Top 7 Raw Converters to View and Convert RAW Files from DSLR Cameras

Last Updated on August 1, 2023 by Peter Wood

When you shoot photos in RAW format, you can preserve more details of the picture. The RAW file captures all image data recorded by the sensor. But if you have to upload stunning photos into a website, or social media website, RAW converter is your right choice.

There are different types of RAW files, such as CR2 of Canon, RW2 of Panasonic, DNG of Photoshop, and more. Is there a versatile RAW Converter to turn most of the RAW formats into JPG? Just find the 7 RAW converters to view and convert different RAW files from DSLR cameras.

Best Raw Converters Review

Part 1: Best RAW Converter to Transform RAW Files in Batch

WidsMob ImageConvert is the best RAW converter with advanced features. It not only works with RAW files/DNG/PSD/HIF but is also compatible with animated WebP/AVIF/GIF. Besides the advanced features to convert RAW to different file formats, you can also edit photos with multiple actions. Moreover, you can custom and apply presets to apply editing features in one click only. It has an advanced feature to enhance the photos up to 4X larger size with the original quality.

1. Convert NEF, HIF, CRW, CR2, DNG, PSD, ARW, DCR, ORF, NEF, NRW, and most RAW formats.

2. Save RAW files to JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, WebP, AVIF, PDF, and others in original quality.

3. Provide multiple editing features, resize, rename, rotate, add a border, apply watermarks, etc.

4. Instant preview for photo effects, watermark in text and image, and other image effects.

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How to convert RAW into JPG on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob ImageConvert, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Import button or drag the RAW photos you want to convert. Besides the multiple RAW file formats from different camcorders. It enables you to convert multiple photos in a batch process and even presets.

Import NEF RAW ImageConvert

Step 2: Double-click any RAW file, there are multiple editing features you can choose before the RAW conversion. It enables you to resize photos with 4 different methods, rotate/flip images, add watermarks, apply frames, and more. Moreover, you can also click the + button to save the series of actions as a preset.

Edit NEF before Conversion ImageConvert

Step 3: When you need to upscale the image, you can click the AI Super Resolution icon in the upper-left corner. After that, you can choose the 4X option from the Scale Mode, which will enhance the photo to 4X the original file size without losing quality. Click the Save button to upscale the photo quality accordingly.

Upscale Photos ImageConvert

Step 4: To convert RAW into JPG and another file format. Click the Batch Convert button to select the destination folder, choose the desired file format, including the latest WebP and AVIF, and tweak the output quality. After that, you can click the Convert button to save the RAW files to the desired file format.

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Part 2: Top 3 RAW Converters on Windows/Mac

1. Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is a friendly-use RAW converter, which is famous for its exceptional handling of color. Thanks to its custom camera profiling, this RAW converter software lets every RAW image shines- straight from the camera. Also, the latest version offers a high-performance engine for browsing and zooming RAW files.

Besides, the RAW converter provides an intuitive Color Balance Tool, which allows you effortless modify your RAW image. Meanwhile, the Black & White tool helps you to make a visually powerful RAW image. Capture One Pro comes with a flexible design. And you can create your workspace and find your way of working in Capture One Pro.

Capture One Pro

2. DxO Optics Pro 10

DxO Optics Pro 10 is an intelligent RAW converter to view, convert and edit RAW image files. This RAW converter adapts specifically to your camera to extract an optimal performance, giving you complete freedom to adjust the RAW conversion settings.

As a professional RAW converter application, it keeps every detail. DxO Optics Pro 10 includes PRIME noise reduction technology that ensures you restore details while eliminating the colored noise.

Moreover, you can even make HRD photo effects in this RAW converter app. It does well with overexposure. And automatically recover details of RAW files in low light and shadows.

DxO Optics Pro 10

3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC is a brilliant RAW converter, which lets you import and enhance RAW images of various cameras. It can process and make your RAW files looking good, and capture, edit, and share Adobe RAW DNG photos on your iOS and Android devices through Adobe Lightroom mobile.

In consideration of many photographers may perhaps import a large number of RAW images, Lightroom lets you start working on photos before the import complete. Additionally, if you think working on large images is slow, you have the option to edit using the smaller footprint Smart Previews.

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Part 3: 3 Best RAW Converters Online

1. Zamzar

Zamzar is a free online RAW converter. You can convert RAW files online rather than download a RAW converter. It supports conversion between wide ranges of different file formats. Further, it also aids in converting your songs, videos, and documents into formats.

The RAW converter allows you to convert RAW files within four simple steps. All you need to do is selecting RAW image files and choosing a specific format you want to convert. Once done, the converted file will send to the email address you entered before.


2. Online Converter

Online Converter is another versatile RAW converter, which supports 21 RAW formats, including CRW, CR2, NEF, NRW, ARW, SRF, SR2, PEF, PTX, RAF, DCS, DCR, K25, KDC, RAW, RW2, RWL, DNG, SRW and X3F files.

It should be easy to convert RAW to photo formats with the online RAW converter. What is more, you can only enter the URL of the RAW to convert the file.

But when your RAW files are large, it would be hard. It is hard to upload the RAW photo online. The encrypted RAW files are not supported.

Online Converter


RAW.PICS.IO is a professional online RAW converter. It is an in-browser RAW files viewer and converter, which supports PDF, DNG, CR2, NEF, ARW, ORF, PEF, RAW, CRW, RAF formats from Canon, and other DSLR cameras. It also allows you to resize and edit your JPG files after conversion. Instead of uploading images with large sizes, you can all manipulations right in your browser, which is secure.

Just as mentioned, the RAW converter only supported limited RAW formats. The function might not work fast if you have to convert a RAW file into a batch process.

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RAW image files have the highest quality with post-processing. It is tricky to browse these RAW directly by most photo editors or viewers. Hence, to process RAW file formats, a functional RAW converter is essential for every photographer. WidsMob ImageConvert is a versatile method that enables you to convert RAW files in a batch process with presets.