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Trippy Photo Editor – 11 Best Tools to Apply Psychedelic Photo Filters

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How to make some psychedelic photographs with stunning eye-catching effects? Compares to the normal photos and trippy ones, the colorful trippy photos should be more attractive to your audiences. When you need to get a desired effect for the photos, a trippy photo editor is a right tool you have to take into consideration.

Tweak the different parameters of the photos that you can get the desired effect. Moreover, you can also take advantage of some analog film effects, of psychedelic photo editor to apply psychedelic effects. Moreover, you can also choose the professional psychedelic photo editor to create a stunning post accordingly.

Best Trippy Photo Editor

Part 1: How to Get a Trippy Photo with Desired Effects

What are the best methods to get some special trippy photos? There are large amounts of photo-editing filters you can use to create psychedelic photos, such as acid trippy filters, duotones, black and white trippy effects, old photo charm, etc. Once you get the trippy photo editor, you can choose and apply the desired effect with ease.

Even though you take the wrong photo in some cases, you can still use trippy filters to create the most realistic digital art easily. Just take your camera and shoot anything freely. You can turn a common picture into the magic one.

For instance, there are purple smoke images in-app, the dark smoke image, and the psychedelic pattern image. Those trippy factors can make a real difference. Of course, there are not extra photo-editing tools to edit trippy images on iPhone or Android. Moreover, you need to pay certain unlock to unlock the specific or the whole in-app purchases.

Trippy Photo

Part 2: Best Trippy Photo Editor to Create Psychedelic Poster

Whether you use the acid triply filter, duotones filter, or even old photo charm, Clip Studio Paint is a professional way to apply psychedelic filters. The trippy photo filter is optimized for drawing and painting, making it ideal for illustrators. The painting brushes are highly customizable and easy to use. To create a psychedelic poster, you can simply apply the Bucket tool instead.

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Step 1: Masking the pictures with a mask layer

Once you have imported the desired picture, you can select the Auto Select tool to choose the background elements. Right-click in the layer and go to the Layer Mask option and choose the Mask selection option. Then, you can cut out the portrait with the Mask Outside selection option.

Mask The Pictures

Step 2: Cutting out the desired with Pen tool

When you need to apply the psychedelic filter for the cut-out part only, you can click the Pen tool to draw the desired part. It is important to switch between drawing color and transparent color. Of course, you can also use the other ways to get a photo you want.

Cut out the Desired Part

Step 3: Creating the outlines for a new layer

Click the Auto select tool to choose the Refer to all layers option to include the layer's mask. Click on the area outside of the subject. After that, you can fill the selected area in another layer. Give the layer an outline on the Layer property panel.

Create Outline Mask

Step 4: Applying and organizing an Auto Action

Go to the Auto Action panel or select the Show Auto Action palette. Then create a new action by clicking on the Add new action button on the lowest border. Click on the red circle to start recording the auto action, which applies the psychedelic filter.

Apply Auto Action

Step 5: Create a Square Border for the psychedelic poster

Merge all the layers within the trippy photo filter. You can use the Figure tool to create a square with rounded borders to go around the poster. Fill the outside with the Bucket tool in the Refer only to editing layer option. You can add the text and use the gradient map layer.

Tweak Trippy Filter Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: Top 10 Trippy Photo Editors for Android and iOS

Trippy photo editors should be the best method to get a fun and psychedelic effect for the photos. Just learn more about the 10 best tools that you can manage the photos with a deeper impression.

Top 1: Trippy – Stunning Trippy Photo Filters

Trippy is a trippy photo editor with insane trippy photo effects, which swirl and twirl reds, blues, and greens to create photos that are out of the real world. To take full advantage of the product, you have to purchase it first.

  1. Rotate the photos and choose the desired size of the photos for edits.
  2. Choose the different trippy photo filters and have an instant preview.
  3. Edit and tweak the photos with more than 13 different parameters.
  4. Add light leaks, bokeh, color fog, and additional texture to the photos.

Top 2: Chroma Lab – SuperCharge Trippy Photo Editor

Chroma Lab is a trippy photo editor with a wide selection of tools from simple color adjustments to bold shape. It enables you to both apply the psychedelic effects with presets and manually adjusts the effects.

  1. Provide more than 50 effects with color, effects, shapes, and even glitches.
  2. Bookmark images feature to save progress or reuse as masks.
  3. Come with a powerful animation module for video files between frames.
  4. Combine the different effects to produce the endless variations of your art. 
Chroma Lab

Top 3: Snapseed – Popular Trippy Photo Editor

Snapseed is one of the most popular trippy photo editors for smartphones. When you combine the different filters and effects, take advantage of the professional tools, you can get a desired trippy photo.

  1. 29 tools and filters, including brush, structure, HDR, perspective, etc.
  2. Adjust and tweak each filter with fine and precise control.
  3. Save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later.
  4. Multiple editing features and selective brushes to edit the photos.

Top 4: BitCam – Black and White Trippy Photo Editor

Bitcam is the trippy photo editor that uses the old-school style interface and hand-drawn icons to process your images. The built-in camera helps you shoot or edit photos with a trippy photo effect.

  1. Bring the black and white trippy photos back to times with pixels.
  2. Zoom acts were used for view transitions and scroll in credits was jerky.
  3. Add 8 vibrant controls to bring your retro photos back to life.
  4. Choose from 3-pixel resolutions super-res, standard and chunky FatBits.

