Snapfish Photo Books Review in 2024

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If you are looking for easy ways to personalize photo books, you should not miss Snapfish. Being the user-friendly photo bookmaker, you can design Snapfish photo books on a computer, iOS devices, and Android. Snapfish offers many guide videos about creating photo books step by step, though it has been easy enough for amateurs to custom Snapfish photo books.

Snapfish Photo Books Review

Part 1. Snapfish Photo Book Features

Snapfish has a user-friendly interface with which people can get information quickly. You can create canvas prints, décor, photo gifts, cards, calendars, and Snapfish photo books on the online photo book editor. Snapfish provides simple processes to create Snapfish photo books. You can get a custom Snapfish photo book.

1. Snapfish offers more than 120 templates with various themes for users to customize Snapfish photo books, as well as backgrounds.

2. You can choose 5 types of Snapfish photo book sizes, 4 Snapfish photo book types, and 6 Snapfish photo book covers.

3. Snapfish provides premium photo books with silky lay-flat pages in high-quality Snapfish photo book paper.

4. You can upload images from your own devices, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr as Snapfish photo book sources. After that, you can manage photos or albums in My Photos.

5. You can add texts, select embellishments, edit backgrounds, and other easy-to-use tools to personalize your unique Snapfish photo books.

6. If you have not made photo books before, do not worry about that. Snapfish offers many guide videos of creating Snapfish photo books step by step.

7. You can sell your own Snapfish photo books at worldwide online stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart.

Snapfish Screenshot

Though the selectable choices may not be as much as the Shutterfly photo book, you can still have a fun experience with Snapfish photo books by the easy operation of dragging and dropping.

Part 2. Snapfish Photo Book Coupon and Price

Snapfish states many Snapfish photo books discounts not only on festivals but also among daily life. You can browse the Snapfish photo book types directly to check whether the sales are considerable. Or you can click Deals on the top right corner to get a whole list of Snapfish photo books coupons. The discounts vary from 40% off to 71% off during Christmas. Thus it is cheap and sweet to design Christmas Snapfish photo books for friends and families. Just type Snapfish photo book coupon codes while purchasing. And you can enjoy the discount.

Size (“)/Cover Price ($)SoftcoverHardcoverLayflat HardcoverPremium Layflat HardcoverLinen HardcoverLeather Hardcover
5 x712.99/////
8 x 819.9928.9939.9959.99//
8 x 11/34.9949.9969.9929.9939.99
11 x 14/69.9989.99109.99//
12 x 12/59.9984.9999.99/69.99

You can get detailed Snapfish photo book costs according to the above list. Meanwhile, you can select photobooks in Snapfish with 4 sizes. The default Snapfish photo book pages are 20; you can add additional pages up to 150.

Part 3. How to Create Snapfish Photo Books Online

Snapfish provides many themed templates as a year in review, family, travel, wedding, baby, school year, and so on. You can get high-quality predesigned templates and wide selections of backgrounds to custom Snapfish photo books online.

Step 1. Open Snapfish on your browser and click Photo Books on the top.

Step 2. Sign up Snapfish account with your Email address for free.

Step 3. Click Add photos on the top left corner to upload pictures from devices, Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr.

Step 4. You can view a user-friendly interface to pick up Snapfish photo book size.

Step 5. Choose items in Size and book type or select the themed Snapfish photo book templates.

Step 6. Click the Make this photo book icon in blue to start making Snapfish photo books online.

Step 7. You can edit and custom Snapfish photo books freely with easy operations.

Make Snapfish Photo Book

It is simple to design Snapfish photo books online. Thus, you do not need to equip too many professional skills to beautify photo books as others. You can manage images on Snapfish storage space by clicking My photos to collect pictures in order.

Part 4. Snapfish Photo Book Delivery and Support

The delivery time for Snapfish photo books is a little longer than others. Therefore, you need to prepare to wait for few days longer. However, if you raise emergency delivery, Snapfish will offer you overnight and two-day delivery.

Snapfish can be downloaded and installed both on Android and iOS devices. As a result, you can edit simple Snapfish photo books on your iPad as well. Besides the Snapfish photo book app, you can refer to FAQs on Snapfish to get solutions.

Snapfish App Screenshot

Part 5. Get fastest Experience of Finding Images with Photo Viewer

Though creating Snapfish photo books by Photos is easy, it is hard for people to pick up suitable images from tens of thousands of albums saved on Windows and Mac computers. Thus, you need to install Photo Viewer to browse images to create Snapfish photo book in a fast way.

Features on Photo Viewer

1. Super fast photo viewing experience than Photos or other photo viewers on Windows and Mac.

2. View all images within the folder and sub-folder in fantastic high resolutions by opening one only.

3. Multiple photo viewing modes with different requirements, by the library, slideshow, EXIF, thumbnail, full screen.

4. Effective touching-up features for photo browsing.

5. Support over 50 photo formats, including RAW photos and animated GIF files.

6. Convert RAW formats or other photo files to JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, TIFF, and Microsoft BMP.

Win Download Mac Download

How to Deal with Photo Viewer

Step 1. Once you open one image, you can view all photos stored on your Windows or Mac computer by clicking the Next icon.

Step 2. You can tap the Image Edit icon to adjust or add effects. Click Reset all to batch edit pictures.

Add Effects to Photo on Viewer

Step 3. If you want to use the picture, you can click the five-pointed star to add to My Favorite to collect photos for Snapfish photo books.

Add to My Favorites Viewer

Step 4. You can batch rename, resize, or covert those stared Snapfish photo books pictures.

Batch Processing on Viewer

Photo Viewer has simplified the process to open albums or files to get target Snapfish photo books sources. You are also able to adjust photo sizes or lists to view photos easier. If you want to view specific folders, you can choose folders under Photo Viewer Library to find directly. Using Photo Viewer is a helpful method to save more time to create Snapfish photo books.

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Snapfish has well-designed templates for beginners to create Snapfish photo books easily as well as professions. The print quality is not very excellent compared with Blurb photo book editors, but you will not be disappointed about it as well. You may need to wait for few days longer if you do not care about delivery time. In conclusion, Snapfish is a good choice for beginners to have the fun of making Snapfish photo books.

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