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How to Create Photo Mosaic/Photo Montage By Yourself

“I find some videos for gorgeous photomosaic images from Mosaic Photo Reveal. Is there any method to create mosaic photos? I just check all the photo mosaic software, but all of them create mosaic in JPEG, how to create photomontage or photo mosaic in PNG?”

Mosaic Photo Reveal should be a great program to make an elegant video project with mosaic photos. The after effects of Mosaic Photo Reveal are so impressive. When you need to customize your own mosaic video or photo mosaic, you can more detail about how to find Mosaic Photo Reveal alternatives to make mosaic photos from the article.

Showcase 100 photos to reveal a special image with special transition and beloved music. You can use the default templates of Mosaic Photo Reveal, which empowers you to adjust the placements and audio files. What should you do if you have to make own photo video montage? You should able to add similar mosaic photos as Mosaic Photo Reveal alternative to a video editor.

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Part 1: The definition of Photo Mosaic/Montage

When you mention about photo mosaic, which refers to the transition from one shot or one sequence to the next one. You should know more about photomontage, which should be a photo essay with cut up and pieced photos. When the pieces photos are designed, decorated and composited to a story with photomontage technique. When you compose a large number of photographs, it is also known as photo mosaic.

Just in simple, the procedure to composite photographs with different methods to a new image is known as photomontage. But due to the various cut, glue, rearrange and overlap methods, you can make montage photos, mosaic photos or collage photos.

Photo Mosaic

Part 2: 3 Different Types of Photo Montage/Mosaic

What should be the differences between montages photos, collage photos and mosaic photos? Usually you can use the used composition methods to distinguish them from each other.

Montage Photo: Montage photos are photos seamlessly composited as a whole picture. The montage photos insist on its multiple modes within a single frame. The pioneering photomontage techniques are used to create satirical posters and postcards. And the “combination printing” is also named as montage photo with photos combined together.


Mosaic Photo: Mosaic photos are made up of small photos, text messages or other objects. Usually the superposition effect is used on one image as the “montage” of a single image, with many “micro-images” to create a mosaic photo. It should be a complicated.

Mosaic Image

Collage Photo: Collage photos are photos, book-clips, frames and other objects glued together. And photomontage collage usually means paper with pictures. Gathering images in a collage is a great way to present your image library or a snapshot of your life.

Photo Collage

But some times it might be difficult to distinguish them from each other when some overlapping composition methods are used, especially for montage photos and collage photos.

Part 3: Top 3 Photo Mosaic/Montage Programs

Top 1: WidsMob Montage

When you want to use montage photos with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, you can use the gorgeous photo collage or mosaic photos made by WidsMob Montage. It is a versatile photomontage maker to realize photo collage ideas and achieve funny photo effects. Just choose the micro tiles to combine a stunning photo mosaic with stunning effects.

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1. Create mosaic photos as well as photo collage in shape. Mosaic Photo Reveal supports mosaic photos only.

2. Support hundreds or even thousands of photos in tile, Mosaic Photo Reveal supports 100 photos showcase.

3. Provide different photo mosaic frames and customizes different photo collages according to your requirements, which is not available for Mosaic Photo Reveal.

WidsMob Montage should be the best choice if you need to further edit the photos or customize the photo video montage. With the multiple effects provided by iMovie or other video makers, you can create a better effect than the original effect of Mosaic Photo Reveal.

WidsMob Montage Screenshot

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Top 2: Mazaika

Mazaika is similar as Mosaic Photo Reveal, which provides different templates of photo mosaic video. And Mozaika also provides mosaic photo reveal alternatives as Mazaika-video package. Mazaika-video package includes Mazaika-video program itself and three other utilities. There are multiple sample mosaic photo videos on the official website of Mazaika.

1. Compared to Mosaic Photo Reveal, Mazaika provides much more templates for mosaic photo. And you can also use the suite of Mazaika to customize photo mosaic with US$84.95.

