How to Add Music to Your Video on Windows and Mac OS X

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Jane Joe

It is a kill that adds music to a video. For instance, you take a video clip at your friend’s birthday party. It will become a great gift if you render it with background music. For teachers, background music will make your e-learn videos attractive. This skill is not only helpful for movie makers. Luckily, today you can find a lot of easy-to-use software to help you get the desired effect. This article will share with you a complete guide to use your favorite music in your video.

How to Add Music to Video

Part 1: How to Add Music to A Video on PC/Mac

Background music indeed plays a role in videos. It impacts the experience a lot. But people usually do not know how to add music to a video. If you already have the background music and video file on your hard drive, follow the guide below to get what you want quickly.

How to Add Music to a Video on PC

On Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced the Photos app. It can manage video and photo files. Moreover, it provides several basic editing functionalities include adding music to a video.

Step 1: Open a file explorer window and find the video file that you want to edit. Right-click on the video, and choose Open With -> Photos.

Step 2: After loading, the video will start playing in the Photos app automatically. Click the Edit and Create menu or related option at the upper right corner, and choose to Create a video with text. It allows you to add music and text to a video.

Create Video with Text

Step 3: Now, go to the Music library in the Photos app and head to the Your Music tab. Then, click the Select a music file button, find and open the music file from your hard drive.

Windows Photos Storyboard

Step 4: Next, drag and drop the clip onto the storyboard. Then you will get a video with background music.

Note: Bear in mind that the Photos app can only start the video and music simultaneously and stop the music at the end of the video. There is no way to adjust the playback.

How to Add Music to a Video on Mac

Though you can get the Photos app on Mac, it cannot add music to video similar to PCs. Alternatively, you can do the job with a video editor on Mac, iMovie. If you do not have it on your disk, install it from Mac App Store for free, and open it.

Audio Editing iMovie

Step 1: Firstly, create a new project as usual and go to File -> Import Media to add the video you wish to edit into the video editor.

Step 2: After video loading, drag and drop it onto the timeline from the media library panel. Turn to the Audio tab under the top menu ribbon. Here you will get three libraries, iTunes, Sound Effects, and GarageBand. Select iTunes and find the desired audio track. You have to import the background music into your iTunes. If you do not have an idea, go to Sound Effects and find a proper audio track.

Step 3: Next, drag and drop the background music to the timeline. Play the video. And the music will play at the same time. You can adjust the start point by dragging and moving the audio track.

Step 4: Now, you can export the movie project and convert it to QuickTime Player.

Part 2: How to Choose Music for A Video

As mentioned previously, background music affects how people perceive your video. So, adding the right music to a video is important. Here are ten tips to help you choose music for a video:

  1. Firstly, understand what exactly you want to say with the video.
  2. Define the mood in your video. It can help you find the right music genre.
  3. Master the pace of your video and use the music that matches it.
  4. Clarify the role of the background music.
  5. Pick the music that appeals to your target audiences.
  6. Prepare several music tracks.
  7. Don’t use the copyrighted songs.
  8. Try the background music before exporting the project.

Part 3. How to Capture A Music File for Your Video

Sometimes, it is hard to find the right music for videos, though there are oceans of tracks online. From this point, we recommend WidsMob Capture, which can help you grab any songs from the internet and movies. Its main features include:

  1. Capture music for adding to a video.
  2. Support a wide range of sources, like YouTube.
  3. Enhance audio quality using advanced technology.
  4. Rely on hardware acceleration to improve the performance.
Win Download Mac Download

How to Capture Music for Adding to a Video

Step 1: Install the audio recording software

Launch the best audio recorder after you install it on your computer. Choose Record Screen from the home interface. Advanced users can go to the Preferences dialog and customize options.

WidsMob Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Capture music for adding to the video

Click the Record Area section in the main interface and turn it off. Then disable the Webcam option as well. Press the Microphone option, choose the built-in microphone, and adjust the volume. Click the REC button and play the music to begin capturing it.

Customize Capture

Step 3: Save and manage audio track

When the music playback completes, hit the Stop button. The audio recorder will save it to your hard drive automatically. Then you can add the music to a video.

WidsMob Capture Media Library Win Download Mac Download


Based on the sharing above, you should understand how to add music to a video on PC and Mac. Sometimes, you capture a video with a noise. The best way to create a video as a professional is to apply background music. In addition to the guide, we also told you several tips on picking the right music audio for your video. More importantly, WidsMob Capture can help you get any song from various sources. We hope that our guide is helpful.