Best WebP Viewer – 6 Simple Methods to Open WebP Files

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What are the best WebP viewers to open WebP images and animations? Since the new WebP photo format is more and more frequently used for websites with a smaller size, you should have a WebP file viewer to browse the photos. Just learn more about the 6 simple methods to open the Google photo format from the article.

Best WebP Viewer

Part 1: WidsMob WebP

WidsMob WebP is more than a WebP file viewer to open WebP images and animations, but also convert/edit WebP files. It supports browsing WebP files in both thumbnail and full-screen. Moreover, you can zoom the photos to check the details and view the EXIF information. There are some advanced features to rotate the photos, resize in different modes, add watermarks in different parameters, and more.

  1. Support WebP images and animations, as well as PNG, JPEG, and more.
  2. Convert WebP to JPEG, PNG, and animated GIF, and vice versa in clicks.
  3. Provide the basic editing features to resize, rotate, and rename in batch.
  4. Apply text watermarks with different parameters, such as fonts, size, etc.
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How to Open WebP Files Using WidsMob WebP

Step 1: Once you have launched WidsMob WebP on your computer, you can either click the Import button or drag your WebP photos into the program. It supports WebP, JPEG, PNG, and a variety of other image formats.

Import WebP Files

Step 2: It allows you to see the WebP images and animations. Click the Add Photos button is all you need to add WebP photos. It allows you to remove the WebP by clicking the Remove Photos button.

Add WebP File

Step 3: If you want to examine a photo in detail, simply double-click on any WebP file. Moreover, you can zoom in to browse WebP visuals and animations in their original quality within the WebP viewer.

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Part 2: FastStone Image Viewer

If you are looking for another stable and user-friendly WebP image viewer for both Windows and Mac, FastStone Image Viewer is another good choice. It includes more capabilities than other WebP viewers, including color tweaks, photo filters, cropping, and scaling. It supports the majority of photo formats, including WebP.

  1. Browse WebP files with a user interface reminiscent of Windows Explorer.
  2. Provide full-screen view, image zoom, and distinctive fly-out menu panels.
  3. Apply editing features, such as resize, resample, rotate, flip, crop, etc.
  4. Add sharpening, blurring, and even adjust lighting/colors/curves/levels.
FastStone Image Viewer

Part 3: FileProInfo

FileProInfo is another effective online WebP viewer for free. It provides a free online tool that does not demand any registrations or installations on your system. Moreover, it is completely free without ads. You can simply open the WebP photos using a contemporary browser, such as Chrome, Opera, or Firefox from any device.

  1. Browse WebP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and even GIF in different categories.
  2. Provide free online WebP viewer for Windows, Mac, Android, and more.
  3. Delete uploaded WebP files after 24 hours to make the photos safe.
  4. Enable you to convert WebP, edit photos, merge photos, and more.
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Part 4: GIMP

When you need to open and modify a WebP using a standard image-editing program, such as GIMP, you have to install a plugin to assist to work with the WebP photos. You need to install the GIMP-WEBP plugin to turn the program into a WebP photo viewer, which also enables you to load and save photos in the new WebP file format.

  1. Provide full-screen mode to preview and modify WebP photos directly.
  2. Numerous digital WebP image flaws can be readily corrected with GIMP.
  3. Perform complex photo retouching techniques for different photo formats.
  4. Give artists the power and flexibility to transform images as Photoshop.

Part 5: XnView

Open and edit your WebP photos on Windows and Mac, XnView MP/Classic is the desired WebP image viewer. It provides color adjusting, image resizer, cropping, screen capture, metadata editing, and much more. Moreover, you can also convert, resize, watermark, add text, enhance, and apply photo filter in batch mode.

  1. Provide editing features to adjust color, resize the images, crop files, etc.
  2. Open the WebP photos, find the duplicated photos, and compare the files.
  3. Create contact sheets or slideshows with different photos within clicks.
  4. Convert WebP images to PDF to JPG by installing a third-party component.
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Part 6: 123 Photo Viewer

123 Photo Viewer is another frequently used WebP viewer, which supports WebP and more other major image formats. It provides some basic viewing and editing features, which enables you to view WebP photos with convenient thumbnail support and friendly user interactions. Moreover, you can also get the best animation viewing experience.

  1. Create slideshows and share your favorite WebP images with others.
  2. Rotate and Set the animated wallpaper with animation in the program.
  3. Provide the most convenient way for navigation and magnification.
  4. Convert each frame of the animated WebP photos to static images.
123 Photo Viewer

Part 7: FAQs about the Best WebP Viewer

1Do all browsers support WebP format?
The WebP image format is presently compatible with 79.2% of browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. But not all browsers now support the WebP photo format. It's crucial to note that if your website is set up properly, or even browse WebP with WebP viewer beforehand.
2Can you view WebP files in Photoshop?
In depends. Of course, you can download the latest Photoshop to work with WebP photos. Alternatively, when you are using the old Photoshop version, you can simply download the WebPShop plug-in to open and save WebP images directly from Photoshop.
3Is WebP faster than other photo formats?
Webmasters and web developers can use WebP for your website, which provides photos smaller in size with original image quality. Compared to PNGs, WebP lossless images are 26% smaller. It is the reason that you should convert JPEG to WebP.


Here are the 6 best WebP image viewers to open Google WebP files on PC or Mac. To ensure the quality and open WebP files faster, it is recommended to use WidsMob WebP that outperformed the other WebP image viewer applications and websites. Moreover, you can also find the different viewing modes and even edit the photos.

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