Noise Reduction

What is Image Noise Reduction for DSLR Camera And Smartphone

When you take photos with smartphones, you will pick up noise from a variety of sources. Even if you use some expensive DSLR cameras to shoot in low light or high ISO settings, you have to deal with noise of images. And then you have to use some application for noise reduction.

What is noise reduction for images? In order to remove noise for image, you should know more about the different category of image noise as well as the technology for noise reduction. Just learn more detail about the important tips about noise reduction from the article.

Noise Reduction

What is Image Noise Reduction?

Image noise reduction is the noise removal process of smoothing the image pixels and turn compromises fine detail. Usually image noise reduction includes chroma noise (color noise) and luminance noise according to the color pixels of the noise. As for image noise reduction, we often refer to removing the noise of landscapes or the whole image. Actually remove the wrinkles or beautify portrait should be a special image noise reduction technology.

Chroma noise is showed as a flat color with multicolored pixels in an area of an image. Luminance noise is monochromic so it will be less colorful and more like grain. The noise reduction software controls the chroma and luminance noise reduction separately to get a better image.

Image Noise

How to reduce image noise when taking shoots

Whether you are using a DSLR camera or smartphone, you should know more about the gear first. Even if you are using iPhone, the HEIC format is different from JPEG format. Here are some useful tips to reduce image noise for your gear.

1. Set the proper exposure and focus, as for the smartphone, you can use some exposure compensation application.

Photo Exposure

2. Choose the correct white balance, when you nail the white balance, the natural look should be different from the alien one.

White Balance

3. Adjust shutter speed and ISO, some Android phones have a manual mode option built-in. Of course, you can also use some Apps to do the job.


4. Take advantage of the environment light to illuminate the subject, as the brighter part shows less noise.

5. Do not use the zoom feature, when the subject is far away. You have to move closer in order to get a better picture for noise reduction.


6. Take the photos in RAW formats. Different from the JPEG format, RAW files preserves more details for the images without reducing noise.

heic noise

7. Use the professional features of the camera applications of smartphone, such as Camera MX, which provides complete control of resolution and clear visuals that ensure sharp image.

Camera MX

Image Noise Reduction of WidsMob Denoise

What should you do if you have already taken some noise photos? As for the case, noise reduction software should be a nice solution. WidsMob Denoise provides exceptional detail, outstanding image quality and a distinctive natural look.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Step 1: Add image into the noiseware

Click the “Import” button to add the image into the program. The program supports both RAW files and JPEG. Once you add the photos into the program, you can turn on the “Before/After” mode to preview the effects of the noise reduction software.

Step 2: Reduce noise for different scenarios

Dark Noise: When you take photo in dark environment, you should find JPEG artifacts and image noises. Adjust the “Luminance”, “Chrominance” and “Sharpness” features to remove noise for the image, or even remove JPEG artifacts.

Dark Noise

Portrait Noise: As for portrait images, the noiseware has special algorithm to beautify portrait images. Once the program detects portrait within one photograph, you can adjust the Intensity for Skin Soften to optimize portrait image.

Portrait Noise

Old Noise: After a period of time, you can find some yellow and noise for the image, you can optimize the old image with the “Luminance”, “Chrominance” and “Sharpness”.

Old Noise

Snow Noise: When you get photos with high ISO, such as snow environment. There should be lots of noise as for the situation. You can also use the program to reduce image noise for the case.

Snow Noise

Move Noise: For taking moving stuff, even the DSLR camera will get lots of noise. When you add the image to the noise reduction software, you can get a better image with ease.

Move Noise

Step 3: Share the images to social media

After you remove the noise for the images, you can click the Share button to send the image to social media websites. Of course, you can also save the files to your computer.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


In order to remove noise for images, you can avoid noise when taking shoot with the useful tips in the article first. What should you do if you have already taken some photos? You can use the post editor programs to remove the image noise. When you have any other query about image noise reduction, you can share more information in the article.