Organize Photos

Easy Ways to Organize Photos of Paper Photos and Digital Photos

As photos are the great tool to convey feelings and record memories, it is common to see that people shoot pictures in many cases. For instance, what will you do if you are having fun in someone’s party? Taking photos with friends and post to Facebook, right? And during your travel, is your camera plays an important role? Or maybe it is your iPhone or Android phone do the similar job.

No matter which reasons you hold, if you do not know how to organize photos correctly and effectively, things will be a mess. I mean not only your desktop but also your room. For people who have tens of millions of photos stored on digital devices, or left all around the room, collect and sort them out in order will be a timesaving task actually. Therefore, today, I will how you easy ways and key points to organize photos in this article.

Organize Photos

Part 1: How to Organize Photos on Mac and Windows

For people who stored thousands of photos on computer, organize photos according to its types is the smart idea.

Organize Albums on Mac

Photos is the successor of iPhoto released by Apple. Considering it is a system utility, Photos may be one of the best photo organizers for Mac computers. Its basic features include:

1. This photo organizer could help you manage photos cross multiple Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

2. You can switch between Photos, Memories, Shared, Albums, and Projects modes to browse photos.

3. Photos supports variety of sources, including digital cameras, iCloud Photo Library, iPhone, iPad, hard drives and more.

4. The built-in photo editor offers some basic photo editing tools as well.


1. The interface is clear and easy to find what you want.

2. It supports facial recognition technology.

3. Photos is free of charge for all Apple users.

4. Now you can expand its photo editing features with plugins.


1. The built-in photo editing tools are limited.

For organize photos on Mac, you can launch Photos app on Mac computer. Click Albums button and choose All Photos to access all stored images. Select the images you wanna to add into the album. And you can press the add button to create more albums to add photos into. Choose new album in the drop-down menu. Later, enter the name your album belongs to, and hit OK to confirm. During this period, your photo collections will be sent to new albums, and you can organize photos on Mac successfully.

Photos Transfer from iPhone

Sort Out Photos on Windows

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a picture toolkit included in Windows Essentials. Its key features include:

1. You can manage and organize all digital photos or search for certain photo in the gallery mode.

2. It allows you to customize multiple tags to pictures, like geotagging and people tagging.

3. In photo editing mode, you can edit, enhance or correct pictures, and create panoramic picture or photo collage.

4. This photo organizer supports most commonly used image formats, such as JPG, PNG, GIF and more.

5. You can publish, print or email the pictures within WLPG easily.


1. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10.

2. The well-designed interface makes this program easy to use.

3. WLPG is free for all Windows users.


1. Windows Live Photo Gallery runs slower than other best photo organizer.

2. It needs Windows Live sign up.

3. This photo organizer cannot deal with pictures in batch.

For organizing photos on PC, choose Windows Live Photo Gallery from the taskbar of your Windows computer. Hold the Control key to drag and drop all images, you can rename all images into the same name or different ones. Sort out them into different folders.

And you can connect your camera or smart phone to laptop through USB cable to organize photos on Windows with as well. Type the descriptive name and add tags of photos you collect.

Windows Photos

Moreover, use Google Photos to organize photos is also acceptable. Create the Gmail account if you do not own one. Choose Photos from the drop-down menu, and hit the add icon to Create Album with. Enter the name of your new album, and hit Edit on the top right side of the screen if you wan to modify the destination or photos.

Google Photos

Part 2. Top 3 Best Photo Organizers You Can Organize Photos

Manage a huge amount of pictures is not a simple job, so you may need a powerful photo organizer for your computer. We spent a few days to test popular photo organizing software on market. In this part, we are going to share the best photo organizers in details. You can learn about top 3 best tools for organizing pictures on computers besides the default photo organizer within a few minutes.

Recommend: WidsMob Viewer

When we consider a good photo organizer, we usually focus on performance, compatibility, stability and easy-to-use. WidsMob Viewer gets higher score on all indicators.

