated WebP images are not yet supported in the IrfanView. You need another application or install an extra plugin that supports this file type. But you can always download the animated WebP images. You can playback the file with most versions of Chrome.
2Can you crop WebP images in IrfanView?
Put your left cursor on the top left of the area you wish to begin cropping, and the red X indicates the spot. Then select the Edit option to choose the Crop Selection menu on the left of Irfanview. Moreover, you can also get rid of all of the extraneous information.
3Is IrfanView free software to manage WebP?
For personal, non-commercial use only, IrfanView is offered as freeware. It is free for educational purposes, like schools, universities, museums, libraries, and you can use it for charitable or humanitarian purposes for free. But you have to purchase IrfanView WebP for business websites.


Whether you have downloaded some WebP files online, or need to convert JPEG to WebP, Irfan is the desired WebP toolkit for free. But there are some limitations, such as the animation WebP files, the editing features, and more. When you need to manage, convert, browse, and edit the WebP photos with ease, WidsMob WebP should be the initial choice.

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