Best Method to Have a Virtual Photo Makeover for Portrait Images

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When you want to purchase some cosmetics or accessories, can you have a virtual photo makeover to find whether it matches your skin tone? Just take the lipstick for example. There are dozens of colors of one brand. How to discover the most appropriate lipstick color?

The article shares the 2 most frequently used beauty makeup photo makeover tools to have full control over your skin, enhance the portraits, and even have excellent makeup. Just learn more about how to apply the perfect makeup for the portrait images from the article.

Best Virtual Photo Makeover

Part 1: How to Have an Ultimate Photo Makeover for Portrait Image

WidsMob Portrait Pro is a professional photo makeover program that enables you to manage the skin, enhance the portrait, have professional makeup, and even apply a makeover preset. You can have a detailed touchup for blemish, skin, eyes, face, contacts, smile, cheek, nose, shine, teeth, blush, and nearly all portrait points.

  1. Beautify portrait images with advanced AI face detection technology.
  2. Provide favorite presets for a whole series of photo makeover filters.
  3. Extensive makeup features to touch up blush, lipstick, eyes, and more.
  4. Enhance portraits to remove eye circles, deepen smile, enlarge eye, etc.
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Best Method to Have a Virtual Photo Makeover

Just take a selfie or portrait image with your smartphone or digital camera. WidsMob Portrait Pro enables you to optimize different photo formats, such as HEIC, RAW, and JPEG. After that, you can follow the process to makeover photos with the process as below.

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of WidsMob Portrait Pro, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Select Photos button to load the photos you want to makeover into the program. Moreover, you can also click the Select Folder button to import a series of photos.

Add Portrait Image

Step 2: When you have a simple photo makeover, you only need to choose the Preset menu and select the desired filter. To apply a filter for all the images within the same folder, you can choose the preset and click the Apply to all button to touch up all photos within one click.

Choose Preset Touchup

Step 3: Go to the Edit menu and choose the Skin option. Click the Adjust Skin Area button to choose the skin area you want to touchup. Just choose the brush tool or eraser tool to select the desired skin area. Click the OK button to confirm the touchup area.

Adjust Skin Area

Step 4: After that, you can enable the Brighten Skin option and check the Low option. Of course, you can also manually adjust the parameter. Just follow the same process to the Smoothing option. You can also adjust the color tone of your skin according to your requirement.

Smooth Skin

Step 5: Choose the Enhancements option, you can remove eye circles, blemish removal, brighten eyes, deepen smile, lift cheeks, slim face, enlarge eyes, enhance nose, remove shine and whiten teeth. It has 3 different levels and even customizes the photo makeover filters manually.

Enhance Portrait

Step 6: Even if you have a professional photo makeover, there are some advanced makeup features, which enable you to choose the different blush templates, lipstick intensity, gloss, colored contacts, eye color, eyelashes, eye shadows, and more other settings with ease.

Makeup Portrait

Step 7: Just click the Export button if you are satisfied with the output. Then you can name the photos, resize to the desired size, choose the photo format, tweak the photo quality, or simply apply a preset for the entire imported image before clicking the Start button.

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Part 2: Is It Possible Have a Beauty Makeup Photo Makeover Online

Fotor is another simple beauty makeup photo makeover online solution, which enables you to remove wrinkles, fix a blemish, reshape photos, whiten teeth, and remove red-eye. Besides the basic photo makeover features, there are some advanced ones for the eye and mouth.

Step 1: Go to Fotor online, you can select the Beauty menu to have the basic makeover features online. Click the Import menu on the upper right corner to load the photos you want to makeover.

Step 2: Once you have imported the photo, you can apply the basic makeover features. You can choose the Blemish Fix option and tweak the desired size of the slider to remove the wrinkle and imperfection.

Step 3: Moreover, you can also choose the Reshape option and adjust the Brush Intensity to shape the face. Click the Apply button to have an instant preview of the effect.

Step 4: After that, you can click the Export button to save the photo makeover to your computer, or click the Share button to send touched portrait image to social media websites.

Photo Makeover Fotor

Part 3: 7 Useful Photo Makeover Tips You Should Know

When you need to like to retouch photos like a profession, even though you have mastered the best photo makeover program. Just read the tips and then you can find the secrets.

  1. Take the image in RAW. There are many image formats and some of them are lossy, while others are lossless. If you want to get the best image quality, take your photos in RAW. It will record all metadata about your photos.
  2. Crop the photo. One basic step for photo makeover is to crop and remove unneeded areas. It can increase the most significant fragments of the photos and get rid of distracting objects.
  3. Use professional photo makeover tools, such as WidsMob Portrait Pro. The professional photo tools can protect your photo qualityas much as possible, as well as offer extensive features.
  4. Reduce noise. No matter you are a professional or an average one. There should be some photo noise. Low lighting in the shots, for example, might cause unpleasant difficulties.
  5. Apply various makeup on your face, such as smooth your skin, improve the skin tone, whiten teeth, enhance your lip, enlarge your eyes, add blush, tweak colored contacts, and more.
  6. Zoom in and out. When making over photos, you can zoom out it to view the details. Moreover, you can view the before and after mode to compare the original photo and the effect.
  7. Select the right output format. After photo makeover, you have to export them for saving to the computer or sharing to social media. The lossy image formats, such as JPG, create a small file size, while lossless image formats produce better quality with larger file size.

Part 4: FAQs about Beauty Makeup Photo Makeover

1Is It Possible to Adjust Portrait Points for Photo Makeover?

Once you have uploaded the portrait image into the photo makeover tool, you can click the Adjust key points option right under the portrait image. It will show the detected key points for the portrait image, you can tweak the points before applying the desired effect.

2How to Apply Photo Makeover within One Click?

If you have to apply a blended effect for the same portrait, such as remove the wrinkle, or apply an eyeliner effect, you can adjust the different parameter, and click the Save as Preset option to save the photo makeover effect as a preset. Then you can apply a photo makeover within one click.

3Is It Possible to Have an Instant Preview Online?

No. Because it takes a large resource to apply an instant preview for the photo makeover effect, it is not available for the online photo makeover tools now. When you want to apply the desired portrait effects, you can use the professional portrait editor instead.


This post has talked about how to do photo makeover with the two most professional tools. The digital photos are not only the record of your life, but also the utility to help you make the best decision when pickup cosmetics. First of all, follow our step-by-step guide to retouch your photos. If you are not satisfied with the result, read the tips carefully.

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