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The 7 Best Ways to Share Photos with Family and Friends

Compared to text, the photograph is a better way to share our life and personality to friends and families. Photo share could provide more information with visual signal. And sometimes photo share could deliver the words that are not suitable to speak directly. Therefore, this article will introduce some useful photo sharing methods on smartphones.

Share Photos

Part 1: How to Share Photos on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks around the world. And it is also a powerful platform of photo sharing.

1. Before photo sharing, you have to download Facebook App on your smartphone and register a Facebook account with your email address. Facebook will connect your friends with the address book of your email.

2. Log into your Facebook account and click the Photo. It will take you to the photo gallery on your phone.

3. Select the photo or photos and click Done to continue.

4. Facebook allow users to edit captions for the photo sharing and tag friends.

5. We can also change the privacy setting via the Friends option under Update Status to photo share with friends or publicly.

6. After settings, click Post to finish photo sharing.

Share Photos with Facebook

Part 2: How to Disseminate Photos on Instagram

Instagram is a special photo sharing application. It offers a simple way to capture and share every moment with others.

1. Install the Instagram app on your smartphone and create an account, if you do not have one before. And follow your friends and others through name or username searching.

2. The blue button in the middle of the bottom menu allows users to take a new photo or select the photos on your phone. If you want to take a new photo, click the large blue circle with a white outline; if you want to photo share on your phone, slide the white square to the left of the blue circle.

3. Instagram also provides some edit features, like filtering the photo, resize the photo, or changing colors and contrast. When you finish editing, click Next to continue.

4. You can type in a caption for the photo with the option of Write a caption…, and tag friends with Tag People.

5. If the Instagram account has been linked with other social networks, you can also photo share to multiple platforms at one time.

6. And the Add to Photo Map option could show the location of the photo.

7. The privacy setting is on the top of the app, you can decide to photo share with all the followers via Followers, or specific persons with Direct.

8. Finally, click Share button to post the photos.

Post from Gallery on Instagram

Part 3: How to Tweet Photos on Twitter

Many people like to interact with friends and followers on Twitter. That makes it a popular way to photo sharing, as well.

1. Before photo sharing, download the Twitter app on your phone.

2. Open it and sign in your account.

3. Click the small box on the top right corner. Then the camera gallery will show up automatically.

4. Select the photo you want to share. If you want to identify the geographical information, click the button that shapes as the teardrop.

5. Enter some words in your tweet and click Tweet.

6. Then your photo has been shared. And all the followers could see it.

Share Photos with Twitter

How to Share Photos through Flickr

Not only social networks but also some photo savers provide photo-sharing features. Flickr, for example, is a powerful cloud service. And it is also a good way to photo share.

1. Download the Flickr app on your smartphone from App Store or Play Store.

2. Launch Flickr and log in your account. Before photo sharing, it is necessary to upload photos from our smartphone to Flickr.

3. There is an icon that looks like a camera on the top of the main screen. It allows you to take a new photo or select a photo on your phone.

4. Flickr also provides some simple editing features. After editing, click Next to continue.

5. You can name your photo and set its privacy before photo sharing.

6. The most convenient feature of Flickr is to share the photo on multiple platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

7. After settings, click Post on the top right corner to finish photo sharing.

Share Photos with Flickr

Part 5. How to Post Photos to Online Photo Editor

Then it is time to introduce online photo editors, such as Fotor, Canva, PicMonkey, BeFunky and etc. you are able to do most tasks, to add cute borders, resize, adjust contrast, add stickers and do most tasks online and in free way too. I will list BeFunky as example, with photo editor, collage maker and designer equipped. You can adjust most photo effects, and other easy to use options to use, and the interface is well designed too. For most photos editing process, they are usually crop, exposure, saturation and sharpen, which are also every photographer should do.

After you enter the online photo editor page, you will see the whole black-based interface. With filters, skin, effect, artsy, frames, graphics, overlay and texts, you can process the photo upload online in free and convenient way, with so many filters and photo effects to apply. Moreover, when you upload pictures with people in, there are specific skin smooth, wrinkles remove, blush, clone and many other effects, to make up your face effectively.

1-TAP ENHANCE on Fotor

Part 6. How to Upload Pictures to Google Drive

As Google Drive is the largest platform for users to upload and store pictures. You are able to backup documents, audios, videos and other files to the cloud storage as well. As images are the most place-taken part among your daily files processes. There are two main ways for you to upload images to Google Drive actually. By the Google Drive application, or to deal with photo upload through Google Drive webpages. For people who desire to upload images to Google Drive online, you can enter its webpage, and open or create a folder to contain pictures first. Later, just drag them into your folder to sync to Google Drive in easy way.

How to backup photo upload files to Google drive on desktop? After you have installed the Google Drive application on your Mac or PC computer, you will see the new folder names Google Drive on your computer. Drag images into and then you can find uploaded pictures on immediately.

Google Drive Android

Part 7. Best Photo Share Program for PC/Mac

When you need to share photos on Mac, WidsMob Viewer should be the best Photo Share Program for you. WidsMob Viewer can browse thousands of photos in a fast and smart way. And you can share the favorite photos to social media, email and multiple of other methods from the program directly.

1. Super fast photo viewing experience.

2. Share photos to social media with friends in public.

3. Send photos to others via Airdrop, email or Photos.

4. Custom the photo share methods of your computer.

5. Add favorite photos and create slideshows.

Download for Mac Version

Except for the above features, you can also find the batch processing function to convert photos. When you want to share a large number of photos, the program can resize the right sizes and solutions for you accordingly. What is more important, once you add the social media account in your Mac operation system, you can directly share them to anywhere you want with ease.

Share Photo Viewer


Base on the introduction above, you can find out that photo share is not a difficult task with the right tools. And all these ways have some special features. Facebook is the most popular social media all over the world, and almost every Internet user has a Facebook account. That means you can make photo sharing with more friends. Instagram is a professional photo-sharing platform, so it could provide more editing features to make your photos special. And it is one of the most famous platforms among young people. And it is especially useful when we capture the moments and share them. Twitter is also a photo sharing way, and we can type in more words with photo sharing and deliver a clearer idea. Flickr is a strong tool to save and photo sharer. After uploading the photos from our phone to Flickr, we can share them anytime later. Not to mention that Flickr allows us to share photos on multiple social platforms. When photo share, you can choose any one above and follow the steps in this article.