The Complete Guide to Make a Photo Mosaic Poster for Special Holidays

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A photo mosaic poster is a picture that you have one large picture made up of several thousand smaller tiles. How to make an artistic mosaic poster for a special holiday, such as Christmas or New Year? Instead of simply putting these small photos randomly, all of them are matched into the picture. It sounds like hard work, but it is really easy if you choose some professional mosaic poster makers. Just choose the background image as well as the tiles, such as the portrait images to design photo mosaic posters with your own photos from the article.

Photo Mosaic Poster

Part 1: How to Design Mosaic Photo Posters for Any Holiday

Whether you need to design a mosaic photo poster with a certain shape, such as the Christmas tree, or make a mosaic poster with a beautiful background, WidsMob Montage is a versatile mosaic and montage editor. It enables you to tweak the stitching mode, column count, tile size, and more other elements for mosaic files.

  1. Make a photo mosaic poster with any number of photos in a single click.
  2. Design mosaic poster with shape in PNG or colorful background in JPEG.
  3. Customize the column count, tile size, stitching mode, and other elements.
  4. Preview the large photos before creating printable mosaic photo posters.
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How to Make a Photo Mosaic Poster like Professionals

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Montage you have installed the program on your computer. Click the Select Background button to find and select the photo that you want to use as the main image. After that, you can click the Next button to continue.

Add Portrait Shape

Step 2: Click the Select Tiles button and add the tiles from your computer. It allows you to select any number of photos. The Remove button enables you to remove unwanted photos. Then click the Next button to make a photo mosaic poster automatically.

Choose Mosaic Tile

Step 3: Go to the Custom options to tweak the settings. You can add a border to the mosaic under the Frame section. Adjust the mode, tile size, and others. To choose the shape of the PNG file, you should uncheck the Match Color option before clicking the Generate Mosaic button.

Check the Mosaic File

Step 4: Once you have designed the photo mosaic poster, you can click the Save button. Write down a filename in the Save As box, click the Where option and set a specific folder to save the output, pull down Format and choose a proper image format, and click the Save button.

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Part 2: How to Create a Mosaic Photo Poster with Lightroom

To overlay multiple tiles into a background image, or make a stunning photo mosaic poster, Adobe Lightroom is another popular method to create a beautiful photo mosaic effect. It should be complicated to design mosaic photos in the way. Learn more about the detailed process with the following information.

Step 1: Open Lightroom on your computer and go to the File menu. Click the Import Photos and Videos to import the tiles you want to add. Then it will reveal all of the images in the Mosaic Images folder. Select the Add button and click on the Import option to import more photos.

Add Photos Mosaic Library

Step 2: Select one photo tile and open it in the Develop tab by hitting the R key on your keyboard. Now, change the Aspect option from the Original option to the proper aspect, such as 1 x 1, under the Crop & Straighten section to crop and flip images in Photoshop.

Resize Mosaic Tile

Step 3: Switch to the Library tab from the Develop tab, press CMD or CTRL + A keys on your keyboard, and select all tiles for the photo mosaic poster. Click the Sync Settings option in the right bottom corner. Select the Crop, Straighten Angle option, and the Aspect Ratio option. After that, click the Synchronize button to apply the change to other tiles.

Batch Process Tiles

Step 4: Press CMD or CTRL + A keys to select all images, and go to the File menu and select the Export option. Click the arrow next to the Image Sizing option and select the Resize to Fit option and change the option to Long Edge. Set other options according to your need, such as the Image Format, Quality, Color Space, etc.

Export the Files

Step 5: Create a new folder on your desktop. Then select it under the Export Location on the export dialog. Click on the Export button to save the photo tiles to your desktop. After that, you can preview the tiles for the photo mosaic tiles with a photo browser on Windows and Mac.

Save Location Lightroom

Step 6: Go to the File menu and choose the Contact Sheet II option from the Automate option. On the popup dialog, locate the Source Images option and next to Use set to Folder. Click on the Choose option and select the image folder on your desktop. Then all photo tiles will appear in the window to create a photo mosaic poster.

Contact Sheet Photoshop

Step 7: Adjust the contact sheet according to the tiles for the photo mosaic poster, which requires calculation ability. Change the Unites option from inches to pixels under the Document section on the popup dialog. Then set the Width and Height accordingly. Go to the Edit menu to choose the Define Pattern option and name the pattern, and click the OK button.

Define Pattern

Step 8: Go to the File menu and choose the Open option to open the main photo. Head to the Layer option and choose the Pattern option from the New Fill Layer option. After that, you can adjust the scale and change the Blending Mode option to the Soft Light option in the Layer panel. After that, you can export the photo mosaic poster.

Make Photo Mosaic Poster

Part 3: FAQs about Photo Mosaic Poster Maker

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1Can I Make a Photo Mosaic Poster Online?

Yes. Multiple mosaic makers allow you to make photo mosaic posters online, such as,, etc. But these online photo editors only provide the basic stitching modes. It should be difficult to create a large and printable photo mosaic poster.

2How to Create a Photo Mosaic on Instagram?

Instagram does not provide the features involved with photo mosaic. The alternative solution is to make a photo mosaic poster with third-party software and then upload it to Instagram. Make sure you learn more about the detailed size before generating the file.

3How Many Photos does a Photo Mosaic Need?

You need at least 5 photos to make a mosaic, one main photo, and four tiles for Lightroom. Of course, you can simply use one image to create a photo mosaic poster that makes a special effect. The 3rd party photo mosaic poster maker is always the initial choice you should consider.


You should understand how to make a photo mosaic poster with the best profile picture ideas on a computer. Lightroom and Photoshop is a professional way to create an overlay mosaic poster. For beginners, WidsMob Montage is the best choice. If you have queries about this, you can leave a comment in the article.

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