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10 Best Video Vault Apps to Hide and Protect Your Private Videos on iOS and Android

You might only need a video vault app to keep prying eyes away from the private videos. It makes sense that marketers, hackers and other people are all interested in your videos captured or stored on your mobile device. If you feel frustrated to find the best video vault app for your iPhone or Android phone, just read the top review from the article.

Video Vault Apps

Part 1: Top 5 Video Vault APPs for iOS

The latest iOS version provides the method to hide your videos from Moments, Years and Collections in your Photos app. However, the built-in hide feature is not enough to protect your privacy. Here are 5 more video vault apps for your iPhone or iPad you should know.

Top 1: KeepSafe

If you are looking for a simple method to protect your videos on iPhone with password, KeepSafe is the desired video vault app that enables you to create fake password.


1. Lock videos with PIN, fingerprint and more.

2. Back up and lock your videos on iPhone.

3. Built-in a private camera to capture videos.


1. It contains annoying ads.

2. It only supports limited video formats.

KeepSafe Photo Vault Screenshot

App Store Download

Top 2: KYMS

KYMS is a high-level video vault app for iPhone, which utilizes the military-grade encryption technology with AES Encryption to lock your videos, photos and documents.


1. Encrypt videos in FLV, AVI, WMV, MKV, etc.

2. Include a photo editor to edit the photo files.

3. Decrypt videos in the background.


1. The private video recording feature requires subscription.

2. It does not support fingerprint or Face ID.

KYMS Screenshot

App Store Download

Top 3: Photo & Video Locker

Photo & Video Locker is another video vault app that worth you to use on iPad. It has a special design with iPad in mind as well so as to provide the ultimate viewing pleasure.


1. Place your videos into secret folders.

2. Support unlimited video storage.

3. Keep the original status of your videos.


1. It uses AES-128 but not AES-256.

2. You can only set four-digit PIN code.

Photo & Video Locker

App Store Download

Top 4: Video Locker

Video Locker is a video vault app for iPhone users to protect personal videos from intruders. Anyone cannot view your videos without your PIN password, even if using your iPhone gallery.


1. Manage your videos in different albums.

2. Create PIN passcode to lock sensitive videos.

3. Share videos to Facebook and more.


1. Then encryption mode needs to improve.

2. Some features require purchase in app.

Video Locker

App Store Download

Top 5: Vault to lock photo & video

If your iPhone has limited storage space, Vault to lock photo & video is a recommended video vault app. It is able to store your videos to cloud and protect them with password.


1. Support a long passcode.

2. Create fake account and password.

3. Protect the resolution and quality of your videos.


1. The free account only supports 20 videos.

2. The subscription is expensive.

Vault to lock photo & video

App Store Download

Part 2: Top 5 Video Vault APKs for Android

Android is an open system, which means that your data are easy to be leaked on Android. In order to protect the videos and photos on your Android phone, you should find the 5 recommended video vault apps for your device.

Top 1: LockMyPix Photo Vault

LockMyPix Photo Vault can encrypt and secure your personal videos and photos with military-level AES encryption. It is also a video vault app that enables you to full control your media files on Android.


1. Lock videos with PIN, fingerprint, pattern, etc.

2. Hide unlimited media files, such as photos and video.

3. Support for the files from SD card.


1. It cannot record intruders.

2. To remove ads, you have to purchase the Pro version.

LockMyPix Photo Vault

Google Play Download

Top 2: Calculator Vault

Calculator Vault is far more a video vault app for Android, but also a private file manager. It protects your privacy by hiding videos, photos, notes or even the contacts on Android.


1. Hide videos under a standard calculator.

2. Import videos from photo gallery for encryption.

3. Share private videos via email, Dropbox, etc.


1. No ways to export videos to photo gallery.

2. It contains ads when viewing the videos.

Calculator Vault

Google Play Download

Top 3: Clock – The Vault

As its name said, Clock - The Vault is a video vault app hides your videos and photos behind a standard clock app. So, others will not access your private videos on Android.


1. Hide your videos with private video locker.

2. Lock anything from picture to video, from Wi-Fi to recent task.

3. Support both PIN and fingerprint.


1. It does not back up private videos.

2. It may slow down your device.

Clock – The Vault

Google Play Download

Top 4: Vault

Vault is another video vault app that is designed to hide your private videos and photos on Android. You are able to find everything you need in a single app easily.


1. Password protects personal videos.

2. Back up hidden videos to cloud space.

3. Offer a private browser.


1. It requires a lot of permissions.

2. It is larger than other video vault apps.


Google Play Download

Top 5: Hide Something

Hide Something is the video vault app gives you full control of your private and personal videos on Android devices. Moreover, you can browse hidden videos on your desktop now.


1. Support fingerprint, pattern, PIN and more.

2. Hide videos from any apps.

3. Back up videos to Google Drive.


1. It is not available to old Android.

2. Some features need to purchase in app.

Hide Something

Google Play Download

Recommend: The best photo vault software for computer

WidsMob PhotoVault is the best photo vault software for Windows and Mac. It uses the advanced technology to protect and lock your media files. More amazingly, you can browse, edit, manage and even share your private media files within the single program. For advanced users, the custom options allow you to full control the security and display of hidden media files. All these features are well designed on a user-friendly interface. So, you can find what you want quickly. Your photos will be stored in the original status unless you change it.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Photos Hidden on PhotoVault

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


When you need to protect your videos on smartphones, you can learn more details about the 10 best video vault apps from the article. You may capture some videos for fun, but they can provide a lot of information and your privacy. Fortunately, the best video vault apps shared above can help you to hide or password lock your personal videos on iPhone or Android phone.

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