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How to Make a Cute Selfie Photograph with Kawaii Photo Editor and Alternatives

If you want to decorate your portraits and selfies with cute stickers, Kawaii photo editor is a nice option. It should be a photo editor with which you can get numerous cute filters. Actually, “Kawaii” is the Japanese word, which aims to describe somebody cuteness. It is mainly used for teenager girls or puppy, which is a popular makeup for Instagram photos.

What should be the best Kawaii photo editors to touch up portraits and selfie for social media websites? Whether you need a funny photo editor or a professional one, you can choose the desired Kawaii photo editing software with Kawaii stickers or makeups from the article with ease.

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Part 1: Brief Overview of Kawaii Photo Editor

Kawaii photo editor is an excellent Android application to add cute picture frames. You can take advantage of the Kawaii camera to decorate photos as a manga photo creator. Besides the cute frames and designs, you can also get numerous lovely stickers for free. If you are not satisfied with provided stickers, you can create kawaii effects manually.

1. Photo editor and photo collage maker with cute frames and designs.

2. Apply Kawaii theme tools and make some funny messages with ease.

3. Set the Kawaii images as the wallpaper of your Android phone.

4. Share the best Kawaii photos to Facebook and other social media sites.

Kawaii Photo Editor

Part 2: Top 7 Kawaii Photo Editor Apps for iOS/Android

Kawaii photo editor for Android is only a basic photo editor with basic cute frames and designs. If you need to get more applications with the Kawaii effects, you can learn more about the 7 photo editors for iOS and Android phone as below.

Top 1: MSQRD

MSQRD, it is popular for its masquerade live filters for selfie on Android and iOS. Instead of the Kawaii frames and designs, you can get some funny and animated mask images. It should be a funny Kawaii Photo Editor alternative.

1. Built-in cute stickers to broadcast the photos and videos live.

2. Different themes of stickers, such as animals, faces, sport and more.

3. Record selfie video and change your appearance in real time.

4. Detect movements, facial expressions and fit face with animated mask.


Top 2: Snow

Snow is another Kawaii photo editor alternative to create and save custom beauty effects. You can add Kawaii stickers on photos and videos with stylish AR makeup features. Don’t miss exclusive seasonal filters for your selfies.

1. Apply some cute filters, such as puppy or piggy with cute portraits.

2. Explore hundreds of stickers with frequently update every month.

3. Beauty portraits and selfies to be more smooth and light than ever before.

4. There are the 48-hour stories and stunning GIF features as desired.

Snow Photo Editor

Top 3: Camera360

Camera 360 is a popular facial filter and kawaii photo editor with over 100 different filters. It contains professional editing tools as well as all themed funny stickers, motion stickers, poster templates and even video effects.

1. Combine and custom expression with the provided kawaii style filters.

2. Advanced face tracking filters to manage the desired effects with ease.

3. Customizable filters, cartoon effects, motion stickers and funny stickers.

4. Make photo collage and photo grid with the multiple kawaii images.

Camera 360

Top 4: Face Swap Live

Different from the other Kawaii photo editors, Face Swap Live is the photo editor that enables users to switch faces in one click. It means your expression will appear on your friend’s head with funny expressions.

1. Change the faces between you can your friends within one click.

2. Record a video and apply the provided face swap funny effect.

3. Search for the desired face swap effects, even with the 3D filters.

4. Pick and choose hat, glasses, beard and more other you want to wear.

Face Swap Live

Top 5: Aillis

Aillis is also known as Line Camera. It is another Kawaii photo editor app alternative that enables users to apply cute photos effects for selfies and landscapes. You can even get lovely stickers as Hello Kitty and Snoopy.

1. Live filter and beauty feature for selfies to show the world the real you.

2. Complete with a timer, flash, mirror mode, level, grid, and other features.

3. Apply camera features, filters, add text, brushes, stamps, etc.

4. Combine multiple photos into one as a perfect photo collage.

LINE Camera Screenshot

Top 6: Ngingi Stamp

Ngingi Stamp is full of cute drawing filters to Kawaii-fy your photos. The name of the Kawaii photo editor originates from one cute girl. You can get vintage-looking filters and free set of stamps to manage within the app.

1. Apply cute effects and decorate your photos with pastel color stamps.

2. Multiple kawaii sets for sweetie girl, young boy set, polka dot lover, etc.

3. Provide word decor an assortment of cute and designed words decorations.

4. Adjust the auto focus, exposure, flash mode and other parameters.

Ngingi Stamp

Top 7: Insta Emoji Photo Editor

Do you need some cute and Kawaii Emoji filters instead? Insta Emoji Photo Editor is the Kawaii photo editor enables users to put emojis and other cool stickers onto your photos, which is known as Emoji Camera Sticker Maker.

1. There are more than 3200 stunning emoji images apply to your photos.

2. Simple and intuitive controls for placing the emojis to on desired position.

3. Add cute and funny texts, filters, overlays, frames and more other others.

4. Universal support for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Insta Emoji Photo Editor

Part 3: Best Kawaii Photo Editor Program for Win/Mac

What should you do in order to create a cute and natural selfie? Is there a Kawaii photo editor for Windows and Mac? In order to get a desired portrait or makeup, WidsMob Portrait Pro is the desired portrait editor to make a satisfied selfie with ease.

1. Custom and design the Kawaii presets for selfie in a batch process.

2. Full control over the skin area, skin tone color and other editing features.

3. Enhance the cute selfie for eyes, nose, smile, cheek, face slim and more.

4. Professional make up with makeup blush, lipstick, colored contacts, etc.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Step 1: Download and install Portrait Pro

Launch the program and click the “Select Photos” to add the selfie images. In order to get a satisfied portrait, you can turn on the “Before/After” mode to instant preview the effect.

Add Kawaii Photo Portrait

Step 2: Touch up the portrait skin

When you need to make a selfie, you can choose the desired skin area, then adjust the smoothing the face with the desired tone color. Moreover, you can also adjust the “Brighten Skin” parameters.

Touchup Skin Portrait

Step 3: Enhance the portrait points

In order to make a cute and Kawaii selfie, you can remove blemish, deepen smile, lift cheeks, slim face, brighten eyes, enlarge eyes, enhance nose, remove shine and white teeth.

Enhance Portrait

Step 4: Makeup kawaii portrait

After that you can adjust and makeup the blush, lipstick, colored contacts, eye color, eyelashes, eyeliners, eye shadow and more others. Moreover, there are multiple settings within the Kawaii photo editor.

Portrait Makeup


How to get a cute and attractive selfie? When you search for the Kawaii Photo editor, the Android version is the one you find. If you are not satisfied with the program, there are 7 more alternatives with stunning effects. In order to get a professional cute and Kawaii selfie, WidsMob Portrait Pro is always a nice program you have to take into consideration.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

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