WidsMob AVIF

Convert JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and Animated GIF to AVIF/AVIFs.

Rotate Image, Resize Photos and Add Text/Image Watermarks with Presets.

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All-in-One AVIF/AVIFs Viewer and Converter for Windows and Mac

WidsMob AVIF is an all-rounded AVIF converter to browse AVIF and animated AVIFs, resize them, rotate/flip photos, add watermarks and convert JPEG/BMP/TIFF/GIF to AVIF/AVIFs, or vice versa.

Convert JPEG/TIFF/BMP/PNG to AVIF, or animated GIF to AVIF with smaller sizes.

Real-time browse and manage your AVIF/AVIFs and delete unwanted ones.

Add and customize the watermark to AVIF or AVIFs in different parameters.

Resize AVIF or AVIFs in width, heigth, pecentage or adjust resolution in inch or pixel.

Preview AVIF/AVIFs on Win/Mac

Support AVIF and animated AVIFs. Whether you need to browse still AVIF images or animated AVIFs, you can preview the file format directly without conversion. It provides both thumbnail mode and full screen mode to view the new generation photo file format on Windows or Mac. You can check each frame of the animated AVIF easily.

Convert Photos to AVIF/AVIFs

Whether you need to convert JPEG/JPG to AVIF or turn PNG to AVIF with transparent background, it is the optimal AVIF converter to help you out. It also enables you to convert animated GIF or WebP to AVIFs with a much smaller file size in the original quality. Moreover, you can also convert AVIF or AVIFs to other file formats easily.

Batch Resize/Rotate AVIF/AVIFs

Provide 4 different modes to resize AVIF or AVIFs in batch, such as by width, by height, percentage and free. Moreover, you can adjust the resolution, and enlarge smaller images. It also enables you to rotate and flip the AVIF/AVIFs in a batch process, such as rotate left, rotate right, 180-degree, flip vertically, or flip horizontally.

Manage and Add Watermarks to AVIF/AVIFs

When you need to convert AVIF or AVIFs to another file format with a different output name, add text watermarks in the desired position/size/font, or adjust the photo quality, it is the best AVIF manager and converter. You can always get the optimal file format for your website within few clicks.

WidsMob AVIF Screenshots

  • fix-image-noise
  • full-makeup-controls
  • tone-mapping-algorithm-ps
  • adjust-stitch-point
  • mosaic-tile
  • super-fast
  • batch conversion
  • denoise-dark
  • widsmob black
  • photovault interface
  • record audio video capture
  • media-library-en
  • makeup portrait
  • open-pdfedit
  • Add PDF to ConvertPDF
  • widsmob converter interface
  • Setup Network Interface
  • Add HEIC Photos Mac
  • Main Interface MediaVault
  • Select Files or Batch Convert Win
  • widsmob watermark cleaner interface
  • selfie-photo-beautifier
  • full-skin-manage
  • support-raw-formats-ps
  • apply-photo-effects
  • multiple-effects
  • preview-all-images
  • photo converter
  • denoise-portrait
  • filmpack cross
  • photovault manage
  • photo-effects-en
  • online meetings capture
  • enhance portrait
  • add-image-to-pdf
  • Adjust PDF Page Range
  • Convert Audio
  • import-media-from-channels
  • Batch Resize Mac
  • Slideshow Interface MediaVault
  • Resize PNG to AVIF Win
  • video watermark removal
  • retouch-photo-with-filmpack
  • makeup-side-face
  • customize-hdr-photos-ps
  • auto-stitch-to-panorama
  • PNG Mosaic
  • multiple-viewing-modes
  • photo edit
  • denoise-move
  • filmpack light
  • photovault security
  • annotation capture
  • video-play-en
  • simple presets
  • Manage PDF Output Settings
  • Add Text to PDF
  • convert dvd widsmob converter
  • manage-the-stream-files
  • Batch Rotate Mac
  • Set Password MediaVault Win
  • Preview File Formats Win
  • photo watermark removal
  • fish-eye-photo-effect
  • easy-to-use
  • built-in-hdr-effects-ps
  • Panorama Maker in One Click
  • shape-montage
  • viewing mode
  • rename photos
  • denoise-old
  • widsmob grain
  • photovault slideshow
  • index-sheet-en
  • webcam recorder
  • batch process portrait
  • Convert PDF to Word
  • crop-pdf
  • Edit Files Converter
  • check-transfer-status
  • view Multiple Photos HEIC Mac
  • Preview MediaVault Win
  • Preview and Edit AVIFs Win
  • add video watermark
  • aristic-photo-effects
  • detect-all-portraits
  • auto-align-and-ghost-suppression-ps
  • different-stitching-modes
  • tile-interlace
  • editing-features
  • watermark
  • denoise-snow
  • filmpack tone
  • photovault album
  • favorite-mode-en
  • settings capture
  • adjust skin area
  • add-watermark-pdf
  • Conversion process
  • manage-and-control-devices
  • Choose Output Format Mac
  • Play Video MediaVault Win
  • Launch AVIF Win
  • add photo watermark
  • Negative Film
  • Snow Noise
  • Photo Mosaic
  • Stitch Modes
  • Manage Photo
  • Before and After
  • Adjust Color
  • Add HEIC Win
  • Add Photo Album MediaVault Win
  • Convert GIF to AVIFs Win
  • Positive Film
  • Reduce Noise
  • Mosaic Tile
  • Create Panorama
  • Password Settings
  • Advanced Detection
  • FilmPack Windows
  • View HEIC Details Win
  • Change Password MediaVault Win
  • Convert AVIF or Vice Versa Win
  • Tone
  • Portrait
  • Tile Mode
  • Adjust Effect
  • Security Level
  • Save Template
  • Lomo
  • Batch Resize Win
  • Add Watermark Win
  • Black and White
  • Move Noise
  • PNG Mosaic
  • Stitch Points
  • View Mode
  • Color Palette
  • Portrait Touchup
  • View Burst Photo Shot Win
  • Cross Film
  • Dark Noise
  • Color Match
  • Vertical Panorama
  • Lock Screen
  • Men Touchup
  • Remove Noise
  • Convert GIF Win

