SNS HDR Review: How to Get Natural Looking HDR Images You Should Know

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How to create a natural looking HDR image? HDR, stands for High Dynamic Range, is a kind of photography technique used to produce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than standard digital images. Some digital cameras are able to produce HDR images. When you need to create stunning images, SNS HDR should be a nice option, which is an HDR maker designed to help you create and edit HDR images. Here is the ultimate review and the best alternative to SNS HDR you should know.

SNS HDR and Best Alternative

Part 1: The Ultimate SNS HDR Review

SNS-HDR is one of the professional photo editors to create and edit HDR images. It is able to create a realistic result. This HDR software produces natural-looking HDR images with your standard photos. Moreover, SNS HDR enables you to create HDR images from sequences of photos, as well as process single images.

Main Features

  1. Open most images in popular photo formats including RAW.
  2. Create HDR images with multiple photos easily.
  3. Analyze and align images automatically.
  4. Offer unique tools to edit HDR and standard images.
  5. Built-in plentiful presets to help beginners create HDR quickly.
  6. Save HDR images in JPEG or TIFF formats.
  7. Include the batch-processing mode.
  8. Support lossless photo processing.
SNS HDR Filter

Brief Review of SNS-HDR


  1. The installation of SNS-HDR is pretty straightforward.
  2. It is very easy to use.
  3. The HDR results look natural.
  4. The batch-processing feature supports manual input.
  5. It is compatible with both PC and Mac.


  1. It takes a few minutes to get to the tone mapping when processing RAW.
  2. The features are limited compared to other HDR maker software.
  3. It is expensive compared to the features.
  4. Provide limited features, settings, and other adjustments.
SNS HDR Combine

How to Create HDR Photos with SNS-HDR Pro

Since the SNS-HDR Lite version only enables you to stitch the photos to an HDR photo, you can explore the Pro version with detailed parameters to find whether it works with the following steps.

Step 1: Once you have installed SNS-HDR Pro, you can launch the program and click the New Image button in the upper right corner to import the series of bracketed files to make an HDR file. Of course, you can simply drag-n-drop the desired photos into the program directly.

Import Photo to SNS HDR

Step 2: Before creating HDR photos, SNS-HDR provides the options for aligning images, ghosts reduction, auto luminance, and even 360-panorama mode. There are options for choosing the desired color profile, including Adobe RGB, sRGB IEC, and ProPhoto RGB.

Tweak Merging Methods SNS HDR

Step 3: It will combine the HDR photo automatically, which takes a few minutes due to the size of the bracketed images. After that, you can choose the desired HDR preset, such as Interior, Landscape, LDR, Natural, Neutral, and Night. But you can only find slight differences between them.

Choose HDR Preset SNS HDR

Step 4: When you need to further edit the HDR photos, you can adjust the white point, highlights protection, lights, lights blacks, mid-tones, mid-tones blacks, shadows, blacks, black point, and sharpening. Once you are satisfied with the HDR photo, you can click the Save Image button.

Adjust Parameters for HDR SNS

Note: When you need to get the desired photos, you can click the Settings button, which enables you to save the desired image format and file quality. It also enables you to choose size reduction, exposures and preset with SNS-HDR Pro.

SNS HDR Pro Settings

Part 2: The Best Alternative of SNS HDR

Is there an SNS-HDR alternative to create some HDR images with a natural looking? Whether you need to make HDR photography with a series of bracketed images or apply natural HDR filters to a single photo, WidsMob HDR is a one-stop HDR editor you should consider. Besides the basic ghost suppression, auto-align algorithm, and luminance reduction, it provides multiple HDR effects and advanced settings to make stunning HDR photos with a few clicks.

  1. Provide auto tone-mapping, alignments, and ghost suppression to create HDR files.
  2. Apply more than 10 stunning HDR presets for bracketed images and single photos.
  3. Tweak HDR filters, smart tone, image radiance, vignetting, and even HDR denoise.
  4. Support RAW for most cameras, JPEG, JPG, and other file formats in clicks.
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How to Use the Best Alternative to SNS-HDR

Step 1: Launch WidsMob HDR after installing the program. Click the Import button to upload the photos into the program. Of course, you can simply drag-n-drop the files for merging HDR files. It supports RAW files as well as JPG/JPEG photos from your digital cameras.

Launch WidsMob HDR

Step 2: Choose the desired HDR stitching mode, Bracketing and Single Photo. The bracketing mode enables you to merge a series of bracketed photos while the single photo mode can apply HDR filters. After that, you can select the related photos before clicking the Next button.

Select HDR Mode

Step 3: It will automatically combine the photos into an HDR photo. Different from the SNS HDR, there are 10 different HDR filters with stunning effects, including Classic, Super Nature, Magic, Cooler, Fresh, Blur Sky, Painterly, B/W, Super B/W, and Old Photo.

Apply HDR Effect Bracketed

Step 4: When you need to further edit the HDR photos, you can click the Advanced tab to choose the desired parameter, such as basic HDR filters, smart tone settings, image radiance parameters, vignette features, and HDR denoise options. After that, you can click the Save As button to save the file.

Adjust Advanced Settings Bracketed HDR HDR Filter Advanced HDR Advanced Settings

Note: Besides the advanced tone mapping features to stitch the photos into stunning HDR photos, you can also choose an image and apply the HDR filters designed to get a similar effect.

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Part 3. FAQs about SNS HDR

1How to Get a Discount on SNS - HDR?

Those who have contributed to the development of SNS-HDR with their comments on forums and in discussion groups are entitled to a 30% discount on the license. In order to purchase a license with the discount, you need to send an order containing the name of the forum/discussion group and your username to

2What is the HDR technique used in SNS HDR?

To capture the full range of luminosity, the HDR technique is the desired option to combine or select the desired dynamic range in your photography. You can capture several images of the same scene at different levels of exposure and subsequently combining them into one complete image.


The feature mentioned above is for SNS-HDR Pro. It also provides two kinds of licenses. The home edition is for personal use and costs €30, while the Professional edition can be used for commercial and costs €85.

When it comes to SNS HDR Lite, it is reserved from the Pro version and does not benefit from a graphical user interface. Instead, you will get a console window where instructions have to be introduced using a keyboard.


Just learn more details about what SNS HDR is, what it can do and whether it is worth buying. It can simplify the process of HDR creation. However, it only provides the basic HDR presets and parameters, which are natural to the original image. When you need to explore more possibilities and create HDR images with stunning effects, WidsMob HDR is the best choice.

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