Refine Your Profile Picture for Facebook – Here is the Step-by-Step Guide

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Refine your Facebook profile picture not only updates your latest status, but also attractive more audiences. As one of the most popular social media sites, when you need to get more traffic from Facebook, you have to post more related contents and refine Facebook profiles.

What are the special requirements for the Facebook profile pictures? How to take photos for Facebook profile, or retouch the Facebook headshot? Just learn more details from the ultimate guide from the article.

Profile Picture for Facebook

Part 1: What is the Image Size of Facebook Profile

Generally speaking, the image size of Facebook profile picture is 400 x 400p with 1:1 aspect ratio. In addition to profile pictures, there are several cover photos on Facebook. Here are the sizes for Facebook photos.

Facebook event cover photo: 1920 x 1005p

Facebook profile cover photo: 1125 x 633p

Facebook group cover photo: 1640 x 956p

Facebook business page cover photo: 1200 x 674p

Moreover, the image size of Facebook profile is different on desktop and smartphone.

170 x 170 pixels on desktops devices

128 x 128 pixels on smartphones

Facebook accept both PNG and JPG as the profile picture. But use a PNG if you are uploading a logo.

You’d better crop your picture before using as Facebook profile. Otherwise, it will be distorted or stretched.

Part 2: How to Take a Great Facebook Profile Picture

Here are seven steps and tips about taking a great Facebook profile picture by your own.

Use a good camera. It is the first stage to take Facebook profile pictures. You can use both digital camera and smartphone, but it must have great lens. You also need a tripod to take profile photos without shaking. Moreover, you’d better ask your friends to take the photos for you. The selfies usually does not look great.

Show Hobbies Profile

Background and light. If your camera or smartphone does not offer flash, you will need natural light. The background should keep consistency with the tune.

Choose Bright Photos

Dress and clothes. In addition to make up, you also need the proper dress for Facebook profile picture. When possible, avoid busy prints as they will detract from your face in the photograph.

Taken Face Profile

Find the angle. Someone prefer to take Facebook profile photos by facing the camera straight, others believe certain angle is better. You can show your best angle in the profile.

Choose Face Portrait

Smile is always right. No one will refuse a face with smile. But you need to learn your appearance in mirror before shooting. Moreover, you must be confident while smile.

Smile Profile

Select a pose. It is silly to stand straight in profile picture for Facebook. A good pose is also important since it helps you stand out and display personality. If you want to use an interesting pose, make sure it looks comfortable and not offensive.

Photo Frame for Tinder

Follow Facebook profile rules. Now, social media has become a place to display almost anything. But your profile should not include violence, offensive, illegal content, drugs, sexually explicit content or ads. Otherwise, it may be reported and removed.

Choose Right Format

Part 3: How to Retouch Head Photo for Facebook Profile

How to refine the headshot for Facebook profile picture and make it looks awesome? Whether you need to enhance the portrait, or have virtual makeup, WidsMob Portrait Pro is a versatile avatar editor to polish the headshot for Facebook. You can also customize a series of portrait editing features and save them as a preset, which you can apply it within one click. Moreover, it enables you to tweak the photo format, resolution, and more other parameters.

  1. Recognize headshot for Facebook profile pictures using AI technology.
  2. Batch process to enhance the portrait and have virtual make up easily.
  3. Retouch face and make your smile natural and confidence for Facebook.
  4. Customize presets with skin management, portrait enhance and makeup.
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How to Retouch Facebook Profile Picture

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Portrait Pro after you install the program on your computer. Then click the Select Photos button or the Select Folder button to add the Facebook profile pictures. It will detect the facial points for the portrait images automatically.

Import Portrait Ins Profile

Step 2: Go to the Preset tab on the right column and pick the proper preset for your photo to apply filters within one click, such as Smoothing + Remove Shine. All the parameters in the preset are adjustable and you can change them to retouch your pictures further.

Choose Ins Preset

Step 3: When you need to further refine Facebook profile pictures, go to the Edit tab to manage the skin area, enhance the portrait, or even have virtual makeup. It provides different templates, colors, positions, and more other parameters that you can retouch within clicks.

Makeup Ins Headshot

Step 4: Once you have enhanced the profile picture for Facebook, you can click the Export button to customize the photo size, photo format, photo quality, and others. After that, you can click the Start button to save the profile to your computer.

Export Ins Profile Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about How to Refine Facebook Profile

This is the title

1Is It Possible to Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Yes. You cannot find the method directly with Facebook. But you can open in Chrome or Firefox on your desktop. Go to the Facebook profile to choose the View Page Source option. Type Ctrl + F and enter the Initialchatfriendslist code to check the Facebook IDs that has viewed your profile.

2How to Share Facebook Profile Pictures with Friends Only?

When you need to share the refined Facebook profile pictures with friends only, you can go to the profile and tap the three dots icon next to the +Add Story. Then tap on the Lock Profile option and confirm the action by tapping on the Lock Your Profile icon.

3Can You Share Business Information for Facebook Profile?

No. Your Facebook Profile is for personal use only and shouldn’t be used for business in any manner. But you should always update and refine the Facebook Profile to get more traffic and attractive more audiences from Facebook accordingly.


You should understand the basic knowledge about Facebook profile pictures. First of all, you should know the image size of Facebook profile for different photos as well as the best photo format to use for Facebook. If you have followed the steps above and take a profile picture, WidsMob Portrait Pro can help you to refine Facebook profile pictures without losing any quality.

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