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Makeup Photo Editor – Discover the Beautiful Portrait Makeup for Your Portrait

Have you ever considered getting a special makeup for portrait images via camcorder or smartphone? Just take a photo and choose a makeup photo editor, you can makeup yourself easily with stunning effects. What are the best photo editors for portrait makeup? Just learn more about the 15 best tools from the article now.

Most of the portrait makeup photo editors only provide basic face recognition features with face smoothing and touchup functions. In order to edit the details for the portraits, you can learn more about the best makeup photo editors from the article.

Makeup Photo Editor

Part 1: 5 Best Makeup Portrait Editors for Windows/Mac

The advanced face recognition technology is used for makeup applications. But most of makeup photo editor applications can only be used for funny purpose. Here are 5 professional face makeup editors for Windows and Mac you should know.

Top 1: WidsMob Portrait Pro

Price: USD 29.99

Platform: Mac & Win

WidsMob Portrait Pro is more than a professional makeup photo editor with authentic portrait effects. It has 3 different makeup modes for portraits, Skin, Enhancement and Makeup, which you can adjust skin, eye, smile, cheek, shine, teeth and more others as profession.

1. Provide and custom makeup presets to personalize portraits in one click.

2. Detailed makeup parameters to adjust color, intensity, position and more.

3. Advanced face recognition technology to detect all portraits in one image.

4. Process common photos and RAW files with a batch process with ease.

WidsMob Portrait Pro

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Top 2: Portrait Professional

Price: USD 139.99

Platform: Mac & Win

ProtraitPro is another easy and professional makeup photo editor, which you can enhance every aspect of a portrait for beautiful result. When you touch up the portraits with artificial intelligence, you can also use smart filter to change the background for the portrait image.

1. Detect the face, age and gender in order to automatically retouch images.

2. Make-up, relighting and face sculpting controls for complete creative control.

3. Locate features, skin, hair as well as the background areas with ease.

4. Children mode that retouch with a subtler algorithm, such as eye and smile.

Portrait Professional

Top 3: Photoshop

Price: USD 9.99/Month

Platform: Mac & Win

As for professional users, Photoshop is always the first choice of makeup photo editors. It has all the advanced features to touch up portraits in a realistic way. Especially when you need to edit all the details for some portrait images with the desired results.

1. Provide multiple layers to touch up and enhance effects for portrait images.

2. Face-aware liquefy automatically detects and adjust facial features.

3. Excellent brushes and filters to enhance the portrait or add creative effect.

4. Take advantage of some add-on makeup photo editors for easy touchup.

Portrait Photoshop

Top 4: PhotoWorks

Price: USD 39.20

Platform: Win

PhotoWorks is another makeup photo editor for Windows, which use AI drive to make subtle photo retouching or apply full-on digital makeup. Just tweak the different parameters to improve the pimples, blemishes, wrinkles, scars and more other skin imperfections.

1. Improve and enhance color balance and lighting to adjust overall portrait.

2. Smart photo touch up technology to detect and improve face imperfections.

3. Set the brush size to remove a certain pimple without affecting the nearby.

4. Custom settings to further improve certain aspects of the photo easily.


Top 5: Portraiture

Price: USD 199.95

Platform: Win & Mac

If you just need to edit the portraits on Photoshop easily, Portraiture is the desired makeup photo editor plugin version you can take into consideration. It is available for both Photoshop and Lightroom, which you can touch up portraits with some stunning effects within clicks.

1. Eliminate the tedious manual labor of selective masking and treatment.

2. Intelligently auto smoothness and remove imperfection with desired effect.

3. Smart filters and action support to touch up portrait images within clicks.

4. Import the output portrait images for Photoshop for further editing.


Part 2: Top 10 Makeup Portrait Editor Apps for Android/iOS

What should you do if you just need some instant effects for portrait images, or even for fun? Here are the 10 best makeup photo editor applications for Android and iOS devices you can take for reference.

Top 1: Lakmé Makeup Pro

Lakmé Makeup Pro is a professional dresser and mirror, which has the latest makeup and the comprehensive cosmetic. As the makeup photo editor app of Lakmé, you can check how each Lakmé product looks on you, or even try the signature Pro-stylist looks.

1. Real time makeup on your own photos to try the cosmetic products.

2. Provide more than 100 real-life cosmetics shades and 50 cosmetics.

3. Build-in color blending technology to get a desired cosmetic effect.

4. Advanced facial recognition algorithm to detect all points of portraits.

Lakme Makeup Pro

Top 2: Facetune2

Facetune2 is a funny makeup photo editor with powerful features. It is able to beauty skin, such as smooth creases and wrinkles, erase zits, and banish dark circles in order to create a more flattering visage. Moreover, it has the customized filters for men separately.

