Is It Possible to Print a Secured PDF – 4 Workable Methods You Should Know

Last Updated on May 8, 2022 by Tina Clark

Is it possible to print a secured PDF? Yes, of course. PDF is a widely used file format for storing both professional and personal documents. It is useful for a variety of document types since it keeps the layout of the content and prevents files from being altered without authority. It is the reason to protect the PDF files from printing with a password. What should you do when you confront password-protected PDF files? There are a sufficient number of ways for printing a protected PDF on Windows or Mac. If you're interested in learning how to print a protected PDF, you may continue reading this page and follow the instructions.

Print a Secured PDF

Part 1: How to Print a Secured PDF without a Passcode

It is not difficult to print a secured PDF with a passcode. Just enter it to unlock the PDF document. But is it possible to print the files when you forget the password? If the PDF documents contain sensitive information either about work or personal life, you give them passcodes but the consequence is you can’t print them easily.

Wondershare PDF Password Remover is the best choice when you need to print the password-protected PDF files. When the PDF file prevents you from copying, printing, or even editing the content. It allows you to edit, copy, and print any PDF for free, as it is capable of unlocking PDFs for printing if you forget the password.

1. Decrypt PDF files’ protections from printing, editing, and copying.

2. Provide a batch process to remove the password for printing easily.

3. Simple and easy-to-use process to remove passwords from PDF.

4. Unlock and print the secured PDF with or without a password.

Step 1: Once you have installed Wondershare PDF Password Remover, you can launch the program and click the Add Files button in the upper left-hand corner appears. You may upload or import secured PDF files with this button. The output destination folder may then be specified.

Add PDF for Decrypt Remover

Step 2: By pressing the Start button in the bottom right, the program enables you to remove copying, editing, and printing limitations. If you need to enter an opening password, you must first click the Lock icon and then input the password for print.

Unlock Secured PDF Remover

Step 3: If the PDF documents are secured just by permission passwords, you will not be prompted for a password. After removing the printing limitation from the PDF, you can either open it directly with PDFelement or with any other PDF reader to print secured PDF files.

Remove PDF for Printing

Part 2: 3 Methods to Print a Secured PDF Directly

Method 1: Print a Secured PDF Using Google Drive

It is another simple approach to printing a secured PDF is to utilize Google Drive, which you only need to have a free Google account and Internet connection. Google Drive includes a built-in PDF viewer, for which you can use to transmit PDF files to any of your printers without entering any credentials. Here is the detailed process you should know.

Step 1. To begin, you should navigate to Then, click the New option and click the File button upload to import a secured PDF file to the cloud service accordingly.

Step 2. Once your PDF has been uploaded, right-click on it and select the Preview button. This process opens your file in Google's integrated PDF viewer, which includes the ability to print protected PDF files.

Step 3. At the top of the preview screen, click the Print icon to print your encrypted PDF file. You will not be prompted for any passwords, so you can print a secured PDF directly with the selected printer.

Print Secured PDF in Google Drive

Method 2: Print a Secured PDF via Google Chrome

To print a password-protected PDF, erasing the PDF's password is the initial process. Once you enter this password and select an option, the password-protected PDF will be removed. The unprotected PDF now behaves and functions identically to other files on your computer. To utilize this approach, you will need to know the right password for your PDF.

Step 1. Launch the File Explorer and browse to the location of your PDF files. Right-click on the PDFs and select the Open with option followed by Google Chrome.

Step 2. When you open the PDF file, you can find a menu in the top-right corner. To print a secured PDF, click the icon for printing documents. It will submit the current PDF to a virtual print job.

Step 3. A dialog box will pop up, allowing you to choose the print options. After that, select the Save as PDF option from the Destination drop-down menu, and then click the Save option.

Step 4. Double-click the saved PDF file to reveal an unprotected version of the original encrypted PDF. You may now print the secured PDF file using the print feature in any of your PDF readers.

Print Secured PDF in Google Chrome

Method 3: Print a Secured PDF with Microsoft PDF Writer

Microsoft PDF Writer is another option for removing password security and printing password-protected PDF files. It is a pre-installed virtual printer on all Windows 10 to convert nearly any of your files to PDFs by simply printing them. This implies that you may use this virtual printer with any software on your computer that supports PDF.

Step 1. Right-click on your PDF file and you can choose the Open with option followed by Microsoft Edge. After that, you can find the PDF files in Microsoft Edge on your computer.

Step 2. Click the printer icon from the options that appear in the top toolbar. On your screen, a dialog box will appear, allowing you to set numerous choices for your PDF file.

Step 3. Select the Microsoft Print to PDF option from the Printer dropdown option to save an unprotected version of your PDF file. After that, click the Print option to print a secured PDF.

Step 4. When you turn the secured PDF into a common PDF. Double-click the newly generated PDF file, and then print it using the Ctrl + P command in any of your PDF readers.

Print Secured Microsoft PDF Writer

Part 3: How to Print a Secured PDF via Screenshot

Whether you want to take a screenshot of the encrypted PDF or remove the PDF password, PDFelement is the ultimate solution to print a secured PDF file. You can utilize the OCR capability to convert the secured PDF to editable text content directly. Moreover, you can also read, edit, annotate, create, and sign PDF documents.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1. After opening the encrypted PDF document in PDFelement, pick the Capture option from the Tool tab menu. Then, using the mouse, sketch the area you wish to capture and select the Save option.

Capture Screen from PDF PDFElement

Step 2. Drag the saved photo into the PDFelement window or use the Create PDF button to convert the captured photos to PDFs. Click the Perform OCR button in the top notification bar or choose the OCR menu item.

Create PDF from Photos PDFElement

Step 3. Select the Scan to editable text option and specify the language of the text. Following that, click the Apply button to begin scanning the file. After OCR is complete, a new editable PDF file is instantly opened.

Perform OCR PDF Printing PDFElement Win Download Mac Download


The article provides 4 possible methods on how to print password-secured PDFs. You can remove the password security and make a PDF printable like any other document. Of course, you can use Google Drive or Windows Edge to print the secured PDF files. If the above solutions do not work, PDFelement is a good alternative to capture the screenshots and perform OCR to print or edit the PDF files.