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What Is Keepsafe Photo Vault App and How to Hide Photos with Ease

Keepsafe Photo Vault is one of the best photo vault apps that keeps your pictures private and out of reach of anyone who would intrude in your private files without your permission. It has accumulated over 50 million downloads in Play Store and App Store. Is it safe to use Keepsafe to hide and lock photos on your iPhone or Android phone? The article shares a brief review about the Keepsafe, including the basic features, advantages, drawbacks and how-to. Just read the unbiased review to make a decision.

Keepsafe Photo Vault

Part 1: A Brief Review of Keepsafe App

What is Keepsafe photo vault? Just as mentioned above, it is a photo vault app for smartphone. It enables you to preserve special memories, family photos and videos, and protect the copies of your credit cards, ID cards, and more other files with ease.

Basic Features for Keepsafe

Keepsafe Basic Features:

1. Store any photo and video on iOS and Android devices.

2. Back up photos and albums to prevent from data loss.

3. Custom albums to group photos into different categories.

4. View private photos and videos in full screen or slideshow.

5. Capture photos within Keepsafe app on iPhone or Android.

6. Share and send your private photos for a limited time.

7. Sync your private photos across mobile devices.

Keepsafe Premium Features:

1. Lock particular albums with individual PIN codes.

2. Store up to 10,000 photos and videos to Cloud.

3. Compress photos and videos after backup to cloud.

4. Recover photos when you delete by accident.

5. Remove ads and improve your experience.

6. Set a specific image as album thumbnail.

KeepSafe Photo Vault Screenshot

Brief Review of Keepsafe

Is it safe to use Keepsafe to lock and hide photos and videos? When you need to learn more details about the photo vault app, you can learn more details about the app as below.


1. Easy user interface to hide or lock photos and videos with ease.

2. Support different photo vault methods, such as Pin and fingerprint.

3. Advanced security level to lock the photos ensure photo in safe.


1. The backup features and others are available to premium version.

2. The ads in free version are annoying when you hide the photos.

3. Limited storage space of smartphone might limit the backup files.

KeepSafe iOS

How to Use Keepsafe on Mobile

Keepsafe Photo Vault is a useful app for Android and iPhone users to hide private photos and videos. If you decide to use on your handset, follow the guide below to master it quickly. Just take how to use Keepsafe photo vault on your Android phone as an example.

Step 1: Download and install Keepsafe photo vault from Google Play or App Store to your smartphone. After that, you can launch the photo vault app to lock and hide the photos and videos.

Step 2: For the first time, it will ask you to enter the PIN passcode used to lock your photos and videos. Moreover, you can enter your major email address to restore your PIN code when you forgot it.

Keepsafe Vault Hide

Step 3: Once you enter the app, it is the time to add your photos and videos. Tap the Menu icon and choose Add Pictures to open your photo gallery. You can go to your photo gallery and tap the Share icon.

Step 4: Whenever you want to unhide your photos, select them in Keepsafe app and tap the Unhide button. Only for the correct password, you can view the photos within the photo vault again.

Keepsafe View

Part 2: The Best Keepsafe Alternative for PC

Keepsafe Photo Vault is a great method to lock and hide your photos on your mobile devices. The limited storage space of your smartphone is always a major restriction. What should be the best alternative to Keepsafe photo vault to hide and lock smartphone photos on PC or Mac? WidsMob PhotoVault is a desired photo vault to keep personal photos from others.

1. Hide your private and sensitive photos from others with ease.

2. Lock and hide pictures with military level encryption, AES-256.

3. View hidden photos in slideshow, full-screen and other modes.

4. Create albums for storing and managing photos.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Use the Alternative to Keepsafe for PC/Mac

Step 1: Set up the Keepsafe for PC or Mac

When you want to protect photos, you can download and install PhotoVault on your computer. Launch the program and enter and re-enter the password and click the “Done” button to confirm. Just write down your password since it is the only way to access hidden photos.

Photo Protected with Password PhotoVault

Note: To reset the security level and other options, click WidsMob PhotoVault > “Preferences”, which enables you to set up the different security levels for the program.

Step 2: Add photos you want to lock and hide

Go to the default Photos folder from the left side or make a new album by hitting the “Plus” icon under Albums. Then click the “Import” button at the upper right corner, find your personal photos in the open-file dialog, and click Open button. When prompted, choose “Delete Photos” if you want to remove the original photos; otherwise, select “Cancel”.

Photos Hidden on PhotoVault

Step 3: View locked photos in slideshow mode

When you want to view the hidden photos, go to the folder in the alternative to Keepsafe, and click “View” > “Play Slideshow” on the top ribbon. Then you can control the playback with “Esc” and other hotkeys. Moreover, you can adjust the speed in General tab on Preferences dialog.

Note: In addition to view locked photos, the photo vault also is able to share the personal photos via email directly. All you need to do is to select all desired photos and click the Email icon near the top right corner.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


Just learn more details about what Keepsafe is, whether it is worth to use, and how to use it. If you have some sensitive photos on your Android phone or iPhone, Keepsafe app is available to download in Play Store and App Store. As for your PC or Mac, you have to find an alternative to Keepsafe, such as WidsMob PhotoVault.

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