8 Best Wedding Slideshow Makers to Custom Wedding Videos with Stunning Effects

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What are the best wedding slideshow makers to custom photos and videos for your wedding party? If you want to share the golden moments in the wedding party and tell your love story to wedding guests, how do you make a wedding slideshow with music, photos, transitions, and other elements? Here are the 8 best methods to design a special slideshow with stunning effects.

Wedding Slideshow Maker

Part 1: Top 3 Free Wedding Slideshow Makers

Top 1: Google Slides

Google Slides is an online free wedding slideshow maker, which you can simply sign in with your Gmail account. It enables you to work together with your friends in different places to make wedding slideshows. Moreover, you can sync, display and change the resource and slideshow on both computer and mobile devices.


  1. Open, edit and save slideshows easily.
  2. Add photos, music, videos, and more.
  3. Automatically save slideshows after editing.
  4. Convert PPT files to Google Slides.
  5. Support real-time collaboration.


  1. It must work through a network.
  2. The built-in themes and elements are limited.
Google Slides Wedding

Top 2: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another online wedding slideshow service that was released by Adobe. It provides some basic features free of charge. The key difference between the free and subscription users is the cloud storage. It enables you to create eye-catching slideshows for wedding reception with your pictures, background music, voice comments, captions, and more.


  1. Provide the wedding video slideshow with a link.
  2. Host and manage wedding slideshows on the web.
  3. Offer a library of music files and images.
  4. Produce professional-grade slideshows for free.


  1. It may slow down your web browser and computer.
  2. The cloud storage needs the Creative subscription.
Adobe Spark Wedding Slideshow

Top 3: iMovie

iMovie is the built-in video editor for Mac as well as a free wedding slideshow maker. Different from the other slideshow makers, it allows you to add photos, videos, and other resources to the library and then arrange and edit them on the timeline. You can blend the photos with background music on an individual track, add text caption and other elements.


  1. Preinstall on Mac computers and easy to use.
  2. Save wedding slideshows in up to 4K resolutions.
  3. Include professional-looking themes and trailers.
  4. Apply transition effects to display the photos.


  1. It is only available to Mac.
  2. The filters and transitions are limited.
iMovie Wedding Slideshow

Top 1: Animoto

Price: US$8.00/Month/Personal; US$34.00/Month/Business

Animoto is one of the best wedding slideshow makers online, although it is not freeware. It provides a mobile app to sync the files on different devices. The ready-made templates are a good starting point for beginners. There is a large library of background music, templates, and other elements without extra payment.


  1. Make a slideshow with a personalized story online.
  2. Save wedding slideshow videos with audio files.
  3. Post slideshows to social media directly.
  4. Upload your photos and music or use the library.
  5. Share slideshows with family, followers, and friends.


  1. It requires a stable Internet connection for creating.
  2. This wedding slideshow maker cannot produce muted slides.
Animoto Wedding Slideshow

Top 2: Magix Photostory

Price: US$69.99 and US$69.99 for upgrade

As a wedding slideshow maker, Magix Photostory is perfect for beginners. The storyboard also helps you to add flair to your slideshows as you can add audio narration, edit photos, convert the project to a video, send it to your social page, and more. There is also a team of experts to support your artwork online. That makes it appear on our top list.


  1. Keep the photos and videos with the original quality.
  2. Provide actual HD quality for each project.
  3. Offer a large package of sound and music effects.
  4. Provide over 100 templates for slideshow creating.
  5. Support a wide range of input including RAW and GIF.


  1. It is not compatible with Mac OS devices.
  2. The phone technical support costs extra.
Magix Photostory Wedding Slideshow

Top 3: Movavi Slideshow Maker

Price: start from US$39.95

Movavi Slideshow Maker is one of the best wedding slideshow makers. It works smoothly on both Windows and Mac. It almost equips with all tools and elements you need to decorate your slides, such as 105 transition effects, 165 chic photo filters, tons of stickers, plentiful caption styles, and more. The built-in video editor allows you to retouch your videos.


  1. It is available to Windows and Mac.
  2. Include a video editor with advanced features.
  3. Capture screen videos for slideshow making.
  4. Offer oceans of elements, like stickers, transitions, etc.
  5. Take full control over the creative process for a wedding.


  1. There are too many features, which make beginners frustrated.
  2. Users cannot post slides to social media directly.
Movavi Slideshow Maker Wedding Slideshow

Top 4: Muvee Wedding Studio

Price: US$99

As its name indicated, Muvee Wedding Studio is another excellent wedding slideshow maker. It has advanced features to make engaging wedding shows over 15 years. There are over 20 styles templates to help beginners make the wedding slideshows like professionals. Moreover, you can add your photos, music files, and videos to your slides.


  1. Offer an intuitive workflow to create a slideshow.
  2. Include a photo editor with advanced features.
  3. Preview slideshows in real-time to get a satisfied file.
  4. Fix tint, lighting, remove noise, red eyes, and more.
  5. Provide music recommendations and sound effects.


  1. No real value adds over to the photos and videos.
  2. The templates are limited and cannot download add-ons.
Muvee Wedding Studio Slideshow

Part 3: Best Alternative to Create Wedding Collage

When you want to create a wedding photo slideshow, WidsMob Collage is an all-in-one collage maker to design stunning wedding collages. Different from slideshows, you can add texts, effects, stickers, filters, expressions, and more other elements. Moreover, it enables you to rotate the images, straighten photos, and edit the files.

  1. Make wedding photo slideshows with different templates and elements.
  2. Customize the texts, effects, stickers, filters, expressions, and others.
  3. Choose the templates, posters, and stickers designed for weddings only.
  4. Provide advanced editing features to rotate, crop, and flip the photos.
Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about Wedding Slideshow Maker

This is the title

1What should be the Best Duration to Make a Wedding Slideshow?

When you need to make a wedding slideshow for social media sites, you can check the best duration for these websites. If you have to present the wedding slideshows to audiences at your wedding, 10 minutes is a good choice.

2How to Find the Wedding Templates for Google Slides?

Just as mentioned, there are limited templates for making wedding slideshows with Google Slides. You should search and download a wedding template for free on the Internet.

3How to Make a Wedding Slideshow Unique?

Choose the best videos and photos, record words of marriage advice from people that you look up to, capture a choreographed dance performed by the wedding party, and create a parody of a film you enjoy.


Here are the 8 best wedding slideshow makers to customize wedding slideshows with audio files. Some of them are free of charge, like iMovie. Others help you produce professional slideshows easily, such as Muvee Wedding Studio. If you need a photo slideshow maker for a wedding party, WidsMob Collage is one of the best choices you can take into consideration.

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