2. Unlike the Mosaic Photo Reveal provides 100 sample photos to design your photo mosaic video. You can adjust tiles for rows and columns according to your requirement.

3. Mozaika video performs elaborate calculation to assemble quite impressive compositions and effects. You should set the features by yourself to achieve the best result.

Mazaika not only provides the mosaic photo, but also the photo mosaic video solution, including Photo Jumble and other programs. It should be a nice Mosaic Photo Reveal alternative for you to learn more detail about the photo mosaic video templates and design your own one.


Top 3: EasyMoza

If you do not know how to use photos to make photo mosaic video as Mosaic Photo Reveal, you can also use EasyMoza, which is able to create mosaic photo online and provide some default photo video montage (19.95EUR for each template). Here is the comparison between the two programs.

1. EasyMoza provides a short video with simple video transition, while Mosaic Photo Reveal templates are more stunning and gorgeous.

2. When you use EasyMoza photo mosaic video, you have to pay for each video template. You only have to pay once for the templates of Mosaic Photo Reveal.

3. EasyMoza is an online mosaic photo app, which is able to design mosaic photos with more photos than Mosaic Photo Reveal.

When you create a photo mosaic, you can turn it into a photo video montage with the program. Just check the mosaic photo video of EasyMoza, if you are satisfied with the templates, you can choose EasyMoza as Mosaic Photo Reveal alternative.


Except for the excellent programs listed above, you can also check the other mosaic photo applications to make desired mosaic photos. And then you can use the great effects provided by iMovie or other video programs to design gorgeous photo video montage as Mosaic Photo Reveal. Just have a try with the programs, if you have any problem, you feel free to let me know.

It might not easy to explain the definition of photo montage. When you simply combine several photographs to a composite picture, you might use the wrong technical of montage. Don’t worry! You can have a clear idea about photomontage from the article.

Part 4: 3 Method to Combine Photomontage/ Photo Mosaic

Amateurs might use the photomontage effects as funny photo effects, but photographers and artists frequently use the different photomontage techniques to create stunning photos. Just learn more detail about the photomontage types as below.


The superposition is a photomontage method to blending of one image into another or the ground does not necessarily undermine perception of individual object, provided the familiar objects and only overlap or bleed through in certain area.

The montage photos combine two photos, one image as background and the other as superpose are very common photomontage. Usually Mosaic photos use a major photograph as the background, and then the other photos to use the superposition method to blending into the background. The collage photos are using the method to combine several photos with book like file or white background.

Edges and Gradients

For the differences between photographs, especially the edges and gradients between different photos, the techniques of photo montage to processes of tracing edges and contours and looking for at least partial matches to familiar objects.

The montage photos use the method seamlessly composite part of image to replace the similar part of the other. As for the mosaic photos, the gradients should be the most important to combine lots of micro-images to the large mosaic photo, the more photos are used, the mosaic photo will be greater. A collage photo might not pay special attention to the part.

Horizon and Perspective Space

When a clash or doubling of perspective spaces is not wanted, the common practice is just to crop or erase the signs of location in space surrounding an image and then paste it (or overprint) it into the matrix image. It should be the photomontage method to composite a montage photo with horizon and perspective space.

Due to the difference between horizon and perspective space, you can still find the montage photo are combined even if seamlessly composite with edge and gradients. As a whole mosaic photo, it might not pay much attention horizon and perspective space, but still require to combine the micro-photos horizontally to provide the best effect. A collage photo might also requires to use the horizon and perspective space method to provide optimal status.

With the advanced technology, more and more photomontages methods are used to create images that combine painting, theatre, illustration, and graphic in a seamless photographic whole.


When you have to create mosaic photos or montage photos, you can learn more detailed information about the definition, photo mosaic software and algorithms to make mosaic. If you have any other query about photo mosaic or photomontage, you can feel free to tell us in the comments.

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