Mpix Photo Books Review in 2021

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Peter Wood

Mpix is not as famous as Shutterfly, Mixbook, Blurb, or another photo book online editing website. However, if you are crazy about hand-making stuff, creating Mpix photo books is a wise choice. In addition, Photo Viewer is a talent browser with super fast opening speed and features. Thus, you should combine them if you want to make a Mpix photo book online.

Mpix Photo Books Review

Part 1. Mpix Photo Book Feature

You can get handcraft Mpix photo books with photo print on the Mpix. Mipx is a well-known DIY website in the Midwest for those who are chasing unique personal gifts. Whether you want to create wall arts, Christmas cards, photo gifts, or photo books of Mpix for holiday gifts, Mpix will not let you down.

1. Your Mpix photo book will ship out within one business day.

2. If you have any new ideas about Mpix photo book creating, you can email customer service to fix it anytime.

3. Mpix offers three Mpix photo book types, premium panoramic, softcover panoramic, and economy.

4. The Mpix photo book limit pages are 20, while it is up to 50 for the economy Mpix photo book and 100 for the other two.

5. You can download the Mpix photo book size and design it in photoshop.

6. If you are not familiar with the Mpix photo book-making processes, you can watch over 20 guide videos as a reference.

7. You are able to upload images from your devices, Facebook, Instagram, or Mpix to the Mpix photo book.

Mpix Screenshot

You may find that there are not so many Mpix photo book templates for you to select. Don’t worry about that. You can personalize it with the size Mpix provides. In a word, the most Mpix photo book advantage is its handcraft works.

Part 2. Mpix Photo Book Pricing

The Mpix photo book starts price is $19.99 for 20 Mix photo book papers, but for a premium panoramic Mpix photo book, the lowest price is $39.99. The total cost will change because of the Mpix photo book cover and paper you had chosen. Different photo book type has different Mpix size. The additional Mpix photo book paper is $0.5 to $1.25. If you want to add a dust jacket to your Mpix photo book, you will pay another $8.00. And it will cost $7.00 for Mpix photo book foil stamping. If you order over 10 Mpix photo books at once, you can get a discount. If you create Mpix photo books for the first time, you can get free shipping when your order is over $50. As for approaching Christmas, you can get a special Mpix photo book coupon as well.

Mpix Photo Books Price

Part 3. How to Create Mpix Photo Book

You can get a Mpix photo book by automatic gather if you hurry. But for those who want to customize photo books, follow my steps. I will show you the example of making an economy Mpix photo book. You can also copy processes for other Mpix photo books online. First of all, you need to sign up for a Mpix photo book account with your email address.

Step 1. Choose Photo Books on the top line, and select Economy on the left.

Step 2. Get the Mpix photo book size from ten options with two cover types.

Step 3. Click Create under the Mpix photo book size. And choose paper and cover color.

Step 4. Tap Customize and then select Mpix photo book templates.

Step 5. Upload images and click Customize my book to personalize.

Mpix Editor

Though Mpix has fewer photo book templates than Shutterfly photo book, you can still have the basic edit features to beautify Mpix photo books.

Part 4. Mpix Photo Book Shipping and Support

You can find 4 Mpix photo book delivery methods include expedited, signature required, standard, or UPS Priority International 1-2 Business Days. If you are not Canadian, you have to pay more taxes and duties for Mpix photo books. In addition, the production time does not include in it.

You can read the FAQs or blogs if you have something puzzle. Or you can also contact service terms by email. For more convenience of creating a Mpix photo book, Mpix has a Mpix tap to print the photo book app.

Mpix Photo Book Shipping

Part 5. Photo Viewer – Fastest Viewer to Browse Photos

For many Windows and Mac users, opening images to pick up for Mpix photo books is a headache problem. However, you can solve all difficulties with the help of a Photo Viewer. You can experience the super-fast view experience of all images on your Windows or Mac by just opening one photo. Photo Viewer can also shorten the selecting Mpix photo book images time.

WidsMob Photo Viewer Features

1. Super fast photo viewing experience than Photos or other photo viewers on Windows and Mac.

2. View all images within the folder and sub-folder in fantastic high resolutions by opening one image only.

3. Multiple photo viewing modes with different requirements, by the library, slideshow, EXIF, thumbnail, full screen.

4. Effective touching-up features for photo browsing when you choose Mpix photo book pictures.

5. Support over 50 photo formats, including RAW photos and animated GIF files.

6. Convert RAW formats or other photo files to JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, TIFF, and Microsoft BMP.

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How to Select Photos with Photo Viewer

Step 1. Once you open one image to check for the Mpix photo book, you can view all photos stored on your Windows or Mac computer by clicking the Next icon.

Step 2. You can tap the Image Edit icon to adjust or add effects. Click Reset all to batch edit pictures.

Add Effects to Photo on Viewer

Step 3. If you want to use the picture, you can click the five-pointed star to add to My Favorite to collect photos for Mpix photo books.

Add to My Favorites Viewer

Step 4. You can batch rename, resize, or covert those stared Mpix photo books pictures.

Batch Processing on Viewer

Step 5. Export those selected photos or share them to social media like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or AirDrop.

Share Photo on Viewer

With the viewing service Photo Viewer provides, it is easy and fun to create Mpix photo books online. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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