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Photo Montage Makers to Create Montage Photos in 3 Different Types

In order to composite different images into one photo, you should know how to make montage photos with photomontage creator. But there are different types of photomontage, such as montage photos, photo collages and mosaic photos. For the different composite methods, it might difficult to make all kinds of montage photos within one photo montage maker. The article explains the best Photo Montage Makers for the 3 different types of photomontage. Just learn more detail and choose the suitable program for you accordingly.

Make Montage Photo

Part 1: WidsMob Montage

When you need to create some unique and special mosaic photos, WidsMob Montage should be the right Photo Montage Maker. The photo montage maker can turn photos into mosaic photos or photomontage in JPEG and PNG. When you look at it up close, it appears as hundreds of tiles, and as you move away, it becomes a different picture comprised of all the smaller pictures.

Key features of the photo montage maker

1. Create photo mosaic and photomontage in PNG without background.

2. Support photo mosaic, tile mosaic, shape mosaic and other mosaic types.

3. Acquire photos from different devices with Twain-complaint devices.

4. Choose different frame to make the mosaic or montage photo special.

5. Make montage photos up to 16,000 pixels wide and unlimited for height.

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It is such a simple and intuitive photo montage program that you can create photo montages without any technical background, but you can create awesome and stunning montage photos.

How to make photo mosaic with WidsMob Montage

Step 1: Select one image as background. When you need to make mosaic photos without background, you can add PNG files without background into the photomontage maker.

Select Montage Background

Step 2: Upload images tiles into the program. Press “Select Tiles” to select more than 5 photos. Once you upload the wrong photo, you can select it and tap “Remove” button to delete.

Add Tile to Photo Montage

Step 3: Adjust different parameters. Choose the different frames, stitch modes, column count, tile size and match color to make mosaic photos or photo montages before clicking “Generate Mosaic” button.

Make Mosaic with WidsMob Montage

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Part 2: My Memories Suite

As for the photo montage makers to create photo collage or scrapbook, My Memeories Suite 9 can be one of the best photo montage makers. The digital photo collage software application is a full-featured designed program complete with helpful templates and artistic photo effects. It is an easy photo montage maker to create, print and share montage photos.

Key features of the photo montage maker

1. The auto collage should be the most splendid feature of the photo montage maker, which fill in the picture template with whatever pictures you have selected.

2. Compare to other photo collages online editor, you can add a few flourishes to the photo collage and make it look full and festive with the photo montage maker.

3. There are plenty of fonts to fit for the different collages, not only the ordinary fonts, but also the decoration fonts. Whatever picture form you choose, you can find the correspond fonts.

4. The photo montage maker also provides four greeting card templates, seven photobook templates, 150 scrapbook backgrounds and 400 new embellishments to spruce up your scrapbook content.

MyMemories Suite 9 is a remarkably intuitive and easy to combine different photos and quickly edit the properties of any image, text box or embellishment. The photo montage maker is available on both Windows and Mac.

MyMemories Suite

How to make photo collage with My Memories Suite

Step 1: Install and launch the photomontage maker, after that click the “Insert” button to add the template. The program provides different photo collage templates with stunning effects.

Step 2: Click each image to replace the original photos; you can also make some adjustments to get the photo collage. Preview the photo collage to further adjust the collage photos.

Step 3: Now you can click the “Control Panel” to add words, effects and more other elements to get a stunning photo collage.

MyMemories Suite Photo Collage

Part 3: Photo Blend 3D

If you are looking for photo montage makers for blending photos, Photo Blend 3D should be a solution for you. Photo Blend 3D is a new generation of photo montage maker, which provides a quick photo compositions, designed from the ground up for the purpose of easy combining objects from several photographs into a single composition.

Key Features of photo montage maker

1. Automatically adjust the ambient light and color of the objects, and then visually snap into new composition.

2. An easy interactive way for creating photo montage in 3D stereograms and anaglyphs.

3. Auto hair and edge mask brush to handle the detail point for a better composite of different photos.

4. The object recognition techniques of the photo montage maker are used to create mask in seconds.

5. Virtual Stage Light Studio provides a complete virtual lighting system to add lights to the composition and change the feel of the montage photo.

Photo Blend 3D employs few fantastic features to create unique montage photos by compositing different photos with ease. The photo montage maker is available for Windows 32/64 bits.

Photo Blend 3D

How to make photo montage with Photo Blend 3D

Step 1: Select and cut some element as the source image into the photo montage maker. In order to combine more source files, you have to get them into one project first.

Step 2: Adjust the positions for each source file, after that choose the best size, softness and the opacity in order to combine them into a whole montage photo seamlessly.

Step 3: Further adjust the whole images, such as the light and other parameters in order to harmony the image as a whole photo montage with stunning effect.

Photo Blend 3D Photo Montage


You can always find the best photo montage makers from the above list according to your requirement. And if you are not satisfied with the created montage photos, you can also add some special funny photo effects. Just find the funny photo effects free from the link. Let me know if you have any other queries.

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