The Profile Photos Ideas to Make Your Profile Stand Out from the Rest

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How to choose the best profile pictures for your Instagram, or other social media accounts? What are the best ideas, examples, and themes to make your profile picture stand out from the rest? If you just registered an account for Instagram, Facebook, or others, here are some excellent tips you should know to make a perfect profile picture.

When you need to apply some cool, sexy, cute, and funny, you can learn more from the profile picture examples from the article. Moreover, you can also use the best avatar editor to edit and enhance the profile pictures. Just read the article and get the desired information now.

Best Profile Picture Ideas

Part 1: What Makes a Perfect Profile Picture

To make a positive impression, whether you need to use the profile pictures for online dating, or hunting jobs, you should determine the purpose for the social media account beforehand.

Once you have a theme for the account, you can choose your headshot as a profile picture, your team, a business logo, or simply an avatar to express the personality. Just follow a theme makes it easy for you to get an edge over others in your niche.

Which should be a suitable one? You have to associate the contents on the social media account, the colors of the pictures, and more others. If you have no idea about the best profile pictures, here are 4 different profile picture ideas with examples you can take for reference.

Profile Picture Ideas and Tips

Part 2: 4 Different Profile Picture Ideas

1. Cool Profile Pictures

What makes a cool profile picture for Instagram and other social media accounts? When you want to show off your personality, you need to line up the profile picture with your personal branding. Girls just need to have the most attractive hairstyle with a simple background. Of course, you can choose an OOTD picture with an amazing expression. It should always be a classic cool profile picture that stands out from the rest.

Cool Profile Picture Girls

If you do not think the headshot is enough for a cool profile picture, you can also use some stylish props or creativity to make your profile photos look cool. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the background. Search for some accounts of the designers, you can have some inspiration to make a special picture according to your contents.

Cool Profile Picture Boys

2. Cute Profile Picture

A must for a cute profile photo is a sweet smile. Don't be stingy with your smile that makes your account attractive. The accessories should be a plus when taking the profile pictures, such as a pink balloon, a lovely cat headset, and even a smart skirt. It is a good choice to learn from the cute style of clothing on the Internet. You can copy the style to make some cute profile photos and choose the desired one.

Cute Profile Picture Girls

Is it possible to have cute profile photos for boys? Of course, if you have innocent big eyes with a baby-face, a simple smile can be irresistible. You can also show a cute wink or choose a lovely LINE effect. Choose a suitable background, such as the carousel in the amusement park, the distinctive background allows you to create a lovely and cute profile photo without much effort.

Cute Profile Picture Boys

3. Hot Profile Picture

How about a hot profile picture? Of course, you should be familiar with the restrictions for the social media account. Wear a swimming cloth on the sunny beach should be a nice hot and sexy profile picture. When you want to take a picture as a profile, you can have some preparation beforehand, such as attractive makeup, a suitable hairstyle, and a distinctive pose.

Hot Profile Photo Girls

It is easy to have a hot profile picture if you have 6-pack abs. Different from the headshot, you have to take a half-length picture with sexy abs. Of course, a smart smile and an attractive face will get more audience. But the over naked and sexually suggestive postures might also ruin the niche or get some unwanted audiences.

Hot Profile Photo Boys

4. Other Profile Pictures

Besides the above profile pictures, you can also choose an OOTD photo as a profile picture, especially for fashion theme contents. Select artwork for the designers. Of course, an attractive black and white photo for a photographer. Whatever you have chosen, you should make sure the profile picture fits your theme and contents within the social media account.

When you need to find more profile picture ideas, you can also search for the hottest account on Instagram or other social media account. Copy the styles and examples are easy ways to make a satisfactory profile. You can have some personalized filters to make it special for your audience.

Part 3: How to Enhance a Profile Picture

What is the most important for a profile picture, especially for a headshot? Appearance is power. When you have a good-looking face, you can always have more audiences than others. How to enhance a profile picture? When you need to slim the face, have virtual makeup, deepen a smile, or have a larger eye, WidsMob Portrait Pro is a versatile AI-based profile photo editor to manage the skin area, enhance portrait, and have virtual makeup. Moreover, you can also apply a series of filters with a simple click, especially when you need to enhance the same portrait for different contents.

  1. Detect and optimize all facial points of a portrait with advanced technology.
  2. Apply a combination of filters as a preset for all photos within one click.
  3. Manage the skin, enhance the portrait, and even have virtual makeup.
  4. Save the photos to different photo sizes and formats for different profiles.
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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Portrait Pro, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Select Photos button to import the profile photos. You can also click the Select Folder button to add the photos from a folder.

Import Profile Picture

Step 2: You can turn on the Before/After mode to view the effects, or even zoom in the check the details. Go to the Preset menu, you can apply the default filters or the customized one within one click. For more detailed editing, you can click the Editmenu instead.

Enhance Profile Picture

Step 3: In the Edit menu, you can manage the skin area, deepen the smile, and remove wrinkles. It has a whole series of editing features to polish the profile pictures. Moreover, you can choose the Makeup section to have virtual makeup with blush, lipstick, and others.

Makeup Profile Picture

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the makeup, you can click the Save as Preset to apply for more other portraits with a new name. Click the Export button to save the profile picture with the desired photo size, photo formats, and more other settings.

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Part 4: FAQs about Profile Picture Ideas

1How to Find the Suitable Profile Picture?

You should try more styles and have a comparison. It is easy to choose the desired one after this. Ask your friends and family members around you which style of profile picture is best for you and take the opinions appropriately. You can follow your heart and choose the cool profile picture accordingly.

2Should I Use My Selfie as a Profile Picture?

In depends. When you need to have a formal profile picture, such as the one for LinkedIn, the selfie is not a recommended profile picture idea. But if you just need to have an evergreen profile for Instagram or Facebook, it can still be a choice.

3Where Can I Get Some Examples for Profile Pictures?

If you need to copy some profile pictures or have some inspiration for the profile picture ideas, you can go to Pinterest to search for the related themes. Go to the desired social account and look for the hottest account is another method to make a profile photo.


To sum up, if you want a cool, cute or sexy profile photo, you should follow the steps above. Just as mentioned above, appearance is power. You still have to enhance the portrait with professional avatar editors. If you have any query, you can feel free to leave a comment.

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