WidsMob AVIF

Convert JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and Animated GIF to AVIF/AVIFs.

Rotate Image, Resize Photos and Add Text/Image Watermarks with Presets.

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All-in-One AVIF/AVIFs Viewer and Converter for Windows and Mac

WidsMob AVIF is an all-rounded AVIF converter to browse AVIF and animated AVIFs, resize them, rotate/flip photos, add watermarks and convert JPEG/BMP/TIFF/GIF to AVIF/AVIFs, or vice versa.

Convert JPEG/TIFF/BMP/PNG to AVIF, or animated GIF to AVIF with smaller sizes.

Real-time browse and manage your AVIF/AVIFs and delete unwanted ones.

Add and customize the watermark to AVIF or AVIFs in different parameters.

Resize AVIF or AVIFs in width, heigth, pecentage or adjust resolution in inch or pixel.

Preview AVIF/AVIFs on Win/Mac

Support AVIF and animated AVIFs. Whether you need to browse still AVIF images or animated AVIFs, you can preview the file format directly without conversion. It provides both thumbnail mode and full screen mode to view the new generation photo file format on Windows or Mac. You can check each frame of the animated AVIF easily.

Convert Photos to AVIF/AVIFs

Whether you need to convert JPEG/JPG to AVIF or turn PNG to AVIF with transparent background, it is the optimal AVIF converter to help you out. It also enables you to convert animated GIF or WebP to AVIFs with a much smaller file size in the original quality. Moreover, you can also convert AVIF or AVIFs to other file formats easily.

Batch Resize/Rotate AVIF/AVIFs

Provide 4 different modes to resize AVIF or AVIFs in batch, such as by width, by height, percentage and free. Moreover, you can adjust the resolution, and enlarge smaller images. It also enables you to rotate and flip the AVIF/AVIFs in a batch process, such as rotate left, rotate right, 180-degree, flip vertically, or flip horizontally.

Manage and Add Watermarks to AVIF/AVIFs

When you need to convert AVIF or AVIFs to another file format with a different output name, add text watermarks in the desired position/size/font, or adjust the photo quality, it is the best AVIF manager and converter. You can always get the optimal file format for your website within few clicks.

WidsMob AVIF Screenshots

  • Select Files or Batch Convert Win
  • Resize PNG to AVIF Win
  • Preview File Formats Win
  • Preview and Edit AVIFs Win
  • Launch AVIF Win
  • Convert GIF to AVIFs Win
  • Convert AVIF or Vice Versa Win
  • Add Watermark Win

WidsMob AVIF Video Tutorial

Customer Review

  • Juan Pablo

    As the next generation AVIF files, I use it to convert photos from my website to AVIF files with much less storage space.

  • Nitin Khajotia

    Woo, I can use it to convert GIF to animated AVIF or AVIF, which is not available to any other website or AVIF converters.

  • Hannah Nelson

    I can use it as an AVIF viewer, but it does not always reduce the image size if you need to keep the high quality image files.