WidsMob AVIF Video Tutorial

Customer Review

  • Camila C
    It is the only HEIC toolkit that supports burst photos on Windows. It should be excellent to save the original HEIC on Windows without conversion. 5-star    
  • Mac Informer Icon
    WidsMob Retoucher is a simple photo editor designed for both home and professional users. It allows you to repair the imperfections within your pictures and apply image effects for artistic appearances. 5-star
  • Joshua S.
    This screen recorder is absolutely awesome. It's so straightforward and easy to use! Hope you can Keep up the amazing work. 5-star
  • Ann Stark
    Portrait Pro offers a wide variety of intuitive adjustments that are quick and effortless. It's an affordable and easily mastered addition to any professional photographer. 5-star
  • McKenzie M
    It is a tool for computers that will allow us to easily select any document on our computer and convert it quickly into PDF format, it has an installer for Windows operating system that allows you to work without being connected to the internet speeding up the process a bit. 5-star
  • Josh R
    This tool is the best tool for working with PDFs, For example PDF to word conversion. It is best as it is very simple to use, and the User Interface is very Intuitive and User experience is Best. It handles the conversion of Tables and margins pretty well and you will get the Word Document in proper format. 5-star
  • Alex Lyons
    Converted my high def MKV files beautifully into MP4 format. no watermarks, no obvious signs that freeware was used to make the conversion. audio was synced beautifully. 5-star
  • John T.
    Simple and easy to use. I can now stream videos to my Mac over wifi without any hiccups. I love and highly recommend this app. 5-star
  • Eva Williams

    WidsMob PhotoVault is the availability of different levels of security for encrypting and hiding photos. - read more

  • Eva Williams

    WidsMob Montage is one of the best photo mosaic software that offers an intuitive interface and tiles of different sizes. - read more

  • Ann Young
    This professional stitching software is capable of creating panoramic images in an automatic way. - read more 5-star
  • Ann Young
    WidsMob Denoise is a highly functional software for easy and quick viewing of photos in various modes. - read more 5-star
  • tom lewis
    Wow, it should be one of the best HDR editing program with a competitive price and easy operation. 5-star
  • This photo editing software offers dozens of stunning film effects to let me make my photos like old movie effect, it is great program! 5 stars
    Paula O'Reilly
    Photography Lover
  • Juan Pablo

    As the next generation AVIF files, I use it to convert photos from my website to AVIF files with much less storage space.

  • kate kyle
    It is the most straightforward and comprehensive portrait retouching software, which provides realistic effects. I highly recommend this app! 5 stars
  • andrew-dick
    WidsMob FilmPack is an amazing pack! I can make different styles of my single photo! I love the program! 5-star
  • Laree Wood

    It is an excellent program for hiding the videos and photos. I can use it as a media player for the private videos and sensitive photos.

