How to Choose and Make the Professional Profile Pictures for LinkedIn

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A professional headshot of LinkedIn can attract more visits and more chances to receive a message.

Different from the other social media sites, LinkedIn is an online business network for professionals to build a personal brand and make you stand out, how to make a brilliant and professional profile picture of LinkedIn for the first impression?

It is the ultimate guide about the size, dos and don’ts, and even the best LinkedIn profile editor you should know.

Headshot for LinkedIn

Part 1: The Simple Guideline of LinkedIn Picture Profile

The size of the image makes a big difference in the quality of your LinkedIn profile picture. The standard photos should be 400x400 pixels or larger with 8MB maximum in size. It is recommended to upload 800x800 pixels high-quality picture that looks crisp clear even the photo gets sized down.

The LinkedIn headshot should take up 60% of the frame. Once you have uploaded the profile picture, you can also change the position and size, and then preview the photo before saving it. Make sure you are the only person in the picture.

Of course, you can also use the company logos, landscapes, animals, words or phrases, and others as the LinkedIn profile picture. If the image does not meet the image guideline, you are not able to upload the photo, or should be removed from your profile.

 Image Size LinkedIn

Part 2: The Dos and Don’ts for LinkedIn Avatar You Should Know

There are a variety of different types of LinkedIn photos, which should be the best LinkedIn profile picture? When you need to choose the desired one for LinkedIn, here are the dos and don’ts you should know.

Dos for LinkedIn Profile Picture

  1. Choose the Latest Photo Profile for LinkedIn

When you need to choose a LinkedIn headshot, you should make sure it is a photo you have taken recently. If you choose a profile photo taken years ago, others may have a judgment for your age, status, and more.

Choose Latest Profile Photo
  1. Choose the Right Express for LinkedIn Profile

As a business profile picture for LinkedIn, you need to have a serious but approachable expression. Smile is important to look friendly, but massive grins or laughter will turn in the other direction.

Choose Right Expression
  1. Wear Formal Attire for LinkedIn Profile Picture

Formal attire is always the best choice for the LinkedIn profile, especially when you are working for a bank and related environment. You should always go with what you wear at work in the standard office clothes.

Wear Formal Attire
  1. Select LinkedIn Profile with High Resolution

Of course, you should choose a LinkedIn profile picture with high quality. If you select pixelated photos, it will ruin the first impression and others would think it should be a profile cut from a group photo.

High Quality Portrait
  1. Keep a Simple Pose for LinkedIn Profile

A Simple pose is another way to show the professional LinkedIn profile. Just face the camera and smile, or a straightforward post is the right option and makes everything good for LinkedIn.

Simple Pose

Donts for LinkedIn Profile Picture

  1. Do Not Use a Selfie as LinkedIn Profile

The Selfie should be too causal to the LinkedIn profile picture. When you need to have a headshot as a profile picture, you would better ask a photographer to take a photo with the desired side or effect.

Selfie Profile
  1. Do Not Over Edit Headshot of LinkedIn

When you over-edit the headshot of your LinkedIn profile, it will detract from your picture and make an impression that the whole account unreal. Just have simple makeup when you take the photos if your career requires it.

Over Edit Portrait
  1. Avoid Distracting Background of LinkedIn

A simple background can help ensure that you’re the focal point. You can either take the LinkedIn profile photos in front of the logo wall, or outside nature without being boring.

Distracted Background
  1. Do Not Incorporate Hobbies into Photos

Different from the profile of other social media sites, you should not choose the photos incorporated with hobbies. Select the photos with formal attire is the most suitable profile picture for LinkedIn.

Hobby Profile
  1. Avoid Exaggerated Filters and Effects

LinkedIn offers 6 filters that you can apply to your profile picture, which give your photo a slightly different look and feel. Usually, you only need to adjust the brightness, contrast, or the vignette of the photos directly.

Part 3: How to Touch up LinkedIn Headshot as Profession

Do you need to makeup for a LinkedIn profile picture? How to hide some imperfection of the LinkedIn headshot naturally? When you need to polish the photos for LinkedIn, WidsMob Portrait Pro is a versatile avatar editor to enhance the headshot naturally with advanced AI technology. It enables you to manage the skin, enhance the portrait, and have virtual makeup within few clicks.

  1. Beautify the LinkedIn headshot profile naturally with AI technologies.
  2. Detect, enhance and edit all the facial points for the LinkedIn headshot.
  3. Enable you to manage skin, enhance a portrait, and have virtual makeup.
  4. Tweak the photo quality and resize the photos for the LinkedIn account.
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Step 1: Once you have installed the avatar profile editor, you can launch the program. Click the Select Photos button to import the avatar of LinkedIn into the program. It will detect the facial points for the headshot with advanced AI technology.

Add LinkedIn Profile

Step 2: If you need the basic touchup for the LinkedIn profile picture, you can simply choose the Preset menu and apply a series of touch-up filters within one click. It also enables you to customize a preset with different parameters according to your LinkedIn profile.

Choose Preset LinkedIn

Step 3: Click the Edit menu and choose the Skin option to adjust the skin area, smooth the skin, change the skin tone, or even brighten the skin. It enables you to remove blemish, slim face, deepen smile, lift cheeks, enlarge eyes, and whiten teeth for the LinkedIn headshot.

Enhance Portrait

Step 4: If you need to check whether makeup is possible, you can also enable the Blush option and choose the desired template. Simply choose the desired color accordingly. There are different templates for eyelashes, eye colors, eyeliners, and more others.

Makeup Portrait

Step 5: You can click the Export button to save the LinkedIn headshot with the desired size, resolution, photo quality, and more others. Then you can choose the desired photos, formats, resolution, and even rename without replacing the original one.

Export LinkedIn Headshot Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about LinkedIn Picture Profile

1What If You Don’t Want to Show Your Photo on LinkedIn Profile?

When you need to protect your privacy and hide the LinkedIn profile picture, you can go to the Privacy & Settings option and choose the Change your profile photo and visibility section to have your LinkedIn profile picture displayed to your 1st-degree connections.

2Can I Use Facebook Profile Photos on LinkedIn?

A headshot photo that is appropriate for Facebook might not appropriate for LinkedIn. The ideal LinkedIn headshot is a professional photo that shows off your face from the shoulders up. Of course, you can simply upload a large photo and crop the headshot accordingly.

3What is Important to Choose a LinkedIn Profile Photo?

Considering your profession, what career are you looking for, and who your potential employers are is going to help you stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, after establishing a connection, your headshot also should be representative of your brand.


As the key element of your LinkedIn presence, you need to know how to make the headshot for LinkedIn professional. Just find the dos and don’ts when you choose the photos. Of course, you can use the professional avatar editor to polish the headshot.

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