Mosaic Photo Apps

5 Best Mosaic Photo Apps to Make Mosaic Photos

When you have some memorable moments, such as the wedding party, you might want to keep a record for all the photos to make a photo mosaic.

What should be the best photo mosaic makers to design photo mosaic as wall poster?

The article explains the top 5 mosaic photo applications in 2018 to create mosaics with multiple micro images.

Just select the main background and the micro images, you can design mosaic photo with the following 5 best applications of photo mosaic. You can always get the desired application with ease.

Mosaic Photo Apps

Top 1: WidsMob Montage

WidsMob Montage is one of the best photo mosaic apps, which provides intuitive interface and different size tiles. The mosaic photo program is able to generate breath-taking mosaic photos on both Windows and Mac.

What is more, the program supports both JPEG and PNG as the major photo. When you use the PNG photo without background, you are able to create shape montage photo with photos or other mosaic elements with the easy mosaic app.

And there are multiple editing features of the mosaic photo application to make sure that you can achieve the desired files without any problem.

You can get wonderful mosaic applications of WidsMob Montage with US$19.99 for Mac.

And you can also download some PNG templates or other photo source for the mosaic photo application to create perfect mosaic photo with the official website.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

WidsMob Montage Screenshot

Top 2: Easy Mosaic

Easy Mosaic is a photo mosaic app, which helps you create a perfect mosaic with ease. There are different types of supported mosaic photos of the mosaic app, such as the photo mosaic, tile mosaic, word mosaic, message mosaic, cap mosaic, QRcode mosaic and many other mosaic types.

What should be more important, the mosaic program also supports different cell shapes, different patterns, division mode, and cell range control and add funny photo effects free. The website also provides lots of download elements for you to create photo mosaic.

Easy Mosaic provides both standard edition and professional editions of photo mosaic tools to each types of mosaic. Just take Tile Mosaic Maker V2013 standard edition, which costs US$99.00, and if you need Tile Mosaic Maker V2013, you have to get the program with US$295.00.

Recently only the Windows version of photo mosaic apps are available now.

Easy Mosaic

Top 3: CF/X Photo Mosaic

CF/X Photo Mosaic should be another mosaic photo program to create high quality mosaic photo.

The Mosaic App also provides assembly that gives the mosaic a more organic look. Whether you need to export to iPhone, Aperture, email, Desktop wallpaper or other applications, you can use the mosaic creator to export mosaic in different qualities and sizes.

The photo mosaic software provides fully customizable methods from the way tiles are processed to the way that colors are matched. And CF/X also provide a sister mosaic application as “CF/X mosaic”, which assembles from small pieces of colored stones, glass, ceramic and other “tessera” in mosaikspeek.

When you want to use CF/X Photo Mosaic to have an image-of-image photo, you can purchase the Mac version of mosaic photo application from Apple store with US$29.99. And another mosaic app provides combined mosaikspeek costs US$19.99.

CF/X Photo Mosaic

Top 4: Picture Mosaics

Picture Mosaics is a mosaic app to make photo collage online. There are two options to create your custom photo mosaic. You can use the online mosaic tool or work with a designer.

The online mosaic app provides the power to create quick and easy photo mosaics. You can use photos from computer, devices or social network with the mosaic photo app to get the image-of-image file.

If you are not satisfied with the mosaic app, you can also offer the premium design mosaic service, a designer will contact you to provide the desired picture mosaic according to your requirement.

The free and easy online mosaic photo app empowers you to create mosaic photos in few clicks, but when you have to download and prints the mosaic file with the mosaic app, the price starting at US$39.95.

As for the Premium Design service for mosaic photos, you should get the stunning mosaic photos with at least US$124.95.

Picture Mosaics

Top 5: Andrea Mosaic

Andrea Mosaic is a little photo mosaic app to create mosaics made with photographs. It is free photo mosaic software named after the developer. It is packed full of customizable features, which empowers you to set several parameters that will dictate the final appearance of the final result.

And you have the option to create photo mosaics from videos with the mosaic app. There is a library of over 500 sample images that you can download from the official website to create your photo mosaic. It should be one of your photo mosaic freeware to design photo mosaic.

It is a free photo mosaic program to showcase your collection of images. But you can only find the Windows version available at the moment, if you want to have an update for the program, it should be a big problem.

Just download the free mosaic photo app to check whether it can meet your requirement or choose the desired one from the list.

Andrea Mosaic

How to make photo mosaic with WidsMob Montage

When you need to make mosaic photos, you can choose the background image as well as the micro-images, after that you can make photo mosaic with the following steps.

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Step 1: Select one image as background. When you need to make mosaic photos without background, you can add PNG files without background into the photo mosaic application.

Select Montage Background

Step 2: Upload images tiles into the program. Press “Select Tiles” to select more than 5 photos. Once you upload the wrong photo, you can select it and tap “Remove” button to delete.

Add Tile to Photo Montage

Step 3: Adjust different parameters. Choose the different frames, stitch modes, column count, tile size and match color to make mosaic photos or photo montages before clicking “Generate Mosaic” button.

Make Mosaic with WidsMob Montage


Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


What should be the best applications to make mosaic photos? The article lists 5 applications to get stunning mosaic photographs. Learn the detailed features for the programs and choose the desired program accordingly. If you have any other query about these photo mosaic applications, you can share more detailed information now.