Tinder Profile Picture – 15 Best Tips to Help You Double Your Matches

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A Tinder profile picture is the first impression of the online dating app. How to choose and make an attractive and irresistible profile picture to get more matches? Before you get to choose your killer Tinder profile picture, you’d better spend some time to know your audience. Just learn more about the 15 best tips to choose an attractive profile picture and the ultimate way to enhance the portrait within clicks.

Profile Picture for Tinder

Part 1: Tinder Statistic for Swiping Right for Profile Picture

When you need to have a swipe right, you have to learn more about your audience. Just go to Zirby or other professional research centers to get the Tinder profile info-graphic. It should give you a concept about how to choose attractive and irresistible profile pictures for Tinder.

  1. Add Bio to Tinder Profile Picture

Male Matches: It will increase 50% or more for matching frequently than the one without a Bio.

Female Matches: It will increase at least 100% for matching frequently but still much lower than male matches.

  1. Looks Do Matters to Men

Tinder Profile Photos 33.5%, Common Interests 21.5%, Friends in Common 2.5%, Age 6.7%, Description 19.2%, and Others 16.6%

Tinder Profile Photos 20.6%, Common Interests 19.1%, Friends in Common 1.2%, Age 5.1%, Description 30.6%, and Others 23.5%

  1. The More Photos the Better

Whether you are a man, or a woman, the more photos the better. But remember the worst one should be the first impression.

Select more photos as Tinder profile pictures. You should choose the different themes and enhance the portrait beforehand.

  1. Is There Causal Swipe Right

The top 10% of men get 58% of all matches.

93% of woman only like the profiles that they are attracted to.

  1. Is It Important to Choose Profile Photo for Tinder

Only 9% of men reported that the selective to like less than 10% of the profile photos on Tinder

59% percent of women estimate liking less than 10% of the profile they are viewing on Tinder

Part 2: How to Make Up and Enhance for Tinder Profile Pictures

Just as mentioned, choose an attractive profile picture for Tinder is only the first step. You should also enhance it to have more matches. There is one important tip to touch up the profile picture, keep it naturally as untouched ones. WidsMob Portrait Pro is the desired AI-based Tinder profile photo touch-up tool that provides easy and fast portrait-editing features. It enables you to retouch a portrait with a preset within one click, enhance all facial points, and even have professional makeup.

  1. Touch up the profile pictures for Tinder naturally and professionally.
  2. Enhance the portrait for the Tinder profile picture with preset in one click.
  3. Edit the skin, eyes, cheek, teeth, nose, blush, and more facial points.
  4. Provide comprehensive makeup tools to get perfect portrait makeup.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have downloaded WidsMob Portrait Pro, you can launch the program on your computer. Then you can drag-and-drop the Tinder profile photo into the portrait editor. It also supports multiple profile pictures within a batch process.

Add Portrait Image Portrait Pro

Step 2: If you want to enhance the portrait for yourself frequently, you can choose the Preset menu and select the desired preset to optimize the image with a series of portrait editing features within one click. It enables you to apply the effects to all the images.

Choose Preset for Tinder Profile

Step 3: When you only to enhance the skin, you can go to the Edit menu to choose the Skin option. Then you can click the Adjust Skin Area option to smooth skin, change skin tone, and even whiten skin to enhance the profile photo of Tinder.

Manage Portrait Skin

Step 4: It also enables you to remove the eye circle and blemish, brighten your eyes, whiten your teeth, slim the face, and even have a deep smile via the Enhancements menu. You can also adjust the slider to choose the different optimizing levels, or even tweak the parameters manually.

Enhance Portrait Tinder

Step 5: To make a natural makeup, you can also choose the Makeup menu and select the Blush option. There are different blush templates, lipstick colors, eye color styles, eyelashes, eyeliners, and even eye shadow to have makeup for a Tinder profile picture.

Makeup Tinder Profile

Step 6: Once you are satisfied with the Tinder profile picture, you can click the Save as Preset option to apply portrait enhance within one click. You can also click the Export button to save the photos in the desired resolution, format, and quality.

Save Portrait as Tinder Profile Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: 15 Best Tips for Tinder Profile Picture to Double Your Matches

1: Choose Bright Profile Picture for Tinder

A simple profile photo for Tinder can contain a lot of information, such as the dressing style, hobbies, temperament, and so on. Therefore, you would better make your photos clear and bright.

Choose Bright Photos

2: Show Full Portrait Image as Tinder Profile

Don't cover your face with sunglasses, scarves, etc. Show yourself sincerely in the Tinder profile to your audience. A full portrait image will be the key to whether others will be attracted to you or not.

