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10 Best Photo Vault Apps for Hiding Photos on Android Phones and Devices

When you take some private photos on your Android phone, how do you hide the photos with photo vault apps? If it is not secure to upload the photos to Cloud service or leave in the album, the photo vault APK for Android is able to lock or hide private pictures from peeping.

What are the best photo vault apps for your Android phones or tablets? The article shares the top 10 best applications that enable you to hide the photos or videos with ease. Just learn more about the special features and choose the desired one accordingly.

Photo Vault Apps

Part 1: 10 Best Photo Vault APKs for Android

Just need to install a photo vault app for your Android phone, you can protect your photos from leaking on the Android phone? Here you can learn more about the features and select the desired one.

Top 1: KeepSafe Photo Vault

Price: Free with in-app purchases

KeepSafe Photo Vault is one of the most popular photo vault app and album locker app on your Android phone. It is able to secure personal photos and videos with different methods.


1. Lock photos with PIN protection, fingerprint and military grade encryption.

2. Protect existing/new albums, license of driver, ID card and credit card.

3. Make fake login PINs, organize important documents and more others.


1. In order to use the advanced features requires subscription.

2. It just locks the photos with a pin instead of hiding the photos.

KeepSafe Photo Vault Screenshot

Top 2: Vaulty

Price: Free with a Premier upgrade

Vaulty is a reliable photo vault app that can be used to hide photos and videos on Android devices. Moreover, it has vaults to show the desired media files for different people with ease.


1. Hide photos and videos from Gallery with a Pin or text password.

2. Use the different photo vaults methods for different scenarios.

3. Capture intruders with a snap of picture with a wrong password.


1. Need to upgrade to the Premier version for the updated version.

2. The free version with limitations also contains some ads.

Vaulty Screenshot

Top 3: Vault

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Vault is far more a photo vault app for Android devices. It is also able to hide your messages, contacts, or even apps. The incognito browser is another bonus feature to hide your track on web.


1. Make photos and video disappear or lock with a password.

2. Record break-in alerts when attempts to access with a wrong password.

3. Back up your photos and videos to Cloud so they never get lost.


1. There are Ads when you need to view the photos and videos.

2. It does not available to the latest Android phones and devices.


Top 4: Private Photo Vault

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Private Photo Vault is the free photo vault app that is both available for Android and iOS. It is able to keep all of your private photos and videos hidden behind a password.


1. Hide private picture and videos and view the media files with passwords.

2. Set up password to protect entire albums with personal photo locker.

3. Give other the your decoy password that opens up to different photos.


1. The photo vault app need requires registration with private information.

2. The ads are annoying when you need to hide or view the files.


Top 5: Secret Photo Album

Price: Free with ads

Secret Photo Album is a photo vault app puts your photos and video into secret albums that looks and functions like a calculator. It should be an efficient method to securely hide photos.


1. Lock pictures and videos with a locked password, Face ID, or PIN code.

2. Transfer pictures and videos into the photo vault for your private viewing.

3. Keep a list of private contacts and managed from your other contacts.


1. The photo vault app is not compatible with old devices.

2. There is no option to remove ads without upgrading to the Premium.

Secret Photo Album

Top 6: Piktures Gallery

Price: Free with Premium subscription

Piktures Gallery is another photo vault app for Android. It is popular partly because the one-step protection, which makes it easy to lock and hide your pictures and videos.


1. Save photos, videos and even the GIF files into a secret drive.

2. Create multiple vaults to hide the photos and videos with ease.

3. Access all the cloud drive photos and videos, such as Google Drive.


1. No add-on features to edit or manage the photos and video files.

2. It lacks of some advanced features to hide, edit or play the photos.


Top 7: LockMyPix Photo Vault

Price: Free with a Pro version

LockMyPix Photo Vault is another photo vault app that is designed to protect personal media files on the Android. It utilizes a military-grade AES encryption standard to lock photos with secure.


1. Encrypt photos with PIN or pattern to your private vault with secure.

2. Shake your device to quickly lock pictures with some emergency.

3. Hide the app from app tray and hide the photos from your Android.


1. The fake locker is only available in Pro that you need to upgrade.

2. It cannot back up private photos automatically.


Top 8: Gallery Vault

Price: Free and available to upgrade

Gallery Vault is the photo vault app for Android enables you to quickly lock and hide your photos, videos, audio files and more. Without a password, anyone cannot access the files.


1. Hide photos, videos and others on internal and external storage.

2. Privately browse important photos, videos and more other with ease.

3. Built-in a video editor to view the photos and playback the videos.


1. It would take a large space of your Android phone to install the app.

2. It is not available in Play Store that you need some extra installs.

Gallery Vault

Top 9: F-Stop Gallery

Price: Free with a Pro version

F-Stop Gallery is a well-known photo vault app for Android devices, partly because the intuitive and lightweight interface. Moreover, it improves the way you browse and manage photos.


1. Encrypt single photo files or even hide the entire albums with ease.

2. Read metadata directly from your images, such as EXIF, XMP and IPTC.

3. Provide a photo editor and Slideshow mode with popular transition types.


1. Support only a limited photo formats, without RAW, HEIC and more.

2. Take much more time to hide photos than the other photo vault apps.

F-Stop Media Gallery

Top 10: Calculator

Price: Free with ads

Calculator is a unique photo vault app on Android. It hides your photos and albums behind a calculator. Even if someone opens the Calculator app, he is not able to access your photos.


1. Encrypt private photos, hide your photo and security the hide private photos.

2. Lightweight and not take up much space of your Android phone or device.

3. Available to a wide range of devices that no one will doubt it.


1. The locker is simple without some advanced manage and edit features.

2. It does not support all picture formats, such as the RAW and HEIC.


Part 2: Best Photo Vault App Alternative for Windows and Mac

WidsMob PhotoVault is the best photo vault app alternative to hide the photos on Windows and Mac. It provides different vault methods to lock the images. Moreover, you can also create slideshow, manage photos and use the basic editing features.

1. Keep personal photos hidden from others without any track on computer.

2. Rely on the advanced AES-256 encryption to encrypt the photos.

3. Support all image formats, such as the RAW files and HEIC formats.

4. Improve the way to browse photos, full screen mode and slideshow mode.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Protect Private Photos

Step 1: Install the photo vault program

Launch PhotoVault after you installed it on your computer. When prompted, enter your password and confirm it. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete setup. After that you can import the desired photos.

Photo Protected with Password Photo

Step 2: Set up the photo encrypt methods

In order to manage the photos with ease, you can also group them into different albums, or even set the different photo vault methods to hide the others from others with ease.

Security Level PhotoVault

Step 3: Hide and lock photos

Go to the default Photos folder or create a new folder. Then click Import at the upper right side and add the photos you want to protect. Click Delete Photos on the popup dialog to erase the photos in the original location.

Photos Hidden on PhotoVault

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


The article shares 10 best photo vault apps that enable you to hide the photos from others. If there is not enough space on your Android phone, or need to change for another method, WidsMob PhotoVault should always be a nice option as the photo vault app alternative you can take into consideration.

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