Print Panoramic Photos

How to Print Panoramic Photos

Currently, panoramic photos are increasingly prevalent among photographers and amateurs. To catch up such trends, digital camera venders and smartphone brands have integrated such technology into their products. Now, we can take panoramic photos with professional cameras and smartphones easily. But when it comes to print panoramic photos, it is another story. People could print ordinary photos with home printers and most online photo printing services; however, only professional printing labs have the capacity to print panoramic photos. In this article, we will share the best ways to print panoramic photos on different platforms. And you can spend a few minutes to learn how to print panoramas easily.

Print Panoramic Photos

Print panoramic photos online

Home printer does not print panoramic photos; but several online printers provide panorama print services, like Ezprints, Nations Photo Lab and more. The workflows to print panoramas online are similar. And we use Ezprints as the example in this part. The essential elements include internet connection and an accessible computer.

1. Go to Ezprints in any browser and log in your account. In the home page, hover on the PANORAMAS & PRINT menu and choose Panoramas in the drop-down list.

2. Checkout the print sizes and their corresponding prices in the Panos Size Ranges & Pricing list on the right side.

3. Click on the CREATE PANORAMA button to go to panoramas uploading page. Tap on the Add Photos button on the upper left corner to upload panoramas from computer, social media or cloud services.

4. Customize the parameters available. You can choose a frame and adjust the Height of the panoramas. And then select a type of photographer paper in the drop-down list of Finish and decide how many copies to print in Quantity field.

5. If you want to print the panoramic photo with different sizes or paper, you can click on the add size button and drop another set of values. If you prepare to print multiple panoramic photos, you can tap on the Add Photos button and repeat the step 4.

6. When you are done, click on the Add to Cart button on upper right corner and press PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button on the right to pay for the order.

After your panoramic photo printed, Ezprints will ship it to the address you left in your account.


Print panoramas on iPhone

The built-in cameras on iPhone have the capacity to take panoramic photos, so does most Android handsets. So, some people are eager to learn how to print panoramic photos on smartphones. Actually, there are some photo printing apps provide the services to print panoramas, like Shutterfly.

1. Install Shutterfly on your iPhone from App Store for free.

2. Access Shutterfly and log in your account. If it is the first time to use this app, you need to create an account. Remember to drop an available address to receive the prints.

3. Press the Upload icon on the bottom and tap on the Upload Now button on the top to upload the panoramic photo from camera roll to Shutterfly album.

4. Locate to Photos screen and select the panoramic photo just uploaded and tap on the Create Product button on the bottom to continue.

5. When products screen open, you can select an appropriate medium and print size, like 10*24’’ Canvas Print.

6. In preview screen, tap on the Add to Cart button on the top and then press Checkout button to pay for the print.

When your panoramic photos are done, Shutterfly will ship the print to the address in your account.

Shutterfly App Screenshot

Make and print panoramas on PCs

Some home printers have the ability to print small size panoramas, like Canon Pixma Pro9500 Mark II, Epson Stylus Photo R2000, HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format e-All-in-One and more. These printers allow users to create print size and print panoramas with appropriate photographer paper. You can follow the steps below to create a panoramic photo and print it within WidsMob Panorama.

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1. Open Photo Stitcher on your computer and click on the Import button to load photos to create panoramas.

Panorama Interface

2. Photo Stitcher is compatible with most picture formats, including RAW files. Moreover, after loaded, this application will organize the photos automatically. If you want to select photos manually, you can uncheck the box of Auto-Select by Group.

Stitch Photo to Panorama

3. Then you can stitch the photos in different modes, including Horizontal, Vertical, 360O or Tile.

Create Panorama

4. If the result is not perfect, you can click on the Align Points button and Adjust Blend button to adjust it. Tap on the Apply button to confirm changes until you are satisfied with the result.

Adjust Point Panorama

5. Finally, tap on the Save button and decide a format and quality to store and print the panoramic photo.

Panorama Photo

The benefits to print panoramic photos at home are cheap and convenient. You can get the prints instantly.

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Based on the introductions above, there are at least three ways to print panoramic photos. If you have an advanced printer at home or workplace, you can purchase some pieces of photographer paper and print panoramic photos within WidsMob Panorama. This program simplifies the process to create a panoramic photo and print it, for Photo Stitcher has integrated a strong algorithm. Photo Stitcher could detect the photos and stitch them automatically. The manual adjustments are available to modify the outputs. Another benefit of Photo Stitcher is to print the panoramas directly.

Of course, you can choose to print panoramas with online photo printers, like Ezprints and Nations Photo Lab. They usually provide more customized print sizes and larger panoramas printing services. Some mobile apps also offer panoramas printing products. And you can take a panoramic photo and print on your smartphone.

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