The Picture on Resume – Here are 10 Important Tips and Examples You Should Know

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When you need to design your CV, you might wonder whether you should add a picture to your CV or resume. The choice of your headshot profile is a deceptive important feature of a CV or resume. If you choose a suitable one, it can build your brand, or else, it will ruin the whole CV.

How to take a photo on your resume or CV? You can learn more about the best tips and examples from the article. Moreover, when you need to make the headshot more professional, you can also choose the photo editor for your resume to polish the portrait profile as desired. Just read the article and get useful information accordingly.

Make A Good Photo for Your CV

Part 1: Do You Need to Add a Photo to Resume

Yes. Even you are hunting for jobs related to graphic design, architecture, fashion, and other related creative fields, and a headshot on your resume is also the first impression.

A picture of yourself can help to build trust and develop your personal brand. When the picture on a resume attracts the eyes of recruiters, you should be the right person for the job.

Part 2: 10 Best Tips and Examples about CV Photos

Tip 1: Professional Photo with Full Face

The photo on a resume should be more professional than the one on the social media account. It is the reason that you should not choose a pose as a selfie. It would make your resume look like a joke. Simply face the camera directly with a full face is the best choice.

Photo on Resume

Tip 2: Frame from the Chest up

When you are taking the resume photo, you should find the right distance to shoot from. Get a headshot from the chest up should be the best choice. Of course, you can take a portrait with high resolution and cut out the desired headshot for your resume.

Frame Portrait for CV

Tip 3: Solid Background Color

A solid background helps recruiters focus on your face and gives them a neat and comfortable feeling. By contrast, a cluttered background of the photo on your resume will make them less likely to read your resume carefully and will make you look disorganized.

Solid Background for Images on CV

Tip 4: High Resolution Headshot

High resolution is the foundation of a good photo on a CV. It is also a sign of confidence to let recruiters see your appearance clearly. Don’t be afraid to choose a high-resolution photo because of your appearance anxiety, please believe that you can get this ideal job.

High Resolution Photos

Tip 5: Choose Clean Hair Styles

Clean hair can make you look refreshed, confident and it shows your attitude towards the job. If you don’t want to comb your hair in a photo shoot, the recruiter might have a good reason to believe that you will react negatively to a job, so be diligent and choose a clean hairstyle that works for you.

Hair Style CV

Tip 6: Dress Professionally

The resume photo is an important part of an interview. You should not show up in your pajamas. The first impression you make is very important. Wearing formal attire will make you look like a reliable and serious person, which will greatly improve the interviewer's impression.

Formal Attire

Tip 7: Neutral Make-up without Jewelry

Do not worry too much about your makeup or accessories. What you need is only neutral makeup. A natural look will make you look genuine and authentic. Of course, you can try the different style to choose the best picture on resume or CV according to your requirement.

Neutral Make Up

Tip 8: Find the Natural Light

The right light source can brighten up your images for your face and make you look positive. What is the right light source? The sunshine of a sunny sky, or the tonal fluorescent lamp is frequently used for taking photos. Beforehand, you must face the light for taking the picture on your resume.

Nature Light Portrait

Tip 9: Ask Professions to Help

You may have already learned these tips, but you probably won't be able to do them yourself, so ask the professions around you for help and tell them what you need. With these tips, you can make a great resume photo without spending extra money on a studio.

Ask Profession

Tip 10: Faint Smile and Look Confident

In the photo for CV, your expression is also important, don't be too serious and don't smile too happy, a faint smile is the most suitable expression. At the same time, your eyes should be focused, don't be lax and confused, it will make you look decadent.

Faint Smile

Part 3: Best Photo Editor to Polish Headshot of Resume

Just as mentioned above, you should make the photos on your CV look genuine and authentic. WidsMob Portrait Pro is a professional photo editor for CV or resume. It has presets to customize the portrait images with a series of touch-up filters in one click. Moreover, you can also manually adjust the skin area, enhance the portrait, or have virtual makeup.

  1. Customize the resume or CV profile picture and headshot naturally.
  2. Enable to manage the skin, enhance the portrait, and have makeup.
  3. Make a preset to apply a series of touch-up filters within one click.
  4. Export the resume photos in different photo formats, sizes, and more.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed the photo editor for CV, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Selected Photos button to import the headshot into the program. It will detect the facial points for the resume with advanced AI technology.

Add CV Profile

Step 2: Choose the Preset menu to choose a suitable preset to apply a series of filters within one click, such as the Smoothing + Multiple Effects option. It will apply the authentic effects for the headshot. Moreover, you can choose the desired effects and save them as a new preset.

Choose Preset

Step 3: Go to the Edit menu, you can manage the skin area of the headshot, remove the blemish, deepen the smile, lift cheeks, enlarge eyes, enhance nose, whiten teeth, remove shine, remove eye circle, and apply more other effects according to your requirement.

Enhance Portrait CV

Step 4: When you need to have virtual makeup, you can also choose from the different templates from Blush, Eye Liners, Colored Contacts, Eye Lashes, Eye Shadow, and more others from the Makeup option. It also enables you to adjust the color and position.

Makeup Profile Resume

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the polished picture on your resume, you can click the Export button to customize the quality, size, format, name, and more other parameters. After that, you can use the headshot on your resume or CV as desired.

Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about Picture on Resume

1Where can I Get Some Templates for a Resume with a Picture?

To choose some templates for resumes with pictures, go to, freepik, and more other websites. Search for a CV template you need and upload the photos. Of course, you can customize one accord to your creativity and profession.

2Where Should You Add Photos to Your Resume or CV?

You can add a picture on your resume on the top third of your page. An upper right-hand corner is a common option. By offsetting it, you leave plenty of room in the main portion of the resume. Of course, you can search for other templates with a photo in the center of the resume.

3Is There any Country that CV Picture not Acceptable?

You need to figure out if it’s generally acceptable to include a resume photo in the country where you’re seeking work. If you need to hunt for a job in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, India, and Sweden, you should not add a headshot to the CV.


When you need to make an excellent headshot on a resume or CV, you can learn more about the best tips and examples from the article. If you need to touch up the profile picture on your resume, you can simply download WidsMob Portrait Pro as the photo editor for headshots to get an excellent resume.

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