How to Use Photo Calendar Maker

Last Updated on December 7, 2021 by Peter Wood

The new year is about to come, and we have come to the calendar 2021 last page. Now you might have to create a photo calendar for 2022. When you need to get a photo calendar maker and the detailed instruction, you can learn more detail about the DIY calendar for 2022 with an excellent photo calendar maker in the article.

How to Use Photo Calendar Maker

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Part 1. Photo Calendar Maker for Mac

Making a photo calendar is more or less like using a photo maker to create photos literally. Since it would be more complicated than simply adding filters to an image, a free online photo calendar maker is used more on laptops than on a mobile phone. Firstly we’d like to provide two ways to introduce how to use photo calendar maker on Mac.

Making Photo Calendar by Photos

Photos are the default calendar photo maker of Mac. You can select photos taken by iPhone or download photos from Facebook to Photos. And follow the steps to make a photo calendar with the following steps.

Note: be careful with your arrangement and wordings since the mistake will stay with you for the whole month once you submit and print it out.

Step 1. Open Photos on your Mac. Choose the photos you want to add to your photo calendar.

Step 2. Create a project especially for making a calendar. Slide your mouse to the right corner of the screen and tap +, choose Calendar.

Step 3. In the following step, pick the number of months you want to add and the start date.

Step 4. Click Continue. There will be a list of themes displayed for you to select.

Step 5. Double-click the theme you prefer and download it. Drag your photo into the page and go to All Pages view.

Step 6. If you don’t like the theme, you can try another one by clicking Settings in Photos’ toolbar and changing themes.

Step 7. You could rearrange the pages in the All Pages view. Point your mouse on the picture and hold down to the part you feel comfortable with.

Step 8. To change the image page number, you can click the left button on the page. Scroll to find the desired layout and click to apply it.

Step 9. Edit the title and caption of your calendar photo. If you prefer not adding anything, skip this step.

Step 10. Choose File and then click Print to make a preview of your edited photo calendar before printing it out with paper.

Step 11. Photo calendar maker provides printing and producing service. You need to click the Buy Calendar button in the upper right and pay the bill.

Photo Calendar by Photos

Creating Photo Calendar Online with Shutterfly

Another way to make a photo calendar on Mac is using Shutterfly. Shutterfly is a photo calendar maker online with numerous excellent features. Just follow the steps to create a photo calendar online with your Mac with ease. If you want to take a break during the editing, remember to click the Save button on the upper-right and name your calendar. Even if your Mac shuts down, the edited part of your calendar will save in the photo calendar maker. It happens the same in some photo makers and cover photo makers.

Step 1. Visit the website: This photo calendar maker provides online editing. Sign up with your contact information.

Step 2. Click Store and select the Calendars link on the left of the page.

Step 3. Choose the type of templates you adore in the photo calendar maker. When you use classic mode, you can select layout. If you are in college mode, choose a style.

Step 4. Each month could have a different background of any style in collage mode. You could replace it if you find a better one during the editing steps.

Step 5. For classic mode, you could apply one layout to each month or change the layout of the individual month to others.

Step 6. Add pictures to your calendar. You need to import the photos from your local Mac to the photo calendar maker’s account first. Then upload to your calendar’s editing page.

Step 7. Add text to your calendar. Click on any box that reads Enter caption here. When a pop-up window appears, you could write there.

Step 8. Clicking a month icon at the top-center or using the two arrow buttons to move back and forth.

Step 9. Click the Zoom icon at the center of the page for a closer look at any month.

Step 10. Customize the date. There will be a list of date templates to select.

Step 11. Click Done and return to the calendar page. After previewing your editing, tap Next and order your calendar with its billing processing.

Photo Calendar by Shutterfly

Part 2. Photo Calendar Maker for Windows

There are loads of Photo Calendar Makers online for PC, but not all of them are well designed and have a lovely user experience. We will list two of the most effective image calendar makers for Windows below.

Customize Photo Calendar via Photo Calendar Creator

When you need to create a photo calendar with Windows, Photo Calendar Creator should be one of the best solutions. You can download Photo Calendar Creator from the Internet as it’s about 70M sizes large. And we take the size reasonable for a Windows PC.

Step 1. Install the photo calendar maker and open it. Click New Project from the pop-up to create a new calendar project.

Step 2. There will be several types of calendar template designs for you to select. Select the one based on the styles of your photo theme.

Step 3. Choose the layout of your future calendar to display. The photo layout includes spiral bands, landscape views, and more.

Step 4. Here comes the photo replacement page. Add your photos to replace the default ones. Make sure the main characters in your images will display on the page.

Step 5. Set the starting month and change the page setting if necessary. Click Save when you finish the settings.

Step 6. You will see a calendar draft in this step. You could alter the month style in the right column to what best fit your photos.

Step 7. In the right column of the page, you can adjust the font style, size, and colors.

Step 8. This photo calendar maker also allows you to decide whether to show your own countries’ holidays and highlight the weekends on each calendar page.

Step 9. Choose the background image of your calendar from the vast photo gallery in this photo calendar maker.

Step 10. Edit and beautify your calendar page with the photo calendar maker’s editing tools. Save all your editing in PDF/PNG format and take it to the printer.

Photo Calendar Creator

DIY Photo Calendar Online by Snapfish

Another excellent feature of photo calendar maker online is the extra services, such as Express service and print quality. You can place an order with Snapfish online and then pick up the photo calendar within the next 48 hours from the nearby Walgreens or CVS photos. The products of this photo calendar maker vary by size, pages, and design. And the design wins reputation among young people. Try and see if you like it.

Step 1. Visit Snapfish's official website:, tap Calendar tab. Choose the type of photo calendar you like on the size and landscape of your photos.

Step 2. Pick a design category: there is a vast design in the Snapfish gallery. You can select a calendar design.

Step 3. The calendar preview will show after you choose one. See if you like the design and you get the chance to change it.

Step 4. The photo calendar maker allows users to upload photos from local devices, Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr.

Step 5. You are in the calendar builder of your selected design. You could add photos with the Autofill function. Just press the button, and the photo calendar maker will fill the design with the images you uploaded.

Step 6. Customize the calendar with layouts and backgrounds. For better looking at your work, click the Full View button.

Step 7. If you prefer to add a photo by yourself, you need to add photos one by one. And move, resize and adjust the images for each page.

Step 8. Personalize the design with embellishments and text. Write a sentence for each page so you can see them every month.

Step 9. Once you have finished the editing, ensure to preview it.

Step 10. Then click the Buy button after you check your design.

Photo Calendar by Snapfish

Wrapping Up

There are mainly two kinds of photo calendar makers in the market for Mac and Windows PC, photo calendar software and photo calendar maker online. The software might cost you money. But it works well and is stable. Online photo calendar makers are free and bonded with printing services.

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