Photo Vault Recovery

Photo Vault Recovery – How to Recover Photos from Photo Vault App on Smartphone or Computer

Why a photo-vault recovery important for your smartphone or computer? A basic calculator app or harmless looking game is never much of a worry on your iPhone. The calculator may actually a photo vault app, a secret photo album for storing your private photos and video clips. However, the photo vault programs are not ultimate harbor. There are still chances that your photos are lost due to various factors, such as accident deletion, app crashing, and more. It is why the article shares about how to recover your photos from photo vault on smartphone or computer.

Photo Vault Recovery

Part 1: Why Do You Need a Photo Vault Program on Smartphone or Computer

The photo vault app is also called as ghost app, which lets you store and manage private photos and videos in secret folders. It enables you to hide and lock the photos for different purposes.

1. It is an opportunity to hide photos and secrets from parents or friends. The photo vault app locks your photos with password and disguise itself as a calculator or mobile game.

2. A photo vault app is used to store sensitive photos and videos, such as sexy photos and secret texts. Though it is not illegal to have such photos on iPhone, it is embarrassed that someone else discovers these photos.

Unfortunately, most photo vault apps can only hide and lock your photos on your computer or smartphone, but not back up them to cloud. As for the result, your private photos may be lost once the photo vault crashes or your delete them by mistake. That makes photo vault recovery an important skill.

Part 2: How to Recover Photos from Smartphone via File Explorer File Manager

Here are some major causes that are responsible for photo loss in photo vault app for your smartphone. If you delete some photos by mistake on the Cloud service, you use recover photos from photo vault app directly.

1. Delete by mistake. Once you hide photos in photo vault app, you will clean up the original files. So, if you tap wrong buttons and delete your photos in vault app, you have to retrieve them back with photo vault recovery.

2. Uninstall photo vault app. If anyone takes the photo vault app as a game app or even a clock, the photo vault app might be uninstalled or it just crashes. Then all your photos will go.

3. Forgot your password. After you locked your photos in photo vault app, your password is the only way to access the photos. You will lose the photos if you cannot remember the password.

4. Factory reset. It will remove all third-party apps along with app data including the photos in photo vault app.

How to Retrieve Photos via Photo Vault Recovery on Smartphone

Photo vault recovery may be not as difficult as you though if you have the right tool. You cannot access files and folders on an iPhone or Android phone directly. But the file manage app, such as the ES File Explorer enables you to recover photos from photo vault on your smartphone.

Step 1: Search for the photo vault recovery tool in your App Store or Google Play and install it on your smartphone. After that, you can launch the program on the smartphone.

ES File Explorer Interface

Step 2: Tap on the “Settings” option, scroll down to find the Show hidden files option, and enable it. Next, go back to the home interface and search for the folder titled .My security.

Step 3: Open it and you will be presented a lot of files labeled with digits and alphabets, such as 24ad4ca5. Choose advanced options in the search option screen and input the size 10KB to 10MB.

ES File Explorer Settings

Step 4: When you find the desired files, change the file extensions to jpg or mp4. After that, you can restore the photo or video within the photo vault recovery.

Part 3: How to Hide Photos on Computer? Is It Possible to Recover Photos from Photo Vault

What should you if you delete some photos within photo vault program on your Windows or Mac? Is there a photo vault recovery to get back the deleted photos within your computer? Actually, most of the photo vault app will hide the photos to online cloud or cache that cannot be recovered.

In order to manage the private photos to avoid any deletion by accident, WidsMob PhotoVault is the photo vault program you should choose. It not only hides the private the photos, but also enables you to manage and edit the photos with ease.

1. Lock and hide your photos that can never be recovered by other apps.

2. Set password to protect sensitive photos with military-level encryption.

3. Support all image formats, such as HEIC, PNG, JPG, RAW and more.

4. Offer extensive bonus functionalities like photo sharing via email.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Recover the Hide Photos on Computer

Step 1: Download and install photo vault on your computer. Then you can launch the program for computer. You will be asked to enter the password setup window. Enter and re-enter your password and click the “Done” button to confirm it.

Photos Hidden on PhotoVault

Step 2: In order to reset your password, security level and other options, you can click the WidsMob PhotoVault menu and choose the “Preferences” option to open the “Preferences” dialog to avoid any deletion by mistake within the program.

Security Level PhotoVault

Step 3: Click the “View” menu on the top ribbon and choose Play Slideshow or Enter Full Screen. To view the detail of your photo, select it and click View -> Zoom In. Moreover, it allows you to correct your photos orientation with the Rotate Left and Rotate Right options.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


You should understand how to recover photos from photo vault app on smartphone and computer. You can always use the file manager apps to retrieve the deleted photos within photo vault. Moreover, you can also use the ultimate photo vault to avoid deletion by mistake. If you have other questions related to photo vault recovery, please leave a message below.