1Can I add RAW formats to WidsMob HDR?
Yes, WidsMob HDR supports most of the RAW formats, you can combine a set of 3 different bracketed images into an HDR image. The program supports both JPEG and RAW formats.
2How can I get a perfect HDR image?
WidsMob HDR provides multiple parameters to adjust for the best best high dynamic range photos. Adjust the tone length, tone saturation, ghost compression, brightness, saturation, contrast and more other aspects.
3How to apply more images for a HDR photograph?
The latest version of WidsMob HDR only support a set of 3 bracketed images. We have been working on a new version for more images with more RAW files. Keep tuned from our official website.
4How do I purchase WidsMob HDR?
Just go to the official website of WidsMob HDR, and then click "Buy Now" to purchase the item from the official website. When you need to purchase multiple licenses, you can send an email to support@widsmob.com to apply for a discount.
5How to activate WidsMob HDR?
In order to activate the full version of WidsMob HDR, make sure you have already purchased the software. And then you can copy and paste the licensed email and key code to the activation page. After that click the "Activate" button to get the full version. The license key can only be used for 5 times.
6Why can I register the program with 5 times error?
According to the license agreement, the license key can be only used for 5 times. If you use the program in a new computer, you should make sure that you have removed the program completely from the previous computer first. Or else, the key code might not work on a new computer.

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