5 Best Mosaic Photo Apps to Make Mosaic Photos

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When you have some memorable moments, such as the wedding party, you might want to keep a record of all the photos to make a photo mosaic. What should be the best photo mosaic makers to design photo mosaic as wall posters?

The article shares the top 5 mosaic photo applications to create mosaics with multiple micro-images. You just need to select the main background and the micro-images to design a mosaic photo with the following 5 best mosaic photo apps within clicks.

Best Mosaic Photo App

Part 1: WidsMob Montage – Versatile Mosaic Photo Maker

WidsMob Montage is one of the best photo mosaic apps, which different methods to make montage photos. It can generate breath-taking mosaic photos up to 16,000 pixels wide with unlimited pixels height for montage photos on both Windows and Mac.

Moreover, it supports both JPEG and PNG as the background image, which means that you can create a mosaic photo in any shape. You can custom the mosaic frames, stitching modes, color match, and more features to design the mosaic photos.

It also provides a collage feature that enables you to make a mosaic image with a freestyle. There are multiple settings for background color, background picture, HSL parameters, border, and others. Moreover, you can add the media file to the desired position easily.

  1. Make stunning mosaic photos with the large size for wallpapers.
  2. Custom different PNG templates for montage in any shape.
  3. Change the frames, stitching modes, columns, sizes, etc.
  4. Provide the color match to blend photos into a photo mosaic.
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How to Make Mosaic Photos with WidsMob Montage

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Montage, you can launch the program on your computer and choose the Montage menu. After that, you can click the Select Background button to select one image as a background. When you need to make mosaic photos without a background, you can add PNG files without a background to the mosaic photo application.

Import Background Image Montage

Step 2: Once you have imported the background image, you can click the Add Tile button to add the mosaic images you want to stitch. Of course, you can click the button again to import more files to make a mosaic photo or click the Remove Tiles button to delete the unwanted ones from your project file.

Add Tiles for Mosaic Montage

Step 3: When you need to remove the original color, you can check the Match Color button. After that, you can tweak column counts and tile sizes to make mosaic photos. Moreover, you can also choose the template or select the local mask in PNG. After that, you can click the Generate button to generate a photo.

General Mosaic Photo Montage

Step 4: If you need to check the details of the mosaic photo, you can either click the Fit In button or the 1:1 button. After that, you can adjust the different frames, get different stitch modes, and even match the color to make mosaic photos or photomontages before generating the desired file according to your requirement.

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Part 2: Ez Mosaic – Professional Mosaic Photo Maker

Easy Mosaic (Ez Mosaic) is another photo mosaic app, which helps you create a perfect mosaic photo. There are different types of supported mosaic photos of the mosaic app, such as the photo mosaic, tile mosaic, word mosaic, message mosaic, cap mosaic, QRcode mosaic, and many more.

What is more important, the mosaic program also supports different cell shapes, different patterns, division modes, and cell range control and adds funny photo effects for free. The website also provides lots of download elements for you to create a photo mosaic.

  1. Make a photo mosaic with different elements and modes.
  2. Create a mosaic artwork poster and mural on a large canvas.
  3. Apply tiles to design mosaics, and assemble them with robots.
  4. Embed the service and provide online mosaic design easily.
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Part 3: CF/X Photo Mosaic – Classic Mosaic Photo Maker

CF/X Photo Mosaic is another mosaic photo app to create high-quality mosaic photos. It also provides assembly and gives the mosaic a more organic look. Whether you need to export to iPhone, Aperture, email, Desktop wallpaper, or other applications, you can use the mosaic creator to export mosaic in different qualities and sizes.

It provides fully customizable methods from the way tiles are processed to the way that colors are matched. And CF/X also provides a sister mosaic app as CF/X mosaic, which assembles from small pieces of colored stones, glass, ceramic, and other “tessera” in mosaikspeek.

  1. Create high-quality image-from-images type mosaic photos.
  2. Provide presets to create mosaics and out of borderline images.
  3. Support variably sized tiles, multiple assembly, and high-quality files.
  4. Tweak and perfect your source database for advanced visual images.
CF/X Photo Mosaic Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: Picture Mosaics – Online Mosaic Photo Maker

Picture Mosaics is a mosaic app to make photo collages online. There are two options to create your custom photo mosaic. You can use the online mosaic tool or work with a designer. The online mosaic app provides the power to create quick and easy photo mosaics. You can use photos from computers, devices, or social networks to get the image-of-image file.

If you are not satisfied with the mosaic app, you can also offer the premium design mosaic service. A designer will contact you to provide the desired picture mosaic according to your requirement. Moreover, you can also case study from the official website.

  1. Provide mosaic and collage photos for different scenarios.
  2. Customize mosaic design for free when you order services.
  3. Make prints, murals, videos, virtual activations, and more.
  4. Get the Premium service to design a special photo mosaic.
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Part 5: Andrea Mosaic – Easy Mosaic Photo Maker

Andrea Mosaic is a simple photo mosaic app to create mosaics made with photos. It is free photo mosaic software named after the developer. It is packed full of customizable features, which empowers you to set several parameters that will dictate the final appearance of the final result.

And you have the option to create photo mosaics from videos with the mosaic app. There is a library of over 500 sample images that you can download from the official website to create your photo mosaic. It should be one of your photo mosaic freeware to design photo mosaic.

  1. Create your own photographic mosaics made with your own pictures.
  2. Provide simple parameters to design mosaic photos within a few clicks.
  3. Design and create a stunning mosaic photo using frames from a video.
  4. Choose the mosaic sizes, resolutions, tiles, arrangement, and more.
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Part 6: FAQs about the Best Mosaic Photo Maker

1Should I choose an online mosaic photo maker?

No. There are many online mosaic photo makers, which can also design stunning photos. But there is one major restriction, it is difficult to download them in large size, or the website only provide some small mosaic photo because of the bandwidth.

2Where can I get some mosaic photo templates?

Besides the free templates provided by the mosaic photo makers, you could also search for some templates from Pinterest. When you need to design a special one for an anniversary, you can simply design one with a certain shape or choose one from your photos.

3Can I make mosaic photos with Photoshop?

Yes. You can simply choose the Flatten All Layers option to create mosaic photos and adjust the images within its layer mask. It enables you to get the desired files by adjusting the total number of images, you have selected, setting the value of rows and columns.


What are the best mosaic photo apps for designing stunning photos? The article lists 5 applications to get stunning mosaic photographs. Learn the detailed features of the programs and choose the desired program accordingly. If you have any other queries about these photo mosaic applications, you can share more detailed information now.

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