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Top 5 Montage Photo Online Editors in 2020

When you are looking for the montage photo online editors, the photo collage online should be the most popular. You can also access to photo mosaic online or face photo montage online sites. The article explains the top 5 montage photo online editors in 2019. Just choose the best online Photo Montage programs for your requirement.

Make Montage Photo Online

Part 1: Top 5 montage photo online editors

Top 1: Befunky

Befunky is the easiest photo collage maker on the web. It empowers you to edit montage photo online by simply upload photos to Collage Wizard. The online photo montage editor provides an incredible array of tools to enhance your photos and customize your photo collage, change the background color, add an elegant pattern, or speak up loud and clear with text. Befunky has effortless editing tools, expressing yourself never feel like work. You can choose from 200 photo collage templates to edit montage photos online.

The splendid feature for the montage photo online editor should be the preset layouts for the social media sites, such as Facebook Cover and Pinterest. And the multiple patterns, various graphic occasions, special font effect should be other pluses for the montage photo online.

BeFunky Blur Background

Top 2: PicMonkey Collage Maker

Another montage photo online editor you should try is PicMonkey Collage Maker. The program is able to make the perfect photo collage with templates, responsive layouts and swatches. The default templates provide different canvas for square, Facebook and other sizes. The online montage maker also provides customize option for the size of templates. And you can also find unlimited font options, over 75 bespoke and graphic swatches. The created collage looks professional with the nice features.

What is special for PicMonkey Collage Maker? The montage photo online editor has explored all the possibilities to with the easy to use and powerful editing tools to perfect the montage photos online. It should be the right tool to discover your creativity to make collage photos.

PicMonkey Photo Editor

Top 3: Picture Mosaics

The Online Photo Montage tool makes stunning mosaic photos. Picture Mosaics includes some great easy to use, do-it-yourself features. You can import the photos from your device, PC, Facebook, instagram, Flickr, Dropbox or Google+ to create a montage photo online. The feature for Do-it-yourself is a remarkable feature to create the mosaic photos you dream of, but it is not free for everyone. You have to order the mosaic architect for the wonderful pieces of mosaic photos.

The photo mosaic gallery should be a nice option for you to preview before you using the montage photo online editor. Some splendid mosaic photos are listed online in the gallery to inspire your creativity.

Picture Mosaics

Top 4: Easy Moza

As for the montage photo online editor for mosaic, EasyMoza is a highly recommended program. As the Easy Mosaic alternative online, you can use your own photos with a user-friendly interface on the website. No registration code or software download, you can create the mosaic photos by yourself. But there is restriction for users to download the low-resolution mosaic photos. If you want to save the high-resolution photos with the online montage photo editor, you should purchase online montage photo instead.

The magic thing about Easy Moza should be the compatibility with Facebook photos. The montage photo online editor is able to copy all Facebook photos and automatically create a photo mosaic. And it also empowers you to turn the mosaic into a video file.


Top 5: Face in Hole

There are other types of montage photo online makers, especially for photo albums and funny photo effects. And among these montage photo online programs, there is one type of montage photo online program for face. Face in Hole provides about 200000 scenarios, which you can be anyone you like today. It is not only an online photo montage program, but also available for iOS and Android. The easy to use program provides the funny templates for your everyday.

Of course, if you want to use all the montage photos online to make a video file, you can also access to the video module to create something for your TV or broadcast.

Face in Hole

Part 2: How to make montage photos online

Photos for making montage online

As for the unsatisfied photos, you might simply discard or delete them. It is embarrassed to handle some important photos, which was not taken in a good manner. But when you make photo collage online, you can still take advantage of these photos.

1. Just crop the important parts of the photos, you can find different photo collage templates to handle photos with different size or shapes.

2. Make collage online with a proper design can also help you use these photos in the best manner. Take it as the background or add to the shape photo collage.

Just use as many photos as possible. You might have to download related photos to design a desired photo collage online, especially when you want to get a shape photo collage.

Choose Photos for Making Montage Online

Ideas for making montage online

Once you picked up all the photos to make collage online, you can preview the photos and check the available photo collage templates to get an idea about the collage.

1. As for making collage online with a number of photos in a certain shape should be a popular idea for birthday or ceremonies. You can download the multiple templates from websites easily.

2. If you have to a special idea for making collage online, you can design the photo collage online with the online photo collage editors or other useful tools.

3. When you have to make collage online with a certain shape for wedding ceremonies, the photo montage should be very important for you.

You can find different applications to make photo collages online free with few clicks, but the most important part should be the ideas. Just go over the templates, ideas or even think about montage photos before you make a decision.

Make Photo Montage Online

Methods for making collage online

When you have an idea about how to make photo collage online, you can choose a free photo collage online editor to achieve the desired file for you. The best free online collage makers should be a great help to make photo collage online for free. And then you can follow the steps to get photo collage online.

1. Choose the templates from the online photo collage program, for some special templates, you need to crop the photos or set the photos in a proper shape first.

2. Upload the photos to make photo collage online, some online editors also provides auto fit to make sure you can achieve the photo collages online with ease.

3. Organize the photo collage online, adjust the photos to a certain position, add some special effect to the photos and customize the collage photos.

4. And then you can get the photo collage online free, you can save the files to your computer or share the file to social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

The detail procedure for making collage online free might be different according to the programs. But you can always find the similar methods between these programs.

It might only takes a few minutes to make photo collage online free with a simple template, but as for the complicate photo collage or even the shape photo collage, it costs hours or days to design a free collage photo online. In order to make the whole thing easily, you can choose some professional photo collage online editors.

Part 3: Best Montage Photo Online Alternative

The montage photo online makers are great tools to create wonderful montage photos. But it might be frustrated if the Internet is not powerful enough. Especially when you have to create mosaic photos with online montage photo tool. WidsMob Montage should be the best Montage photo online alternative.

WidsMob Montage is a simple and intuitive program to create montage photos. The program enables to organize the photos into an easy to use “Photo Album”. And the editing features are necessary to perfect the montage photos, which are not available for most of the online montage photo makers. What’s more, you do not have to worry about the formats, the program supports most of the popular formats, you only need to load the photos into the program to create your desired mosaic photo.

Make a perfect photo mosaic online with dozens of photos, or even hundreds of photos should be a difficult task. How to make photo mosaic online free? If you are still searching for the best photo collage online or having queries about the detail procedure, just read the article to find the ways to create free online photo mosaic. In order to make a perfect photo collage online free, you should pay special attentions to the photos, have the ideas to composite photos into collage online and use the best templates to design your collage online for free. Just learn more tips about how to handle these elements when you make photo collage online free.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to make photo mosaic with WidsMob Montage

Step 1: Select one image as background. When you need to make mosaic photos without background, you can add PNG files without background into the photomontage maker.

Select Montage Background

Step 2: Upload images tiles into the program. Press “Select Tiles” to select more than 5 photos. Once you upload the wrong photo, you can select it and tap “Remove” button to delete.

Add Tile to Photo Montage

Step 3: Adjust different parameters. Choose the different frames, stitch modes, column count, tile size and match color to make mosaic photos or photo montages before clicking “Generate Mosaic” button.

Make Mosaic with WidsMob Montage

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


When you want to make montage with ease, you can choose the 5 different montage photos online editors. What is more, you can find the idea and method to make montage files. If you cannot find a suitable photo montage editor, you can take WidsMob Montage into consideration. More questions about online photo montage, you can share more information in the article.