Hide and Lock Photos of iPhone - 10 Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone

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How do you lock and hide the photos taken by your iPhone 13/12/11/X? When you want to hide the photos in the Camera Roll instead of removing them from your iPhone, what should you do? Photo Vault app for iPhone should be a nice option you can take into consideration.

The article shares the top 10 photo vault apps for iPhone, which you can learn more about the features and choose the desired one to lock and hide the photos from your iPhone X with ease. Here is the information you should know as below.

Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone

Part 1: 10 Best Photo Vault App for iPhone or iPad

Top 1: Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is a great photo vault app for iPhone, which can protect your special photos and videos. Moreover, you can also find the photo management and viewing filters and features with ease.


  1. Import multiple photos one time.
  2. Delete the original photos.
  3. Set additional passcode.


  1. The free version contains ads.
  2. Wireless syncing is only available in the Pro version.
Private Photo Vault Screenshot

Top 2: Lock Photos Photo Secret Vault

Lock Photos Photo Secret Vault is not only a photo vault app for iPhone but also available for audio files, video, text message, notes, documents, and more. Moreover, it can lock entire albums quickly.


  1. Hide the app with a fake title.
  2. Allow you to set up a decoy passcode.
  3. Support all pictures on iPhone.


  1. There are ads in the free version.
  2. The backup feature requires an upgrade.
Secret Vault Hide Photos Photo

Top 3: Keepsafe

Keepsafe is the photo vault for iPhone that enables you to keep your pictures safe with different vault methods, such as PIN protection, fingerprint touch ID, and even military-grade encryption.


  1. Add PIN code to private photos.
  2. Make slideshows with your pictures.
  3. Share photos on social media.


  1. The passcode mode is limited.
  2. The backup feature is not available.
KeepSafe Photo Vault Screenshot

Top 4: Best Secret Folder

As another photo vault app for iPhone, Best Secret Folder enables you to hide your pictures from the fake app icon. The interface looks like a bank vault and fools someone launches it.


  1. Record the intruders.
  2. Exchange free features with viewing ads.
  3. Send a passcode to your email.


  1. It cannot reset the password.
  2. The ads can be distracting.
Best Secret Folder

Top 5: HiCalculator

HiCalculator is a photo vault app for iPhone that hides your sensitive pictures behind a calculator from peeping. It is even available to contacts, personal videos, and more other file formats.


  1. Lock pictures with a password.
  2. Privately access websites.
  3. Support cloud backup.


  1. It has in-app purchases.
  2. Not an optimization version for iPad.

Top 6: Secret Album

Secret Album is another recommended app to hide photos and videos. In addition to the standard encryption for private photos, this photo vault app for iPhone provides PIN code and fingerprint.


  1. Support extensive encryption modes.
  2. Capture intruders with a built-in camera.
  3. Browse the hidden photos as a slideshow.


  1. It is a bit complicated for beginners.
  2. The photo vault app takes a large space.

Top 7: Picture Vault Lock Photo Safe

Picture Vault Lock Photo Safe is another photo vault app for iPhone. It is the best and most private gallery app to hide your photos and videos, with a secret camera to take private pictures silently.


  1. Take photos secretly.
  2. Display secret pictures in slideshows.
  3. Download pictures from Instagram.


  1. The encryption modes are limited.
  2. It is only available to the latest iOS devices.
Picture Vault Lock Photo Safe

Top 8: Vault

Vault disguises itself as a camera app, but not a photo vault for iPhone. It can protect and hide your private photos and videos on the Cloud service with reliable personal privacy protection.


  1. Add password to photos.
  2. Hide pictures under the fake camera app.
  3. Make a private album on iPhone.


  1. It is not available to Live photos.
  2. It cannot record the intruders.

Top 9: My Photo Safe Pro

If you are looking for an intuitive photo vault for your iPhone, My Photo Safe Pro is a good choice to hide and manage the privacy content on your iPhone with ease in the original quality.


  1. Keep the original quality of photos.
  2. Back up photosto Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  3. Convert photos to PDF format.


  1. Need to purchase the full version.
  2. It will slow down your iPhone for too many photos.
My Photo Safe Pro

Top 10: Hide Secret Private Pic Photos

Hide Secret Private Pic Photo is another photo vault for iPhone that hides and locks unlimited photos. Moreover, you can also add unlimited videos and notes when you upgrade to the Pro version.


  1. Hide unlimited photos to the photo vault app.
  2. Use a pin or pattern lock to hide the photos.
  3. Support all photo files, video formats, and notes.


  1. Need to upgrade to Pro for videos and notes.
  2. Passcode and pattern lock are not recoverable.
Hide Secret Private Pic Photos

Part 2: Photo Vault for iPhone Alternative for Windows and Mac

When you hide the photo vault on iPhone, the storage space is always a headache problem. As for the Cloud service, there might be a chance for leakage. Why not transfer your photos to a computer and lock them? WidsMob MediaVault is the best iPhone photo vault alternative to hide and lock the iPhone photos on your Windows and Mac.

  1. Lock photos on Windows and Mac quickly.
  2. Support all photo formats including RAW, JPEG, and HEIC.
  3. Protect the original quality of your photos without conversion.
  4. Browse photos in thumbnail/full screen, or playback videos.
  5. Edit your photos, such as rotate, fit-in, actual size, zoom in/out, etc.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Install PhotoVault to computer

Launch the photo vault for iPhone alternative and enter your password, which is the key to access your private photos. Then you can set up the desired security level, and other options, you can go to the Settings menu.

Set up the Security Level

Step 2: Import personal photos and videos

Click the Import Files button or the Import Folder button to import the photos and videos. Once you have imported HEIC or JPEG from iPhone, right-click the Add To Album option or the Add To Favorites option to transfer to the desired album.

Add to Hidden Album

Step 3: Browse private photos and videos

When you want to view the hidden photos or videos, go to the folder with the iPhone photos, including HEIC and MP4. Just double click the file to browse it in full screen. Moreover, you can go to the View option to view the photos in actual size, fit-in, zoom in and zoom out.

View Pictures MediaVault Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQs about Photo Vault Apps for iPhone

1What is the default method to hide photos on iPhone?

Launch the Photos app on your iPhone and tap the album that you want to view. Tap on the Select option in the upper right corner. Select the photos and want to hide and tap the Share button. Choose the Hide option from the Share Sheet menu to hide photos on iPhone.

2Is there a photo vault app for iPhone invisible?

When you need to find a photo vault app for the iPhone alternative, you can choose the cloud service, such as Google Photos. Instead of downloading an extra app, you can simply create a secret folder to hide photos in the cloud service or transfer them from the iPhone to your computer.

3How to hide the photos on the Notes App on your iPhone?

Open the Photos app and select the files you'd like to hide. Tap on the Share icon, then select Notes from the app slider row. After saving the photo to the Notes App, you can launch the app again, and tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner and select the Lock menu to hide photos on iPhone.


Based on the review above, you should master the top 10 photo vault apps for iPhone and iPad. The apps can protect your photos efficiently. Just read on the review and select the desired one accordingly. On the other hand, you can use WidsMob PhotoVault to lock and hide your photos on a computer simply.

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