Raw Photo Editor – 15 Best Photo Editors for Canon/Nikon DSLR Cameras on Different Platforms

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To preserve the details for the captured images, you should take a shot with the RAW format. What should be the best RAW photo editors to touch up photos? Can you edit the RAW files online? Is there free RAW photo editing software to retouch the pictures?

It is the ultimate review of the RAW photo editors. Whether you need to edit the photos online or even on a computer, you can learn more about the features of these RAW photo editors. Choose the desired one according to your requirement now.

Best Raw Photo Editor

Part 1: Top 8 RAW Photo Editors for Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

To edit the RAW photos from DSLR cameras, you can consider RAW photo editors on Windows and Mac. Just check out the paid version as well as the free ones as below.

Top 1: WidsMob Portrait Pro

WidsMob Portrait Pro is always the best RAW photo editor for portrait images. It not only supports the basic portrait enhancements but also includes skin management and portrait make up features.

1. Apply and custom the portrait retouch presets to edit photo in batch.

2. Take control over the skin touchup area, tone color, and enhance.

3. Enhance the portraits for shine, smile, cheek, eye, nose, and more.

4. Natural makeup for blush, lipstick, contacts, and eye color/line/shadow.

WidsMob Portrait Pro Win Download Mac Download

Top 2: WidsMob Retoucher

When you need to apply some special filters for RAW photos, WidsMob Retoucher is the RAW photo editor which can remove noise, enhance the quality, apply analog film effects, add LOMO effects, and more.

1. Remove the noise, fix the JPEG artifacts and other photo imperfections.

2. Adjust and tweak the color parameters, contrast, saturation, tint, and more.

3. Apply the LOMO effects, color opacity, vignette, fisheye, and others.

4. Add analog film effects, contrast, film grain, and other stunning effects.

Adjustment Retoucher Win Download Mac Download

Top 3: Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC is one of the most creative RAW photo editors, which enables you to manage and edit the photos with multiple layers, correct the lens profile, and even use the Creative cloud package with ease.

1. Multitude of the photo correction and manipulation tools to touch up photos.

2. Rich set of drawing and typography tools, filters, effects, and 3D modeling.

3. Face aware liquify to detect, touch up and manipulate the portrait with ease.

4. Support Canon, Nikon, Kodak, and other RAW files from DSLR cameras.

Portrait Photoshop

Top 4: DxO PhotoLab

DxO PhotoLab is a professional RAW photo editor, photo browser and RAW processor. It supports both PhotoLab and Nik Collection that enables you touch up the photos as a profession.

1. Unparalleled optical correction that matches your camera and lens easily.

2. Essential automatic settings and DxO lighting features.

3. Selective edits and intuitive controls directly on the RAW files.

4. Apply Nik collections with more than 40 brand-new creative presets.

DxO PhotoLab

Top 5: CyberLink PhotoDirector

When you need to edit the photos from a DSLR camera, cloud service, and computer, CyberLink PhotoDirector is a suitable RAW photo editor if you are shooting in a studio or creating a stop motion animation.

1. Advanced layer editing features to create layer groups, clipping masks, etc.

2. New AI style transfer tools to recreate the style of a particular drawing.

3. Provide a selection of skin smoothing and body shaping tools.

4. Edit and manage the photos within the copy of the RAW files.

CyberLink PhotoDirector

Top 6: GIMP

GIMP is a free RAW photo editor and converter with editing features, like selection, cropping, brush, filters, and more. You can extend the functions with many plugins.

1. Touch up images with cropping, noise reduction, color adjustment, etc.

2. Provide layer management, brushes, filters, and enhancement tools.

3. Extend the functionalities with 3rd party plugin within an easy process.

4. Support most of the photo formats, including Canon and Nikon cameras.

GIMP Photo Editor

Top 7: RAWTherapee

Just as the name of the RAW photo editor, RAWTherapee enables you to remain the original RAW files, and all the changes are applied until you export the RAW photo you are editing and enhancing.

1. Tweak the white balance, exposure compensation, lightness, contrast, etc.

2. Processing profile to apply tool settings to the associated photo in one click.

3. Multiple threaded algorithms for high performance or even batch process.

4. Controls over the algorithms with fine-tuning parameters and curves.


Top 8: PhotoScape

As another free RAW photo editor, PhotoScape includes image-viewing algorithms, a batch-editing process, an in-built screen capture tool, and dozens of filters and effects to enhance the photos with ease.

