WebP to PNG Converter – 5 Methods to Convert WebP to PNG

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If you have downloaded some transparent background WebP files, how do you convert WebP to PNG? It is not difficult to convert WebP to another photo format, such as JPEG, BMP, and even animated GIFs. But when you need to preserve the transparent background, you can learn more about the 5 best WebP to PNG converters from the article.

Convert WebP to PNG

Part 1: The Versatile Method to Convert WebP to PNG

Different from the online WebP to PNG converters, WidsMob WebP is more than a WebP converter that enables you to preserve the transparent photo background. You can also preview the WebP files in thumbnail and full screen. Moreover, there are some advanced features, such as rotating the WebP files, resizing the photos, and adding watermarks in the batch process.

  1. Convert WebP photos to PNGs, JPEGs, BMPs, and even animated GIFs.
  2. Preserve the transparent WebP file background and original photo quality.
  3. Edit the WebP files, such as rotate, resize, rotate, and add watermarks.
  4. Open the animated WebP, lossless WebP, and even transparent WebP.
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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob WebP on your computer, you can either click the Import button or drag-n-drop the WebP files into the program. After that, you can preview the WebP files in different modes.

Import WebP Files

Step 2: Pick the desired WebP files you want to convert. Select the Convert Selected Photos option or the Convert All Photos option by clicking the arrow next to the Start convert button.

Select WebP to Convert

Step 3: Choose the target folder for the output photos by clicking the Select button. Select PNG as the output format to convert WebP to PNG with the transparent background and fine-tuned photo quality.

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Part 2: 4 Workable Methods to Convert WebP to PNG

How to Convert WebP to PNG with Photoshop

Since WebP does not support the WebP format natively. When you edit WebP or convert WebP to PNG with Photoshop, you should download an additional plugin for WebP from GitHub beforehand. Here is the detailed process to save WebP to PNG as below.

Step 1: Once you have installed the WebP plugin on your PC, you can import and open your WebP file with Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2: Select the Export option from the File menu. After that, choose the Quick Export as PNG to convert WebP to PNG.

Step 3: It brings up the Save dialog box, where you can specify the file name and location. Click the Save button to get the PNG files.

Convert WebP to PNG Photoshop

How to Convert WebP to PNG using GIMP

GIMP is another WebP to PNG converter that supports multiple photo formats, including WebP. It has many of the same options and functions as Photoshop, but it supports far more image formats. Follow the process to convert WebP to transparent background PNG.

Step 1: Launch GIMP on your computer and open the WebP file. After that, you can select the Export As option from the File menu.

Step 2: It opens a dialog box, in which the file extension should be changed to .png. Following that, click the Export option.

Step 3: When you enter the new file, GIMP provides extra options such as compression level and EXIF data to convert WebP to PNG.

Convert WebP to PNG GIMP

How to Convert WebP to PNG Online with Converter365

If you want to convert WebP to PNG without installing any new software, you can use Converter365. As a free online converter, this one includes a slew of premium features that you can access for free. Multiple files can be converted simultaneously, and huge files are not a problem.

Step 1: Drag-and-drop the desired WebP files into a designated section of the Converter365 website to add them for conversion.

Step 2: Ensure that you have chosen the PNG as the output format. Then, press the Start Conversion button to convert WebP to PNG.

Step 3: It will display a download link with the converted files. Click the Download File button to save your converted PNG file.

Converter365 WebP to PNG

How to Convert WebP to PNG via Online Convert

Online Convert is a frequently used method to convert different file formats. It enables you to convert the WebP to PNG from a URL, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can tweak the quality, size, and DPI for the output.

Step 1: Go to WEBP To PNG Converter from the Online Convert website, and select the WebP files from the desired channel.

Step 2: There are optional settings, such as the photo quality, file size, color filters, and more other parameters to the output.

Step 3: To convert WebP to PNG, you can simply click the START button. You can download the PNG file after conversion.

Online Convert WebP to PNG

Part 3: What are the Differences between WebP and PNG

Before attempting to convert WebP to PNG, you should review the following settings. After all, it can assist you in determining whether you need to convert the WebP photos.

WebP Characteristics

WebP was developed by Google and is based on a prediction algorithm that generates an image based on adjacent blocks. This results in improved image quality while reducing file size.

PNG Characteristics

Since 1996, Portable Network Graphics has been an international standard. It is frequently used to create line art, illustrations, cartoons, and logos. It should be useful for transparent background.


WebP files employ both lossless and lossy compression techniques. While PNG images offer lossless compression, they do have significant drawbacks. It means that you can save WebP to a PNG file multiple times without affecting the image's quality.

File Size

WebP files maintain superior image quality while maintaining significantly smaller file sizes. Unsurprisingly, the WebP photos are gaining popularity. The precise comparison between WebP and PNG files is that WebP files are 26% lower in size than PNG files.

Part 4: FAQs about How to Convert WebP to PNG

1Does WebP support transparency as PNG?
WebP is a Google-developed picture file format, which supports lossy compression and transparency (similar to PNG) but may compress images more efficiently than PNG. It is the reason that you need to convert WebP to PNG file format.
2Where to use WebP format?
WebP is a cutting-edge image format that enables greater lossless and lossy compression for web images. Webmasters and web developers can use WebP to create smaller, richer images that load faster on the web. You can convert PNG to WebP for websites.
3Is WebP better than PNG?
PNG is likely the most valuable image format on the market at the moment. However, WebP files are 26 percent smaller than PNG files while maintaining the same level of transparency and quality. Because WebP is smaller in file size, it loads faster than PNG file format.


Here are 5 possible ways that can help you to convert WebP files into PNG. It is recommended to use WidsMob WebP to manage and convert better your files without any stress. Try it out so you can maximize the use of your WebP files.

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