Things You Should Do Before Making Photo Album

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Photographic album is a collection of photographs. Because photo albums are generally in book or book-like interface, which is also known as a Photobook. Photos are glued to or attached to heavy papers to make a photo album book, but now you only can obtain the digital photo album or online photo album. Just learn the best photo album software in 2018 to make a photo album easily.

How to Make Photo Album

Part 1: Types of Photo Album

It should be a popular pastime to show photo albums when you take photos with a digital camera. There are various photo albums for weddings, family unions, journeys, or even scientific labs. When you print a photo album to a coffee table book, it is known as a Photo Album book. With advanced technology, you can also create Digital Photo Books for your iPad or tablets. More and more digital photo albums are available on the market.

Photo Album Books

When you print the photo albums in different shapes, add titles, backgrounds, and other elements, it is known as photo album books. And if they put on a coffee table for the guests in print quality or photographic paper, you can name the photo album as a coffee table book. When you need to custom some photo albums, you can go to Shutterfly, Snapfish, or Walmart to get the desired photo album books.

Photo Album Books

Digital Photo Album

If you import the images from a digital camera, memory card, USB, or computer to a database, you can design and produce a photo book. Digital Photo Album or an online photo album can be a method to view image views in applications or online. You can have photo album software or a digital photo album book since the photos taken are likely to be too many. Here are the 10 best photo album apps you should take into consideration for your computer.

WidsMob Viewer Screenshot

Part 2: Top 5 Digital Photo Album Software

1. WidsMob Viewer

WidsMob Viewer is a versatile photo album for Mac to manage digital photos with ease. Just click one image or import the whole folder into the program. You can view all the pictures (photo formats and RAW files). Choose the desired photos to Favorite for better management for the images. Then make a simple photo album with stunning effects. What is more, you can also export the photos to create photo album photos for Shutterfly, Snapfish, or Walmart.

Preview Mode Viewer Win Download Mac Download

2. FilmHTML5

FilmHTML5 is another digital photo album software you need to take into consideration. When you import the photos into the program, you can create and build up a book like a photo album with an elegant reading interface. What is more, you can also custom the photos with filter and animation. Choose the preset templates and access different backgrounds and layouts according to the subjects. It has an easy-to-use interface to design the template or share the photo album to Facebook and other websites.


3. XnView

XnView enables users to browse, view, edit and even organize images with ease. It has an easy interface to manage the files for photo albums, which supports more than 500 file formats. Not only for the desktop version, but you can also access the mobile version. When you are looking for some utility to make a photo album with ease for the Windows platform, XnView is the program for all Windows users. What is most important, Xnview is a free and open-source application for all Windows users.


4. jAlbum

jAlbum is a photo album for any website. It just downscales your images to web and thumbnail size, creates a complete webpage, and even uploads the photo album to the website. Besides the editing features, you can also add a watermark, organize the image and even print the digital photo album. When you purchase the Professional account, you can have 10GB of space to upload all the files online to make the desired digital photo album with some simple steps.


5. FlipBuilder

FlipBuilder is a funny and free-to-use photo album application. You need to import photos and PDF files to a DIY stunning online photo album with video and animation. You can have different Design settings, themes, backgrounds, and scenes to build a digital photo album with images and PDF. Then set two reading modes and exchange them flexibly with a simple setting. Once you finish making the photo album, you can share the files on social media websites.

FlipBuilder Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: How to Create Photo Album Book

How to Make photo album book on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac

Imagine you are back from a journey, you have taken hundreds of photos with different cameras and smartphones. What should you do to create a photo album book?

Step 1: Organize Photos

With the different photo formats, RAW files of camcorders, JPEG of a smartphone, or even CR2 format of Photoshop. You need to select the best photos from many photos and organize a photo album. When you use the default photo browser of your operation system, you might only open JPEG photos. Then you have to use the bundled RAW image viewer for the pictures of the camera and Photoshop for the images of edited CR2 files.

Another annoying experience should be importing one photo at a time. It should be time-consuming to view all the images to organize and select the right ones for a photo album.