  • william-rocha
    It should be the best photo viewer I have ever known for Mac, I can view and manage all my photos from camera easily. I feel really thankful! 5-star
  • george-dan
    I am a web designer, ImageConvert is just the one photo program for me, convert RAW, compress files, resize pictures and add watermark. Excellent program that need recommendation! 5-star
  • Eva Williams
    WidsMob Viewer Pro is a handy software that allows you to view pictures easily. It works with standard file formats and RAW. - read more 5-star
  • Nico Kipmen
    Love this application. Just found it a few minutes ago and installed it. The best DLNA media server. Works flawlessly with all my rendering devices. 5-star
  • This photo retoucher can even beautify the portrait photos and remove some freckles or smooth skin easily, I like it! 5 stars
    Anabella Thomson
    Photo Editor
  • Simon Kwan
    I have used many different video converter programs. None of them compare to WidsMob Converter. This is the best program and is so easy to use. There is also a user guide to help using the program. 5-star
  • Jim Miller

    Hiding videos with MediaVault is really the best way to make sure that nobody steals videos on your PC.

  • Milton S
    This software provides me with all the functionality that I need, and makes it really easy to use with its highly intuitive user interface. It is a very attractive and affordable alternative to other high end PDF products, AND without "cutting corners".  It's one you actually get MORE than what you paid for. 5-star
  • Lucas Da
    I get used to take photos with my iPhone XR. Now I can transfer the heic photos to my computer via the heic viewer and converter. Excellent!!!! 5-star      
  • Angel H. T
    It is one of the best tools to work, allows us to transform PDF files to other types of files, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Image and more with a simple click. We love being able to transform non-refillable forms created in Word, Excel into fillable PDF forms with just one click. 5-star
  • Susan Bolton
    If you're an avid portrait photographer who's looking for a fast, easy and effective way of touching up pics in just a few simple steps then Portrait Pro is your best choice. 5-star
  • Taylor Smith
  • Elten Lyan

    Hiding photos with PhotoVault is really the best way to make sure that nobody steals images on your Mac.

  • Sheena Ted
    I love the design of this screen capture. It's so minimal. Everything is so smooth. And best of all, very helpful for me to do some tutorial recording. 5-star
  • Nitin Khajotia

    Woo, I can use it to convert GIF to animated AVIF or AVIF, which is not available to any other website or AVIF converters.

  • Derrick Jordon
    This film analog software really can make the digital photo looks like some original camera shot images, I like to use it to make special photos! 5-star
  • tapscape icon
    It is an app that gives just about the right amount of features you would expect from an app that focuses on giving users the best experience when working with digital images and photos. 5-star
  • Aya Clark

    This mosaic tool gives me the power to create quick and easy photo mosaics.

  • Nick Shawn
    What's amazing about it is that you can really tweak it to your hearts content as it is a very powerful tool. I've used it on my images and was amazed! 5-star
  • Kate Mayer
    This portrait retouching software has a lot of great features like skin soften, porches removal, etc. to help you improve your portrait photography in a nature way.5 stars
  • Biff Lion
    This panorama software helps me to turn any series of overlapping photos into a gorgeous panoramic image in just seconds. 5-star
  • Amy Jade
    WidsMob Viewer is incredibly fast and responsive. It has simple control panel and lots of shortcuts for browsing, editing and more. 5-star
  • Hellen Van
    ImageConvert can convert my JPG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP files by changing the size, colors, file names, and much more, all with one simple step. It's so easy! 5-star
  • Jessie Liar
    WidsMob HDR did expose the image to view what I remembered the scene being exactly, I highly recommend it. 5-star
  • Kyle Sun
    WidsMob Panorama is a good app to create your own photo collages. The usage is pretty easy and advanced features are just great. 5-star
  • Hannah Nelson

    I can use it as an AVIF viewer, but it does not always reduce the image size if you need to keep the high quality image files.