1. Provide a series of photo editing tools to edit and enhance photos.

2. Combine and stitch photos together as a panorama or a photo collage.

3. Apply multiple filters instantly to get satisfying photos within one click.

4. Compatible with the RAW images and even work with the GIF files.


Top 9: Photivo

Photivo is another free and open-source RAW photo editor, which you can handle RAW files and the bitmap files in a non-destructive 16-bit processing pipe with GIMP workflow integration and batch mode.

1. Reduce noise, sharp and local contrast, or even fake-HDR within clicks.

2. Provide a workflow together with digiKam/F-spot, Shotwell, and GIMP.

3. Black/white conversion, work/preview colorspace, vignetting, and more.

4. Keyword search functions that enable you to locate a feature.


Top 10: digiKam

DigiKam is a free RAW photo editor available on Windows and Linux. It enables you to edit the RAW photos with color correction, enhancement, transformation, adding effects, adding text to images, and more.

1. Organize the photos with different viewing modes, assigning tags, and more.

2. Facial recognition enables you to make a tag and further edit the file.

3. Apply color balance, saturation, red-eye removal, levels, and others.

4. Export the photos to a local computer or share them on social media sites.


Part 2: 2 Best RAW Photo Editors Online

If you do not want to download some extra RAW processors to edit the photos, the online RAW photo editor can be a good choice, which you can view, edit, enhance, and export photos with high quality.

Top 11: Polarr

Polarr is one of the most popular photo editors for different platforms with features. The free RAW photo editor is also a light-weighted photo editor with only 15MB as the Chrome plugin.

1. Face detection and advanced face-editing features to software selfies.

2. Import multiple photos for editing or export edited photos in batch.

3. Integrate over 100 high-quality filters for creating special photo effects.

4. Provide custom options to tweak and create your filters with ease.


Top 12: Fotor

As the online RAW photo editor, Fotor supports the most popular RAW files from different DSLR cameras. Besides the basic editing features, you can also design logos and create photo collages with ease.

1. Upload photos from computer, Fotor account, and social media sites.

2. Provide the basic photo editing features, like crop, resize, rotate, flip, etc.

3. Basic portrait touch-up features to soften selfies or faces in your photos.

4. Create photo collages with your pictures using custom layouts.

Fotor B/W

Top 13: Picditor Photo Editor

Picditor Photo Editor is another free online RAW photo editor that edits photos without download an extra program. But the basic photo editing features are only suitable for amateurs or newbies only.

1. Adjust contrast, brightness, exposure, and other parameters in clicks.

2. Enhance photos to fix red eyes, noises, fuzzy colors, and unbalanced colors.

3. Special photo effects are good choices to create personalized pictures.

4. Layer management to edit and enhance pictures with ease.

Picditor Photo Editor

Top 14: Ribbet Photo Editor

If you have many RAW files online, you can take advantage of Ribbet Photo Editor to open and edit the photos at any time you want. The online RAW photo editor has a concise interface that is easy to navigate.

1. Provide Cloud storage to back up the pictures and every editing step.

2. Edit photos with frames, textures, filters, and effects with ease.

3. Touch-up features to edit the photos, resize, crop, and auto-fix.

4. Create a photo collage with a large number of templates and layouts.

Ribbet Photo Editor Interface

Top 15: piZap Photo Editor

piZap Photo Editor is another popular RAW photo editor that enables you to edit the RAW photos from your computer and the Facebook album. But you should find the limited editing features for the online tool.

1. Provide many stickers, frames, and elements to decorate your pictures.

2. Tweak and integrate extensive fonts with different sizes, colors, and styles.

3. Apply dozens of fun filters and effects for creating unique photos.

4. Design your emoji and photo collages with the online photo editor.

PiZap Photo Editor


The article shares the best RAW photo editors available for Windows, Mac, and online. To further adjust a picture with excellent quality, you should use the photos in RAW format. All that you need is a professional RAW photo editor that helps you out within clicks. Just choose the desired one from the article, and then download it to learn more details.

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