Enter Thumbnail Mode WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 2: Basic Editing

Once you select the right photos for an online photo album, you might need some basic edits first. Delete the pictures no longer required, rotate or flip them in the right direction for the photo album, and crop the desired part of the photos to meet some shape of the photo albums.

You have to upload photos in a small size of the original one or name their orders. The batch function should be necessary for the basic editing features for photo albums.

Add to Favorite WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 3: Slideshow

If the slideshow feature is available for you to preview the result, it should be a plus feature. And you can imagine the photo album when viewing the slideshow of the program. What is more important, it can be the photo album on your computer. You do not have to create another photo album separately as for the case.

Slideshow Play TIFF WidsMob Viewer Pro Win Download Mac Download

How to create photo album book on Windows

If you need a professional photo album maker for your Windows PC, you can choose Photoshop Elements. It is a visual product of Adobe. One powerful feature of PSE 10 is to help you create photo albums at home.

Step 1: Create a new album

Launch PSE 10, unfold the Plus icon in the right Albums panel, and choose New Album from the list. Drop a name, like a baby photo album, on the album detail dialog.

Step 2: Add photos

On the photo gallery panel, select the photos you want to add to the album. Right-click on a selected image and choose to Add Selected Items from the option list. Then you can preview the photos in the right Content tab.

Step 3: Save album

Once click on the Done button at the bottom right corner, the newly created album will show up on the album list. Now, you can add or remove photos at any time by hitting the buttons with Plus and Minus icons.

Step 4: Print album

Until now, you have created a digital photo album with PSE 10. To print it, you can go to File-> Print and make the photo album book with your home printer.

Photoshop Elements

How to make a perfect photo album book on both Windows and Mac

Sometimes, the baby photos taken on your own are not perfect. You’d better enhance the images first. We recommend you use Photo Denoise. It uses an advanced algorithm to deal with hundreds of photos in a batch. So Photo Denoise could save you a lot of time.

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Step 1: Enhance pictures

Launch Photo Denoise, drag and drop the folder contains all photos into the photo enhancer. It will analyze these photos. And you can adjust the value of Luminance and Chrominance to remove various noises manually.

Step 2: Retouch faces

When Photo Denoise detects faces in your photos, the Face Soften feature will become available. And you can retouch the faces modifying parameter.

Step 3: Make a photo album

Save the neat photos to the hard disk after enhancing. Open the Photos app on your Mac. Select all de-noised baby photos and click New Album in File menu to make a perfect photo album book.

Step 4: Print album

Of course, you can store photos in digital albums. That is completely free of charge. But, if you want to print a photo album book, you print it with a home printer or Apple print service.

Denoise Image Process

How to create a digital photo album book

Compared to physical albums, a digital photo album is a better choice to save precious memories. Firstly, a digital photo album is environmentally friendly. Moreover, it is easier to store. Flickr is a popular photo cloud service. And you can create a digital photo album book with Flickr.

Step 1: Sign in

Access Flickr web in your browser and sign in with your Yahoo Account. If you do not have an account, you can register one right now. Each user account could enjoy 1TB free storage.

Step 2: Upload photos

Click on Upload Photos to upload photos from hard drive to Flickr. If you have hundreds of pictures to import, it will take a while. And you can decide to store pictures in Private or Public. After uploading, you can rename the photo and pick up a description by clicking on Sets.

Tip: Flickr supports uploading and save photos in full resolution.

Step 3: Create a new album

Go to You-> Organize-> Albums & Collection at top ribbon. Click on Create a new album option, enter a title and description to the digital photo album.

Step 4: Add photos

You can drag and drop uploaded photos from the bottom to the new album or click More options to search pictures by tags. Then press Save to complete it.

Many online print services could print photo album books from your Flickr digital albums, like Shufferly, Snapfish, and more.



When you need the software to handle all the photos in Windows or Mac, you can find many software programs to organize different image formats in the folder or album, such as Adobe Photo Album and Picasa. If you need to use the batch function for editing and multiple slideshow effects, WidsMob Viewer should be one of the best choices. Just download the free version to learn more about the program now.

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