WidsMob HDR User Guide


Thank you for your interest in WidsMob HDR - it is an easy to use HDR application for both JPEG and RAW files. WidsMob HDR has some excellent features to merge a set of 3 bracketed images into HDR photographs, such as auto alignment, ghost suppresion, effects presets and more. In order to get a chromatic HDR files, you only have to import the series of different exposures images to WidsMob.

1. Tone Mapping Algorithm to merge bracketed images.

2. Auto align HDR photos with the optimal solution.

3. Ghost Suppression to combine HDR images.

4. Provides some excellent HDR effects presets.

Click to watch all of the video tutorials here. Download this software to get started:


Download: When you download the DMG or Zip file from the WidsMob HDR official website, you can run the file on your computer to install WidsMob HDR on your Mac with OSX 10.7 or above operation systems. If you still have not downloaded the Mac version, you can click the button to get the file now.

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Register: Once you place an order for WidsMob HDR from the Shopping Cart, you will receive an email with the activation code. Just enter the activation code with your licensed email to activate the program. The activation code is case sensitive, if you cannot register the software or have any other query, you can contact support@wismob.com.

Uninstall: If you need to remove the program, you can follow the standard process to remove the downloaded files from Applications first. And then you can get rid of the program from your computer without any problem.

Importing Media

WidsMob HDR support both JPEG files and RAW formats. It support most of the DSLR cameras, such as Canon, Nikon and more other cameras. It does not support drag-n-drop at the current moment, you can click File > Import, and then select a set of 3 bracketed images into the program. And you can also press Command + O to add the files to the program. Once you import the files, WidsMob HDR will automatically provides a HDR photograph with optimal solution.

Import Photo on HDR

Keyboard Shortcut List

Command + O : Import bracketed images to the program.

Shift + Command + P : Page Setup


HDR is the acronym of High-Dynamic Range. Compared with the ordinary image, it can provide more dynamic range and more details of the picture. Depending on the exposure time of the LDR (Low-Dynamic Range) images, with the best details of LDR images to compound the final HDR image, which can better reflect the real environment in visual effect.

Here is our application WidsMob HDR – it can merge a set of 3, sometimes 5 or 7 images into HDR photos. If you want a more impressive image, what you have to is only to import the collection of images with different exposure time to WidsMob HDR. Then you can easily get your images edited easily like a pro.

How to use this app?

Import: Press “Command” + “O” to add the images to the application. Or click the button “File”, “Open File”, then choose the images you want.

Import HDR Photos

But you should keep it in mind that it may take a long time for you to import the images because the file size of the images is very large, usually more than 20 MB, while that of ordinary images is usually several hundred KB. At the end of the menu, you can find the size of the HDR image.

Auto Align HDR Photos

Align: Once you import the images, the app can auto align the images with the best solution.

Adjust HDR Photos on HDR

Save: If you have finish your edition, click the button “Save” then the job is done.

Save HDR Photos

And here are some excellent features for you to edit your images. You can select the beautification level of your choice on all the following features. But please bear in mind that don’t adjust the number too high, or it will be unrealistic.

1. Tone Length: The lightness or brightness, as well as darkness of a color, you can adjust the button to change it.

Tone Length on HDR

2. Tone Saturation: It refers to the colorfulness of the tone.

Tone Saturation on HDR

3. Ghost Suppression: Ghost refers to the virtual image on the screen formed by the repeated reflection in the lens when the light enters the lens. This function can help you get rid of ghost images.

Ghost Suppression on HDR

4. Brightness: This function can adjust the brightness of the image. The level of brightness ranges from -100 to 100.

Brightness on HDR

5. Saturation: It is the purity of the color. The higher the purity is, the clearer the image is.

Saturation on HDR

6. Contrast: Contrast refers to the measurement of different brightness levels between the brightest part and the darkest part in an image. It is very important for visual effects. Generally speaking, the larger the number of contrast is, the clearer the image is, the brighter the color is.

Contrast on HDR

7. Effect: You can choose different effects in this function. It provides three effects: Original, Art Effect and B/W Effect.

Effect on HDR

8. Color Filter: Refers to a sheet of transparent material that modifies a light beam by selective absorption of some colors in relation to others.

Color Filter on HDR

9. Color Opacity: You can adjust a number between 0% (fully transparent) and 100% (fully opaque).

Color Opacity on HDR

10. Vignetting: It is a reduction of an image's brightness or saturation toward the periphery compared to the image center. The number can be from 0 to 100 according to your need.

Vignetting on HDR

HDR Photo Comparison

Photo Underexposed
Photo Overexposed
Photo Normal Exposed
HDR Photo