Full Portrait as Profile

3: Profile Photos Show Your Hobbies and Personality

If you can choose a picture of yourself in motion, others will think that you are an energetic and confident person at first sight. As for a Tinder profile picture you are reading, others will think you are a person with rich culture.

Show Hobbies Profile

4: Expression Control in the Tinder Profile Picture

A proper expression will attract more matches. Smiling will make you 15% more likely to get the right swipe. When you need to take an attractive profile picture for Tinder, you can look directly at the camera.

Show Hobbies Profile

5: Correct Body Language in the Profile Photos

Don't be too restrained, such as crossing your hands in front of your chest, which will make others think you are indifferent. The body should be naturally coordinated. You can put in a confident posture as usual.

Body Language Tinder

6: Choose the Right Clothes for Online Dating Photos

It's easy to ignore the clothes in the Tinder profile photos, but the way you dress affects what others think of you. The bright colored clothes can attract more attention. Dressing style can also show your character.

Right Cloth Tinder

7: Select the Recent Photos as Tinder Profile

You should select the photos you have taken recently as the profile pictures for Tinder, otherwise, some of your information will be misunderstood, such as your age, dressing style, and more others.

Recent Photos Tinder

8: Don't Use Group Photos of You and Others

Group notes reduce your sense of existence and prevent others from noticing you at a glance. Even if you have a Tinder profile photo with your friends, you should make sure you are in the center position.

Group Photo Tinder

9: Pay Attention to the Layout of the Picture

Pay attention to the layout of the picture to make the profile picture of Tinder more comfortable and harmonious. If only half of the body is photographed, the position of the head should not exceed two-thirds of the picture.

Photo Frame for Tinder

10: Select a Right Tinder Profile Background

The background of a profile picture often affects the style of the whole photo. Try to choose a clean location for shooting, which can be the seaside, giving a fresh feeling, or a clean wall.

Right Background

11: Choose Photos from Professional Photographers

Ask a professional photographer to take a good profile picture for Tinder. It is better to take photos through professional technology or some art photos. It will make you stand out from the crowd.

Art Photo for Profile

12: Shoot Profile Picture with Right Angles

Different angles of shooting will affect the presentation in photos. Whether you choose the upper body for head portraits, show the whole body, or only show your head, the shooting angle is very important.

Choose Correct Position

13: Choose the Right Filter for Tinder Profile

The right filter will make your photos more harmonious and beautiful. It will also make your photos more different. Just choose the professional portrait editor to make an attractive Tinder profile picture.

Add Filter Tinder

14: Don't Over Edit your Profile Photos for Tinder

Over editing photos can make them appear unreal, and others often don't like them. When you need to edit the photos as Tinder profile pictures, WidsMob Portrait Pro should be the right choice.

Over Edit Portrait

15: Show Positive Tinder Profile Pictures

To avoid photos that may cause others to misunderstand you. When the profile photo is overexposed, it will make an extravagant impression on others. Just make sure the photos show positive impressions.

Part 4: How to Copy the Attractive Profile Picture for Tinder from Others

If you still have no idea about how to make an attractive profile picture for Tinder, you can copy all of the techniques from Tinder’s most popular guys and start getting yourself more Tinder matches. Just check out the Blend feature of Tinder as below.

Step 1: Launch the Tinder app on your smartphone, you can find the most popular matches. Changed the Tinder location to a city in your country that you could find your hottest.

Step 2: After that, you can tweak the Age Range option and change the Gender option. Choose the Blend option and select the Optimal option as the settings to copy the excellent features from others.

Tinder Blend Mode

Part 5: FAQs about Making Tinder Profile Picture

1Is Fake Profile Account Allowed on Tinder?

No. If you need to make a fake profile account for Tinder, you are walking on thin ice that against Tinder’s policy. Therefore, even if you have a good reason, you should think twice before breaking the official rules of the online dating app.

2Do Profile Picture Matter on Tinder?

Of course, your Tinder profile pictures should look better than 90% of other Tinder profiles to attract more swipe rights. But you have to look better in both presentation and genetics, such as body poster, bone structure, height, skin, acne, and scar.

3What are the Recommended Types for Tinder Profile Picture?

There are different types of profile pictures, when you want to choose the desired one for Tinder profile pictures, you can choose profile photos, gentle giant shot, group shot, body shot, ambition shot, body shot, passion shot, and more others.


When you need to make an irresistible profile picture for Tinder, you can follow the ultimate guide from the article. Just check out the analyzed data from the related channel, as well as the best tips. Moreover, you can also copy the attractive profile picture for Tinder from others. WidsMob Portrait Pro is the ultimate portrait editor to enhance the quality of Tinder profile pictures.

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