Top 5: 3D Glitch Photo Effects – 3D Glitch Trippy Photo Editor

3D Glitch Photo Effects enables you to add chromatic stereoscopic 3D effect images. The trippy photo editor has set the special trippy effect, such as glitch effects, vaporwave effects, and VHS effects in real-time.

  1. Acid trip filters, duotone filters, old school filters, and more trippy filters.
  2. Multi-effect VHS camcorder, glitch photo effects, and more others.
  3. Stunning 3D glitch photo effect filters with haze effects and 3D effects.
  4. Provide hundreds of retro wave style stickers and camera VHS stickers.

Top 6: 1967 – Classic-Style Trippy Photo Editor

With just one click on the trippy photo editor 1967, it can take your photos and memory back to the 1960s. The classic templates and presets are easy to use and let you manage all those provided film filters.

  1. Incorporate big block text that guides you to load your ideal photos.
  2. Edit and tweak the intensity of the filter by swipe up or down.
  3. Provide 10 free filters that you can produce psychedelic effects.
  4. Simple user interface to get the desired trippy photos with ease.

Top 7: Enlight – Creative Trippy Photo Editor

How to make some creative photos? Enlight is the recommended trippy photo editor with all the creative possibilities. It enables you to add special effects, brushes, fonts, tonal adjustments, and more.

  1. Superior photo mixing and double exposure with multiple layers.
  2. Utilize tools to create graphic designs, street art, abstracts, and more.
  3. Colorize images and apply beautiful gradients with duo filters.
  4. Advanced editing features for both JPEG and RAW photos.

Top 8: VSCO – Beautiful Trippy Photo Editor

VSCO is another trippy photo editor with beautiful filters for photos and videos. It provides more than 130 presets library, tools as well as basic editing tools, like contrast, saturation, and grain.

  1. Powerful presets and editing tools on a smartphone to take photos.
  2. Get inspired by community stories and creative tutorials in Discover.
  3. Recreate vintage film looks by Kodak, Agfa, and Ilford on mobile.
  4. Create images you love with exclusive tools like HSL and Borders.
VSCO Android

Top 9: Hyperspektiv – Psychedelic Trippy Photo Editor

If you need some special psychedelic photos, Hyperspektiv is the desired trippy photo editor to create mind-bending visuals quickly. The filters are designed to be a kind of interactive art piece.

  1. Endless creative inspiration with the new wildcard algorithm.
  2. Edit photos and videos, even for portrait mode for Instagram stories.
  3. Unlimited use of 11 beautiful stock filters and 24 legacy filters.
  4. Mirroring system for creating symmetrical visuals.

Top 10: SpaceEffect – Unique Trippy Photo Editor

SpaceEffect is an awesome and unique trippy photo editor that creates amazing pictures with unique color, glow, flame photo effects. You can just turn your photos into masterpieces within seconds.

  1. More than 75 cool picture effects and dozens of brushes to choose from.
  2. Provide basic editing features, such as move, rotate, scale, and flip.
  3. Adjust and tweak the effect opacity, brightness, and more parameters.
  4. Stack different photo filters to your photos and share them on social media.

Part 4: How to Enhance the Trippy Photo Filter

How about enhancing the trippy filters on Windows and Mac? WidsMob Retoucher is the desired program to reduce image noise, touchup portrait, apply LOMO effects, add analog film filters, adjust and tweak color parameters and more. Just add the photos into the program; you can get the desired psychedelic files within clicks.

1. Basic photo editing features to touch up portraits and landscapes.

2. Remove the chrominance/luminance noise and adjust sharpness.

3. Apply LOMO effects with color filter, color opacity, vignetting, etc.

4. Add stunning analog film effects, color modes, film grains and others.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Install trippy photo enhancer

Just download and install WidsMob Retoucher, launch the program on your computer. Drag and drop the photo into the program to apply the special and psychedelic effects.

Apply Auto Action

Step 2: Tweak the color parameters

Choose the ADJUSTMENT option, which you can adjust and tweak the saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature, tint, and more other parameters to find a suitable effect accordingly.

 Adjustment Retoucher

Step 3: Apply analog film effects

Select the FILM PACK option that you can adjust the color rendition profile, color modes, film grains, and more others to get an instant effect. After that, you can combine the photos with a trippy effect.

Analog Film Trippy

Step 4: Export and share the photos

Then you can click the Save button to save the photos to your computer. Now you can click the Share button to share the trippy photos to social media websites.

Part 5: FAQs about Trippy Photo Editor

1Where can You Download Psychedelic Photos?

When you need to download some psychedelic photos, you can simply search for the desired one from Google, or simply get them from istock photos, pexels, and more others. If you are not satisfied with the photos, you can use WidsMob Retoucher to enhance the effect.

2How to Make a Psychedelic Animal Photo?

To create a psychedelic animal photo, such as cat or dog, you can simply use a trippy photo editor to apply the desired effect. But when you want to create a stunning effect for a logo of a T-shirt, or even a tattoo, you need to use the professional program to design it for you accordingly.

3Can I Take Trippy Photos with Camera Directly?

Yes. Just get some trippy camera application, which enables you to apply the trippy photo filter directly. After that, you can simply choose the desired filter and even adjust the different parameters before taking a shot. Then you can get the photo directly.


When you need to apply some funny and psychedelic effects, you can find the listed trippy photo editors from the compiled list in the article. Just download the trial version and get the desired effects now.

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