  • Rebecca T
    User friendly. Easy to use. Excellent product and I was looking for quick way to edit and create PDF and re-edit documents. This has everything and a package in itself without any ifs and buts. I have recommended this software to many within my friend circle and every one is now using this software. 5-star
  • Steve W.
    This tool is not only great for video conversion and extracting audio from video. Just last week, I was able to cut up one of my favorite films and upload it to the web to share with my friends. 5-star
  • Sun King
    This HDR software help me to achieve a series of beautiful natural HDR photos with great HDR adjusting tools. 5-star
  • Dylan M.
    Using a home media server for streaming multimedia files over all the devices in your home network can be fun and convenient when it works. 5-star
  • Ronan Park
    This photo viewer offers me stunning effects with simple editing tools so I can adjust my image into a more attractive style and share to my friends. 5-star
  • I just came across the HEIC companion for iPhone, it really works for me, whether to view the photos or convert them for different scenarios. 5-star  
  • Cindy Lion
    This is a great app even for those who already use Photoshop. It is quick and intuitive to use. It really make beautify portrait become simple. 5 stars
  • Billie Else

    WidsMob MediaVault is an app that makes the process of hiding away and encrypting videos quick and easy.

  • With is de-noise function, I can easily reduce the photos noise and make them clear just in one click! 5 stars
    Martin von Berdich
  • AppModo Icon 200
    This quality is pretty much what makes WidsMob effortlessly standout from other kinds of image viewers out there. The convenience brings to the table is hard to top. 5-star
  • Richard L
    I really like how simple and intuitive it is to use. Very little learning curve and very powerful program. I really like the UI and how easy it is to find what your looking for. I also really like there customer service. I contacted them and very quickly they responded with possible solutions. 5-star
  • Lilian Carter
    I use this program to make my wedding photography special, it can make a single wedding photo with different effect, I like it! 5-star
  • Vicky Lee
    I downloaded Denoise, took some photos with my Kodak DC4800 at ISO400 and tried Denoise on it. I'm so impressed, all of the noise is gone! 5-star
  • Milton L
    A great and easy to use perfect program! This screen capture do what I expected. I wish your screen recorder app would be successful in the future. 5-star
  • Mary Lee

    This app does a lot of work to make encryption and photo visibility uncomplicated matters a lot of Mac users.

  • Richard Paker
    As I am a photographer, I need to process lots of photos a time. And this photo converter help me to batch convert my RAW image to JPG or PNG files easily with my own watermark! 5-star
  • David Miller
    It is a super fast video and photo viewer with wonderful user experience, supports almost all photo formats and RAW files and popular video format on Mac. 5-star
  • Sally Wang
    Portrait Pro is simple to use, with exceptional levels of control. Anything from subtle tweaks to massive changes is achievable in a few clicks, it's really good to use! 5-star
  • Flora King

    It is amazingly to make montage photo with easy steps and automatic effects!

  • Flipper Farmer

    WidsMob Montage is an easy uncomplicated way to create an individual and unique piece of art.

  • Susan Ryan
    I like take photography, before photo management would be troublesome for me. Now with WidsMob Viewer, I never feel like such easy to view and manage all my new pictures. 5-star
  • Barbara Brown
    This photo viewer is easy to browse through picture folders quickly. Just double click one picture, then use left/right to go to next previous. 5-star
  • Teddy Wood
    How can I expect more? This is really a great HDR photo editing program to make merging HDR images easily. 5-star
  • Sam Bush
    Converting bundles of photos cannot be such an easier task for me before. And now, with WidsMob ImageConvert, I can do batch photo processing on my Mac in blazing speed. 5-star
  • Jeffery Guyer
    As a portrait photographer, I strive to get everything as close to perfect in the camera as I possibly can. And WidsMob Portrait offers the most simple way to make portrait retouching just in few minutes.5 stars
  • Tim Clark

    WidsMob PhotoVault is an app that makes the process of hiding away and encrypting photos quick and easy.

  • Jack Whale
    Portrait Pro is a very useful tool for photographers, mainly specialists in glamor and fashion photography who require a fast and easy way to touch up portraits. 5-star
  • This Photo Retoucher really useful for making artistic photo effects and it is very easy to operate! 5 stars
    Paula Smith
  • Susan Bread
    I'm very grateful to WidsMob of this wonderful panorama creator. It is a must have if you like traveling and have a digital camera. 5-star
  • Luna Thomson
    This is a fantastic piece of software. I wouldn't be without it after trying it. It help me to remove photo noise and become clearer. Thanks for WidsMob. 5-star
  • bruce-mars
    I really love the easy process to handle with my iPhone photos, it just handles all kinds of pictures, landscape or portrait images with batch process. 5-star
  • lewis charles

    I just get a mosaic for my baby with all the sweet memories.

  • brett bilbrey
    I just stitch photos taken by DSLR to panoramas within few clicks and it turns out to be a great panorama image. Wonderful!!! 5-star