How to Merge Photos on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/Online

Last Updated on June 10, 2023 by Peter Wood

There are several reasons that a photographer may need to combine two or more images. The obvious is to create a digital photo with a higher resolution or unique size. Another is to produce a panoramic picture. Combining photos is a helpful skill. We increasingly use high-resolution images to record memorable moments in our lives. If you want to combine images, you need a proper tool and guidance. Therefore, we will share the best way to merge photos in detail in this post. Just spend a few minutes; you can learn all the secrets involved in pictures combination.

How to Merge Photos

Part 1. The Best Way to Stitch Pictures

There are several picture stitchers. WidsMob Panorama is one of the best choices. The advantages of this photo stitcher include:

1. The advanced algorithm can combine multiple pictures. Even beginners could achieve picture combinations.

2. For advanced users, you can stitch the pictures manually to produce the effect you want.

3. Photo Stitcher supports almost all picture formats covering RAW files from digital cameras.

4. It is a cross-platform photo stitcher available to Windows and Mac OS, from Windows XP to Windows 10.

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How to combine pictures smartly

Step 1. Go to Photo Stitcher and click on the Import button to load pictures you want to combine. Or you can drag the photos and drop them into this photo stitcher.

Panorama Interface

Step 2. By default, the Auto-select by Group feature can detect and organize the photos automatically. If you want to combine pictures manually, you can use the Align Points and the Adjust Blend feature to adjust the result yourself.

Step 3. Photo Stitcher has picture stitching multiple modes, including Horizontal, Vertical, 360 degree, and Tile. You can decide according to your requirements.

Stitch Photo to Panorama

Step 4. Besides picture combination, this picture stitcher also provides some editing tools, like text and effects.

Create Panorama

Step 5. Finally, click on the Save button to export the result to your computer.

Panorama Photo

If you want to share the combined picture on the social network, you can do it within this program.

Part 2. Create Photo Merge on Windows

How to blend images with MS Paint

Step 1. Locate to the folder stored the images you want to stitch. Right-click on an image, unfold Open With, and then select Paint.

Step 2. Zoom out the image and extend the white background area.

Step 3. Use the method in step 1 to open another image in a new Paint window and press Ctr+A and then Ctr+C to copy the entire photo.

Step 4. Turn to the first Paint window and press Ctr+V to paste the second image. Drag the control points on the edge of the second image to resize it and move it to the proper position.

Step 5. If you have more images to combine, repeat steps 3 and 4. Finally, go to the File menu and Save As the result in an image file.

MS Paint

How to combine photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

1. Put all the photos you want to join together into a single folder.

2. Open Windows Live Photo Gallery, go to the Home tab, and click on Import to add the folder.

3. Select all the pictures and go to the Create tab. If the photos have overlapped parts, you can click on Panorama in the Tools section; this photo joiner will stitch the images together. Otherwise, you have to use the Auto Collage function.

4. You can drag the guidelines to adjust the result and remove unwanted parts with the Crop tool.

5. In the end, you can save the output to a hard disk or share it on social media.

If you use the Auto Collage function, you can select at least 7 images. Panorama function does not have such a limit.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

How to combine photos with Photoshop

Photoshop is an all-in-one photo editing solution with extensive features. If you are an Adobe subscriber or Photoshop, you can use this photo editor to combine multiple photos. Photoshop provides many ways to merge images. In this part, we use the Auto-Blend Layers command to achieve photo combination.

Step 1. Open Photoshop, go to the File menu and choose the New option to create a big enough picture. Open the photos you’d like to merge and copy each image to a separate layer in the new one.

Step 2. Adjust the Opacity of each layer to 50% and drag each photo to the proper location. Then change Opacity to 100%. Or you can use the Auto-Align Layers command in the Edit menu to automatically align picture layers. This command could align photo layers according to similar content, like corners and edges.

Step 3. Select all the photo layers you want to combine, go to the Edit menu, and choose Auto-Blend Layers.

Step 4. In the pop-up window, Photoshop provides two options, Panorama and Stack Images. The former will overlap the photos into a panoramic picture while the latter blends the photo layers into one. Check the box of Seamless Tones And Colors and click on the OK button to confirm it.

Finally, you can save the combined photo on your computer.

Merge Photos with Photoshop Win Download Mac Download

Part 3. Merge Photos on Mac

There are several pre-installed photo management tools on Mac, like Preview. If you do not like to install third-party tools, you can use it as a photo merge.

Step 1. Right-click on the image you’d like to combine, choose Open With followed by Preview open the first image.

Step 2. Go to the Edit menu, choose Select All and Copy to copy the entire image. Locate to Tools menu and select Adjust Size to resize the first image. Use the Paste command in the Edit menu to paste and move the first image in the suitable position.

Step 3. Right-click on another image and repeat steps 1 and 2 to join two images together.

Step 4. Finally, save the result as a new image.

Preview Combine Win Download Mac Download

Part 4. Merge photos online

If you do not like to download any third-party tools on your digital devices, photo merges online are a good choice. LunaPic is such a free online photo-editing tool. And it allows you not only to resize photos but also to make a photo merge effect.

Step 1. Type in your browser address bar.

Step 2. Select the Blend two Images option in the Menu of Effects.

Step 3. Select a photo from your computer and click on Upload Now to continue.

Step 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to upload the second photo.

Step 5. Click on Continue on to paste this image to load to the setting page.

Step 6. You can change the Transparency to make the top photo blur, slide Rotation to rotate the top photo, drag the corner to change the photo size, or select a unique Cutout Shape.

Step 7. After settings, click on Apply to get the result.

Step 8. Right-click and select Save the photo as… to download it.

vintage-photo-effects-lunapic Win Download Mac Download

Part 5. Combine Photos on iPhones

We increasingly take photos on smartphones. And the photo editing apps are helpful tools to create unique images, like multiple photo merge effects. It is a free app for iPhone users to merge photos.

1. Download Photo Joiner from App Store and open it.

2. Click on Select Photo to open the iOS’ photo picker. This photo merge tool allows you to select one photo at a time. So repeat this step to select multiple images.

3. Click the Add Photo button on the top left corner.

4. And select the layout on the bottom. It provides vertical, horizontal, and grid options.

5. Because this photo merge app is free. If you create the image, you have to watch an advertisement.

6. The merged photo will be saved to your Camera Roll automatically.

Photo Joiner for iOS Win Download Mac Download

Part 6. Blend Photos on Android Phones

When it comes to Android phones, there are some college apps available. The steps may be similar, and I will use Instagram as an example.

1. Download InstaPicFrame for Instagram in Play Store. It is free.

2. Launch the photo merge app and select Pro Mode.

3. The app will ask you how many photos you want to merge. And it will provide multiple layouts depending on the numbers.

4. Select a layout and select photos from the photo gallery for each position.

5. Adjust the photos, then click on the Save.

6. You can decide to save it to your phone or share photos on Instagram.

InstaPicFrame Win Download Mac Download

Wrapped Up

If you have trouble combining photos, you can learn all the necessary tools and skills in this post. It is interesting to merge or stitch photos. For instance, you can blend a portrait picture and a landscape photo together to create a special trip. Or you can stitch multiple photos you took at the party to produce a 360-degree image. Moreover, combining photos is the only way to create panoramas. We share the ways to combine pictures with Photoshop or free photo editors. Still, if you are looking for the best way to stitch pictures, you can try WidsMob Photo Stitcher.

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