4 Simple Methods to Convert AVIF to JPG/JPEG with Original Quality

Last Updated on December 7, 2022 by Peter Wood

When you download some AVIF photos from an E-commerce website, it is impossible to share them with others. You should convert AVIF to JPG or JPEG for sharing or editing. Since the AVIF files are higher in quality and smaller in size, it is a favorite photo format for websites with photos, such as ETSY. Because of the compatibility, few web browsers and photo editors can read the file format. Here are 5 easy methods to convert AVIF to JPG you should know.

Convert AVIF to JPG/JPEG

Part 1: AVIF V.S. JPG, What are the Differences?

Before converting AVIF to JPEG, here are some basic differences you should know. As the successor of the JPEG file format, AVIF is the new generation photo format based on the AV1 video codec that has better quality and smaller size. It is used by the alliance for open media, such as YouTube and Netflix.

1. File Structure. Different from JPEG files, AVIF supports transparency, multiple-layer files, HDR color, and even animation. It means you can use AVIF or AVIFs to replace JPEG, PNG, and even animated GIFs you have used for your website previously.

2. Compression Method. The advanced AV1 video codec image format can produce high-quality photos with smaller sizes. JPEG is a lossy photo format that produces a wide range of visual disturbances in highly contrasting areas. AVIF supports both lossy and lossless compression.

3. File Compatibility. Different from AVIF files, JPG is a photo file that comes with universal support. AVIF is only supported for some limited web browsers and some digital tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, YouTube, etc. You have to convert AVIF to JPEG beforehand.

Part 2: The Ultimate AVIF to JPG/JPEG Converter

Should you convert AVIF to JPG/JPEG? If you have downloaded AVIF files, you can also convert AVIF to PNG with transparency, and GIF with animation. When you are looking for an all in one AVIF to JPG file converter, WidsMob AVIF should be the desired choice. Besides the basic converting features, you can also rotate the photos, resize the images with 4 different methods, add a watermark, and use the batch conversion process.

1. Convert AVIF/AVIFs to JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, WebP, TIFF, and more.

2. Provide editing features to rename, resize, rotate, flip, and add watermarks.

3. Browse and manage AVIF and AVIFs files on Windows and Mac directly.

4. Tweak the photo quality, duration, and other parameters before conversion.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob AVIF, you can launch the program on your computer and click the Import button to upload the photos. You can also drag-n-drop the downloaded AVIF photos into the program for batch conversion.

Import Photos WidsMob AVIF

Step 2: Select the AVIF photos you want to convert. It enables you to convert the selected images or all the photos. When you go to the editing window, you can rotate the photos, resize them in different methods, or add a watermark before conversion.

Edit AVIF Mode

Step 3: Click the Batch Convert button and select the JPG from the Format menu to convert AVIF to JPG. You can also click the Select button to choose the destination folder and tweak the photo quality. After that, you can click the Convert button to get the photos in JPG.

Convert AVIF to JPG WidsMob Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: 3 Methods to Convert AVIF to JPG Online

Top 1. How to Convert AVIF to JPEG with AVIF2JPG

AVIF2JPG is a free online AVIF to JPG converter, which enables you to convert AVIF to JPG and PNG. It provides the basic settings for output size and file quality. Just upload all AVIF files to a web browser. It will convert all files in a batch process. But it does not work with animated AVIF or multi-layered AVIF files.

Step 1: Go to https://avif2jpg.com/ on your web browser. After that, you can drag the downloaded AVIF files into the specified area or click the Flower icon to select the AVIF photos.

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the desired AVIF files, select the desired file format, such as JPEG or PNG. Moreover, you can tweak the photo size and file quality you want.

Step 3: It will present the detailed parameters for the AVIF file size. You can either click the START button to convert a single AVIF to JPG or click on the Convert ALL FILES button for a batch process.


Top 2. How to Convert AVIF to JPEG via MConverter

MConverter is another frequently used online AVIF to JPG converter that supports converting images, files, and videos. It enables you to convert multiple AVIF within a folder for a batch process. Just make sure the files are within 200MB. Similar to AVIF2JPG, it does not support animated AVIF files but works with PDF.

Step 1: Go to https://mconverter.eu/convert/avif/. Drag and drop the folder of the AVIF files by clicking the ADD FOLDER button. Of course, you can drag the photos to the online converter directly.

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the desired AVIF files, you can pick a target format or search for it from the search bar. To convert AVIF to JPG, you can find it easily from the user interface.

Step 3: It will automatically convert AVIF to JPG. Click the DOWNLOAD ALL button to extract the output file to your computer. It enables you to check the auto-download option during the process.

MConverter AVIF Converter

Top 3. How to Convert AVIF to JPEG with Pixelied

Pixelied is more than an AVIF to JPG online converter, which enables you to batch convert your files while you can keep the photo quality unchanged. Besides the conversion, there are multiple features to edit the photos, such as cropping pictures, resizing the images, removing photo backgrounds, and creating photos from templates.

Step 1: Head to the Free Image Converter page from the official website, you can click the Choose Files button to import the AVIF photos online or drag the files to the specified area.

Step 2: Choose the AVIF option from the drop-down list from the Convert option and the JPEG option from the To option. Click the Settings option to adjust the slider for quality.

Step 3: Click the Start Conversion button on the right to convert AVIF to JPG. When the process is done, you can click the Download All button to save the photos to your computer.

Convert File to AVIF Pixelied


If you want to convert some downloaded AVIF files to JPEG/JPG files, here are the workable methods you should know. The online methods enable you to convert some small files with limitations, especially for animated AVIFs. When you need to get an all-in-one AVIF to JPG converter, WidsMob AVIF is a helpful choice.

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