Can I Open WebP Photos in Safari? Here is the Ultimate Guide You Should Know

Last Updated on April 15, 2022 by Lendle Gozun

Apple already implemented WebP support to Safari for iOS and macOS Big Sur. If you have already installed Safari 14, you can use WebP for Safari to replace JPEG and PNG. When you need to learn more about the WebP Safari solution, here is the ultimate guide about the usage, conversion, compatibility, and others you should know.

Open WebP Photos in Safari

Part 1: Is It Possible to Open WebP in Safari

The most significant update regarding Safari on macOS Big Sur is the WebP compatibility via WebExtension API. It is a cross-platform technology that enables cross-platform extensions in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other web browsers.

It means that Safari can install the same extensions like the other browsers. Apple also states that developers can also utilize Xcode 12 to convert WebExtensions to native Safari extensions and make them available on the App Store.

Safari 14 also has support for Google's WebP picture format, which enables images with greater transparency and compression while also keeping files smaller.

Why Safari Integrated Support for WebP?

PNG and JPEG are the most popular and widely used image formats. PNGs are better for low-detail pictures like little images or icons, whereas JPEGs are better for high-detail images like photographs, which might sacrifice quality for smaller file sizes.

So, with PNGs and JPEGs as image formats, website owners must strike a balance between images that are small enough to keep pages quick and images that look beautiful.

Google's solution is the WebP format. WebP images are up to 26% smaller than comparable PNGs and up to 34% smaller than comparable JPEGs without sacrificing quality. The Safari WebP solution gives webmasters the best of both, high-quality photos and modest file sizes.

With the new updates on Safari, web designers can improve their websites with the help of WebP file format.

Part 2: How to Convert WebP for Safari

Since Safari supports WebP file format now, you can convert JPEG, PNG, or even animated GIFs to WebP for better performance. WidsMob WebP is a one-stop solution for converting files to WebP format or vice versa. Moreover, there are multiple editing features to resize the photos, rotate and flip the files, and even add watermarks.

1. Convert JPEG, PNG, animated GIF, and HEIC to WebP, and vice versa.

2. Provide different modes to view WebP, JPEG, PNG, and animated GIFs.

3. Edit and manage WebP for Safari, such as resize, rotate, flip, and more.

4. Apply both text and image watermarks to WebP with different parameters.

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How to Convert Images into WebP in Batch

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob WebP on your computer, you can either drag the desired photos or use the Import button to load photos. It supports WebP, JPEG, PNG, animated GIFs, and more.

Import Animated GIF WebP

Step 2: Click the Convert button that you can preview the animated GIF. It also enables you to resize, rotate, flip, and add text/photo watermark. There are different parameters to get the desired photos.

Edit the Output WebP

Step 3: To choose the output photographs' destination folder, click the Export button. Choose the WebP as the output format. Before converting WebP for Safari, you can adjust the photo quality.

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Part 3: FAQs about WebP Safari

1When did Safari start supporting WebP?
Apple added WebP functionality to early beta versions of macOS Sierra and iOS 10 in July 2016, but the feature was later deleted in the September 2016 GM seed versions of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. WebP functionality was added to Safari 14 in September 2020.
2What is the point of using WebP in Safari?
WebP is a cutting-edge image format that enables greater lossless and lossy compression for web images. Webmasters and web developers can use it to create smaller, richer images that load faster on Safari. The WebP lossless images are 26% lower in size than PNG images.
3Is it safe to use WebP file format in Safari?
It is safe to use WebP images in Safari because WebP is a great alternative to JPEG, PNG, and GIF images. WebP compression is also available in both lossless and lossy modes. No data is lost during lossless compression. While lossy compression reduces file size, it may degrade image quality.


Nearly all the major browsers have compatibility with WebP photos, which delivers equivalent or better quality than JPEG. WebP provides a much-reduced file size that will assist in faster website loading. When you need to convert PNG or JPEG to WebP for Safari, WidsMob WebP is the all-in-one solution you should never miss.

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