1. Magical function to make you become taller and thinner as imagination.

2. Custom unique photos as ones straight out of a high-fashion magazine.

3. Change the eye colors, hair color, fill bald patches and reshape structure.

4. Make natural makeup on lashes, brows, lip, the shade of blush, etc.


Top 3: Perfect 365

When you want to have a one-click makeover, Perfect365 is the makeup photo editor that allows you to shape eyebrows, banish dark circles, counter face, and whiten teeth. Moreover, you can also explore more lipsticks, eye shadows, hairstyles and colors.

1. More than 20 makeup and beauty tools to personalize portrait styles.

2. Tweak the desired color with the Pro color palette with unique color combos.

3. Easy and subtle portrait touch up features for a non-makeup glow.

4. Automatically detects facial points and control the intensity of each effect.


Top 4: CreamCam

CreamCam is another free makeup photo editor, which tweak imperfections like pimples, shine, flyaway hairs, skin tone and even shine as the other apps. Moreover, it has two basic edits for brightness and blurring, which can be customized on a sliding scale of zero to 100 percent.

1. Support photo and video makeup effects to get a perfect effect in seconds.

2. Touch buttons to instantly and effectively remove blemishes automatically.

3. Brightness slider to tweak the skin color and correct for uneven skin.

4. Rotate your device to see before-and-after photo comparisons.


Top 5: PicMonkey Photo Editor

PicMonkey Photo Editor is an omnipotent photo editor instead of a makeup app. It has 3 main functions, edit/touch up, design and collage, which you can find the basic editing features, effects and portrait touchup filters within the all-in-one makeup photo editor.

1. Remove the blemishes, splotches, and uneven color to create flawless skin.

2. Apply lipstick, whiten your teeth and other small adjustments for portraits.

3. Retouch photos on the quick with "Presto" automatic adjustments.

4. Boost photo design with our fresh, unique graphic stickers.

Lakme Makeup Pro

Top 6: Makeup Photo Editor

Just as name of the app, Makeup Photo Editor is able to change eyebrows, makeup lips, and touchup check to beautify portraits. It has makeup camera, makeup photo editor and photo makeup to makeup your photos and takes selfie with motion stickers.

1. Smart face recognition for the camera and photo editor to touchup images.

2. Automatic makeup after taking pictures with some beautiful photo filters.

3. More than 100 makeup photo filters and 20 colors of eye makeup, etc.

4. Provide Combination of eyebrow editor specially designed for men.

Makeup Photo Editor

Top 7: Virtual MakeUp

Virtual MakeUp of MODIFACE should be another powerful makeup photo editor app. It has integrated thousands of lipstick, blush, foundation and other effects, which lets you instantly try on makeup with precise facial tracking and photo-realistic simulations.

1. Change hair with over 50 celebrity hairstyles and choose the desired colors.

2. Instant preview and undo the makeup within clicks for the loaded image.

3. Frequently updates for effects, filters, eye color, hairstyles and more others.

4. Provide live 3D mode to help you see the effect in real time with ease.

Virtual MakeUp

Top 8: BeFunky

BeFunky is an easy-to-use photo makeup app to enhance the photos and polish the face on smartphone after captured selfies. It also uses the built-in makeup tools, like eye color, lipstick, and more other features to beautify your portrait within clicks.

1. Create a photo college with your charming selfie and portrait images.

2. Support to fix some imperfection and blemish in selfies, like red eyes.

3. Choose and experience the different hairstyles, hair colors, glasses.

4. Advanced technology to enhance selfies and touchup automatically.


Top 9: BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus is another makeup photo editor to erase the blemishes from your face and enhance the portrait. You can remove the bags and dark circle under your eyes in one tap, make your teeth whiter, change eye colors and enhance the color skin for the portraits and selfies.

1. It integrated dozens of filers and effects to make your face more charming.

2. Powerful photo-editing tools, artistic effects, augmented reality (AR) filters.

3. Retouch using special effects, and instantly preview the photo or video live.

4. Give selfies and photos a fantastic new look with our unique effect brushes.


Top 10: Cymera Camera

Cymera Camera is popular among selfies enthusiasts. It is designed to capture and enhance selfies in a simplest way. The makeup photo editor app has variety of modes to record different objects, including a dedicated one for selfies on Android phone and iPhone.

1. Apply real-time effects to discover your perfect skin makeover beautifully.

2. Provide more than a hundred of filters and effects to beautify your portraits.

3. Hundreds of hairstyles and makeup items after you taken selfies.

4. Save and export the selfies in high resolution to social media sites.

Cymera Camera


When you need to edit the portraits in realistic, or even makeup faces in RAW file format, you can choose the makeup photo editors on Windows or Mac instead. If you just need some simple touch up, the makeup photo editor apps should be a nice choice. If you have any other favorite photo editors for makeup or portraits, you can share more details in the comments.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

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