1. Photo Viewer is a lightweight application, so you can get smooth photo browse experiences, including load and switch.

2. This photo organizer is able to correct and group pictures based on EXIF data automatically.

3. It supports almost all image formats, such as RAW files, GIF and more.

4. Photo Viewer offers multiple image viewing modes, like full screen, thumbnail, EXIF mode, slideshow, and so on.

5. The built-in photo editor allows you to enhance and edit pictures easily.

6. The batch feature is useful when you resize, convert or rename multiple pictures.

If you want to explore more features of Photo Viewer, you can try this photo organizer utility.

Share Photo Viewer

Download for Mac Version

Top free photo organizer

XnView MP is popular photo organizer available to Windows, Mac and Linux. According to the developer, it is free of charge for personal or educational use. Its principal features include:

1. XnView MP could read and import more than 500 photo formats. And the output formats supported by this photo organizer is about 70.

2. You can view the pictures in various modes, such as thumbnail, filmstrip, slideshow, and so on.

3. The built-in converter could help you to convert multiple pictures at once.

4. This photo organizer also offers plentiful photo editing tools for editing and enhancing pictures.


1. XnView MP has extensive features, but it is small and runs fast.

2. It is compatible with a wider array of platforms.


1. It lacks some advanced features, such as auto correction and facial recognition.


Top high-end photo organizer

Adobe is famous in visual ecosystem, especially among professionals. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the image organizer developed by Adobe Systems. Its key features include:

1. You can browse and switch pictures quickly by scrolling screen at bottom.

2. The quick develop feature allows you to batch process and apply presets to multiple pictures at once.

3. This photo organizer could remember your presets and use it on one and another image.

4. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom integrates a lot of photo editing features from Photoshop.

5. It has extensive templates for publishing.


1. The interface is well designed and user friendly.

2. It could correct pictures based on EXIF data.

3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has extensive features.


1. It is expensive.

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom runs slower.


Part 3: How to Organize Photos in Real Life

So how can you deal with thousands of photos of years? For most people, organizing photos is the job, which will be set-aside until later. And it seems hard to tell when you will start it. But the fact is that if you do not know how to organize photos, it will be scary that your house will full of photographs. Moreover, some print photos will even be damaged or destroyed because of your incorrect organization. Therefore, this part aims to teach you easy methods to organize photos without too much effort.

Decide your photo organization and gather pictures together

The first thing you need to do is to figure out how many photos you own. You can set the themes or genres. Or you can create a celebratory slideshow of the certain title. If you have no idea how many photos you own actually, or how to organize photos in order, you can collect all your images together. Loose and framed pictures are included as well. For those print photos with real products, you can prepare something to hold them. Photo albums, photo boxes, framed pictures, scrapbooks, plastic bins, drawers, closets and etc. In conclusion, you have better get the certain place or container, to store all your photo collections.

Organize Photo Album

Use tools to sort out and scan all your pictures

Well, to prevent forgotten of important occurrences, you can use photo-safe pencils to write something on the back of your photos. Photo-safe sticky notes and index cards are also available. Furthermore, you can use cotton gloves, rubber cement pickup and other tools to protect photos during organization. The easiest way is to put all print photos into the box, and inside the box into some place dry. But if will be hard to search certain pictures. Therefore, you can sort photos into certain category.

Sort Photos

For images with important meaning, scanning print photos is the good way to have a copy, and get a new way to share and enjoy your pictures. If you have negatives and slides, it will be easier to scan printed images. One small and portable scanner is enough to scan damages albums and photos.

Scan Photos


From the above descriptions, you can see that the most important thing you need to do is to set the goal to distinguish pictures in advance. And the scanned images can be shared into social media, or you can create a digital photo book to collect as well. The video slideshows will also be the good methods to organize photos and send someone as the gift, better than cash and other things bought directly. Therefore, you are able to organize photos both on computer and of print pictures easily.

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