Ribbet Photo Editor Reviews and Its Best Alternatives You Should Know

Last Updated on March 9, 2022 by Peter Wood

What can you do with the Ribbet photo editor? To edit the photos easily for Ribbet, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites, it is one of the best all-in-one photo editors and collage makers with beautiful filters, seasonal effects, touch-ups, stickers, and fonts.

When you need to install the Ribbet photo editor as the Chrome plugin or upgrade to the Premium features, is it worthwhile software? You should learn more about the overview of the software. Moreover, you can also learn more about the best alternative to the photo editor from the article.

Ribbet Photo Editor

Part 1: Ribbet Photo Editor Overview

Ribbet photo editor is a simple photo editor with 2 major parts, Photo Editor and Collage Maker. Multiple editing features enable you to edit photos, add texts/stickers/frames, apply effects, add overlays, touch up portraits, use seasonal elements, and more. As for the collage maker, there are 4 different options, grid collage, shape collage, blank canvas, and fancy card. Just learn more about the special features of the Ribbet photo editor as below.

  1. Free cloud service that enables you to upload photos, icons, and other elements.
  2. Unlimited editing history to re-open the saved edits, rearrange all elements and change text, color, etc.
  3. Basic editing features to auto-fix, crop, rotate, exposure, color, sharpen and resize the photos.
  4. Portrait touch-up features to move wrinkles, fix a blemish, add eye color, eye shadow, and eyeliner.
  5. More than 50 unique layouts to import files directly from Facebook, Google, and other social media sites.

It seems that the Ribbet photo editor is a versatile photo editor without limitation. But you can only access limited features with the free account, you can subscribe to the Premium service to take full advantage of the photo editor. There is another major restriction that you can only upload photos with a limited size.

Ribbet Photo Editor Interface

Part 2: How to Use Ribbet Photo Editor

Different from the other photo editors, you can only apply a filter to the photo instead of combining several filters with the Ribbet photo editor. As for the case, it is a simple process to apply effects or create a photo collage. Just learn more about the process as below.

How to Edit a Photo with Ribbet Photo Editor

Step 1: Click the blue UPLOAD PHOTO button to upload the photos from the computer, or click the social media icon under the IMPORT PHOTOS option to import photos from social media sites, URLs, or even webcam.

Step 2: Select the feature you want to apply, such as the Basic, Effects, Overlays, Touch Up, Text, Stickers, Frames, and Seasonal. Then choose the effect according to your requirement.

Step 3: Further adjust the details to get a satisfactory result. Click the SAVE button to save the photo to your computer, or click the SHARE button to share it with social media sites.

Ribbet Photo Editor Edit Photos

How to Design a Collage with Ribbet Photo Editor

Step 1: Just take the Grid Collage as an example, you can choose the grid type from the left menu, which has 4 different types, like Basic, Grid, Big Photo, and even Jigsaw.

Step 2: Click the UPLOAD button to upload the photos for the collage. Then adjust the position and other parameters to get a satisfactory result for each image. Click the DONE button to finish the work.

Step 3: After that, you can also get access to the editing features to further edit the collage before saving it to your computer, or even share it to social media website within Reddit Photo Editor.


Ribbet Photo Editor Collage Maker

Part 3: Best Alternative to Ribbet Photo Editor

What is the best alternative to Ribbet Photo Editor? If you are not satisfied with the size limitation, process time, and crash issues, you can learn more about the two best Ribbet Photo Editor alternatives as below.

WidsMob Portrait Pro

Different from the basic portrait enhancement features of Ribbet Photo Editor, WidsMob Portrait Pro is a professional portrait retoucher to manage the skin, enhance portraits and even have professional virtual makeup.

  1. Customize and apply portrait touchup templates with a batch process.
  2. Skin management to control the skin area, apply tone color, smooth, etc.
  3. Portrait enhancements to whiten teeth, slim face, lift cheek, and more.
  4. Have professional virtual makeup for blush, lipstick, contrast, and eye.
Win Download Mac Download WidsMob Portrait Pro

WidsMob Retoucher

To apply a stunning photo filter or effect, WidsMob Retoucher is the best Ribbet Photo Editor alternative to edit the photos, enhance photos, and apply the special effect with instant preview in one click.

  1. Reduce the chrominance noise, luminance noise and adjust the sharpness.
  2. Adjust the colors with saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature, tint, etc.
  3. Add LOMO effects, such as color filter, color opacity, vignette, and fisheye.
  4. Analog film effects with dozens of camera profiles, grain, and color mode.
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Is Ribbet Photo Editor worthwhile software? If you have already downloaded the program, you can just have another try. When you need to upgrade to the Premium service, you can also try some alternatives, such as WidsMob Retoucher or WidsMob Portrait Pro into consideration.

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