WidsMob Denoise

Versatile Image Noise Reduction Software for Smartphones and Camcorders. Exceptional detail, outstanding image quality and a distinctive natural look.

WidsMob Denoise User Guide

WidsMob Denoise is an easy-to-use noise reduction program for both smartphones and camcorders with different photo formats. It is an ultimate solution  remove noise for portrait as well as landscape photographs. Whether taking shoots for moving staffs, under lowlight environment, touch up the old images or portrait; you can get the desired effects with ease. Here is the video tutorial to get the detailed information about how to use the WidsMob to reduce the noise first.

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Get Started

Just before using the program, you can learn more detailed information about the Luminance noise, Chrominance noise and Sharpness features for the program first.

Chrominance Noise

Chrominance is the quality of light that causes the sensation of color. The Chrominance feature lets you control Chrominance noise as a function of the pixels’ Chrominance. As for the case, you can have strong chrominance noise reduction in areas of low saturation and weak noise reduction in areas of high saturation. For example, when you set to 30 for the chrominance noise, you can  boost the grey or drab areas that will have a setting often too weak due to the settings average value.

Luminance Noise

Luminance Noise was used to completely remove noise in dark areas while fully retaining structure of lighter areas. Luminance Noise enables you choose whether you want to manipulate the luminance noise reduction. Adjusting the Luminance slider is equivalent to manipulating the amplitude of the luminance curve - both affect how strong the noise reduction effect is. The curve has the additional advantage of letting you control noise reduction strength as a function of the pixels' luminance - e.g. it allows you to have strong luminance noise reduction in the shadows and none in the highlights.


Sharpness is a critical issue for photographers. While we sometimes experiment with blurs, we mostly want our subjects to be as sharp as possible. The standard, reliable approach is to use a good lens and tripod. When you adjust the noise of the images, you should reduce the sharpness of the image as well. As for the case, you can adjust the sharpness to have a better result.

How to reduce noise for photos

Step 1: Add photos into the program

Click the Import button to add photos from computer to the program, or drag and drop the photos for noise reduction. As for the portrait images, the program is able to detect the program directly.

Open Denoise

Step 2: Turn on the Before/After mode

In order to have a clear comparison for the effect, you can go to View > Before/After when you adjust the parameters for the images, which is not available for noise reduction of Photoshop.

Before After Denoise

Step 3: Reduce noise for photos

After that you can adjust the Chrominance noise, Luminance noise as well as the Sharpness to have a better result for the images of camcorder and smartphone with ease.

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