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3 Best Photo Vault for PCs to Hide and Lock Your Photos on Window 10/8/7

How to hide photos and videos on your PC? Of course, you can save them to a folder and encrypt it with a password. But other might still use the search features or folder cracker to get the desired photos. Photo vault for PC is the most efficient method to keep your private and sensitive photos safe from the prying eyes.

In order to access your hidden photos from Photo vault for PC, you must enter the correct password, or else there is no method to view the photos. The article shares the 3 frequently used photo vault for PC to hide and lock the photos on Windows 10/8/7.

Photo Vault for PCs

Top 1: The Best Photo Vault for PC to Hide Photos

Top 1: Private Photo Vault

WidsMob PhotoVault is a powerful photo vault for PC that hides and locks the different photos files, including the JPEG, PNG, RAW, GIF, HEIC and more other photo formats. There are different security levels that enable you to protect the photo files. Moreover, you can view the photos in thumbnail, full screen and even slideshow mode.

1. Password protects your sensitive photos on PC simply.

2. Use the military-level AES-256 Encryption to lock your photos.

3. Support all image formats including the RAW and HEIC files.

4. Browse hidden photos in slideshow, full screen and more.

5. Share selected photos to your friend privately via Email.

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How to Hide and Lock Photos on Computer

Step 1: Download and install photo vault

Launch the photo vault for PC once you have installed the program on your computer. Enter the correct password to enter the program. It is the only method to access hidden photos. Please delete the photos from the computer completely that no one can track.

Note: If it is the first time to use the photo vault for PC, you can enter and re-enter the password, and then click the “Done” button to confirm it.

WidsMob PhotoVault Win

Step 2: Set up the security level

If you want to reset the security level and other options, click the “File” menu and choose the “Settings” option. Go to the “Security” tab and switch between Standard and High level. Moreover, you can change the password at any time in the “Account” tab on the “Settings” dialog.

Security Level PhotoVault Win

Step 3: Import the sensitive photos

Go to the default Photos folder, or you can create a new album by hitting the “Plus” sign under the “Albums” menu. Click the “Import” button at the upper right corner to trigger the open-file dialog. Navigate to the pictures that you want to hide and click “Open” button to add the photos.

Import Photos PhotoVault Win

Step 4: Browse hidden photos in full screen

When you imported the photos, you can view the hidden photos in full screen or use the mouse to slip into another photo with ease. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the photo vault for PC to create new albums for the private photos into different categories.

View Mode PhotoVault Win

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Top 2: Media Locker: Hide Pictures & Videos

Media Locker is a photo vault for PC to protect your privacy since you can hide individual media files with personal password. In fact, the program is password protected so that only you can access the locked photos, music, videos and more other files.


1. Prevent unauthorized access of photos, videos, music and more.

2. Support videos, pictures, audio files, notes, PPT, etc.

3. Manage hidden media files, like copy, paste, move and export.

4. Available in Microsoft app store for free.


1. Compatible with certain versions of Windows 8.1/10 only.

2. The photo vault for PC lacks online support and user guide.

How to Hide Photos on PC

Step 1: Open the simple photo vault for PC once you have installed the program. After that, you can click the “Create Password” in the home interface. Leave your password and confirm it.

Interface Media Locker

Step 2: Choose “Photo” on the screen and then hit the “Add” button at the bottom to import your sensitive photos from library. Then you can view the locked photos in thumbnail.

Photo Media Locker

Step 3: If you want to change the password and other options, click the “Settings” icon at the bottom. This photo vault for PC does not support the editing and managing features.

Password Media Locker

Top 3: 7 ZIP: Lock Photos on Zipped Folder

7 ZIP is far more a photo vault for PCs, which is popular for zip and compress large files. It is able to compress your files to ZIP archive as well as encrypt private photos. So, it is popular around the world for two reasons, quickly transfer and security.


1. Compress photos, videos and more into archive files.

2. Add password protection to entire albums or single photos.

3. Open source and totally free to use.

4. Not require registration, subscription or upgrade.

5. Lock photos in 7z and ZIP formats with AES-256 encryption.


1. The professional ZIP cracker is able to access the hidden files.

2. Your photos may be lost once the archive is damaged.

How to Encrypt Photos on PC

Step 1: Find the album or photos you want to lock on your PC, right-click on it and choose 7-Zip -> Add to archive. It will appear on the context menu after you installed.

7 Zip Album

Step 2: Input the name for the archive file on the Add to Archive dialog, and set Archive format as zip if you want to use the advanced encryption. Choose AES-256 from the Encryption method option, and enter the password in the Encryption section.

7 Zip Encryption

Step 3: Once click the “OK” button, your photos will be password protected. Then you can delete the original files. In the case, you need to unzip the files with a password to view the hidden photos.

7 Zip


Here are the top 3 photo vault programs for PCs, which have unique benefits and advantages. WidsMob PhotoVault is not only easy to use, but also provides extensive bonus tools for browsing, editing and sharing hidden photos. You can read our review and discover your favorite photo vault for your computer. If you have better recommendations, please tell us by leaving a message in the comment area below this post.

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