4 Best Methods to Add or Change Color for Your Photos

Last Updated on March 5, 2022 by Peter Wood

If you were tired of humdrum photography, you can try to use photo color changers to dye or paint freely with ease. Coloring your photos is also an interesting hobby without too much skill. Whether you want to colorize a black and white photo or enhance the color of your photos, you can learn more details from the article.

Here are 4 methods to add or change colors for your photos, including, adding black and white photos to color ones online, applying the analog film effects, or drawing special colors for portraits. Just learn more details about the process as below.

Change Photo Color

Part 1: Photoshop – How to Change Color Your Portrait Images

Changing the color of the hair is a good example to colorize your photos. As is known to all that dying hair is harmful to human health. However, you might not resist the temptation of changing hair color. Thus, is there any way to color your hair without chemical ingredients? Photoshop can help you dye hair colorful by using some simple edit tools. You can also do color saturation to draw others’ attention to your images first.

Step 1: Launch Photoshop on your computer and click the New Adjustment layer option to add a new layer on your Photoshop. After that, select the Hue/ Saturation icon from the list. After that, tick the Colorize option in the lower-left corner.

Step 2: Use the Hue slider to adjust hair color, as well as saturation and lightness. You will see the entire image become colorized with a shade of color you choose.

Step 3: Fill the mask of the new layer with black. Choose the Brush tool to set white as the foreground color and black as the background. After that, Paint white on the layer mask over the hair.

Step 4: Change the blend mode into the Color option, you can choose the Soft Light option as well. Decrease the opacity of the adjustment layer to colorize your hair with Photoshop.

Step 5: Click the Hue/ Saturation settings to paint your hair more colorful. The advanced layer manager of Photoshop enables you to colorize the photos as desired without changing the original one.

Colorize Hair Photoshop

Note: Just follow the same steps to color other images with Photoshop. In addition, you can add a vignette to your colored photos via Photoshop, which can strengthen your objects.

Part 2: Fotor – How to Add Color for Your Photos Online

Fotor is a funny online color photo editor to apply color in freestyles. You can use color splash to highlight or color your old photos, or even turn a black and white photo into a colorized photo within clicks. Moreover, you can also change color photos into a black and white one, then highlight part of the photo with a color splash as below.

Step 1: Go to the Fotor online, you can click the Edit menu or the Get Start option to get into the online color your photo changer. Select the Import Photos option to upload your photos to color.

Step 2: Click the BASIC option and adjust the color for the whole image. When you need to highlight part of the image, you should have a visual compact instead.

Step 3: Head to the Color Splash option, which will turn the photo into a black and white one automatically. After that, you can use the brush to color your photos accordingly.

Step 4: When you get everything done, you can share edited vivid images to Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms by page URL or HTML code directly within the online tool.

Color Black and White Photo Online

Note: You can save colorful images into JPG or PNG files. After that, select image quality from normal, high, and highest. You can save it to your computer or Dropbox directly. You can also print the colored images with a tap.

Part 3: Color Effects – Apply a Different Photo Color

Color Effects is a smart app to recolor your photos and apply other color effects to your photos. You can get a user-friendly interface to colorize images with ease. Furthermore, Color Effects allows you to tint vivid hues with red, yellow, blue, green, or the typical black and white. Photography will be lively after you are given unique pigments.

Step 1: Download and install the recolor photo app, launch the program, and import images from your camera roll or photo library on your Android phone or iPhone accordingly.

Step 2: Click the Recolor icon to splash over 66 colors on the area you want to colorize. Draw with your index finger on the image directly. It enables you to colorize the photos.

Step 3: Change the Brush Size, Intensity, and Translucence to color your photos according to your requirement. Share the colorized old images to Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Color Effects Color Photos

Note: You can install Color Effects app both on iPhone and Android. If you want to kill time, it is a good idea to color your photos with fingers slowly to create a unique artwork.

Part 4: WidsMob Retoucher – Color Photos with Film Effects

WisMob Retoucher is a stunning photo editor to colorize the photos, add film analog effects and touch up photos on Mac. It has dozens of revolutionary camera profiles and color parameters to turn photos into different colors, B/W ones, vintage styles, and more. Moreover, you can add a vignette, color filter, color opacity, and more other parameters to colorize the photos.

  1. Enhance color for photos with saturation, contrast, brightness, tint, etc.
  2. Apply and tweak color filters, color opacity, vignette, and other parameters.
  3. Change the photo colors with analog film effects with vintage styles.
  4. Special tone color to turn photos into a tone color within one click.
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How to Change and Enhance the Color of Photos

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Retoucher. You can launch the program and import the photos you want to colorize into the program. Of course, you can also drag-n-drop the photos in a batch process.

Import Photos

Step 2: Choose the ADJUSTMENT option, which you can adjust and tweak the color of photos with Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Temperature, and even Tint to the optimal one you desired.

Color Adjustment

Step 3: You can also focus on the main part of the image with a vignette, adjust the color opacity, color filter, fisheye, and more other LOMO effects within the program. Preview and select the desired effect.

Color LOMO Effects

Step 4: To enhance the photo color or apply a special vintage photo effect, you can choose the FILM PACK option. It enables you to change or enhance the color of photos in thousands of different styles.

Analog Film Effect Win Download Mac Download


When you need to add or enhance colors for photos, you can learn more about the 4 different methods from the article. It is easy to add color to a black and white photo, the color splash of Fotor, or the color change apps can help you out with ease. Of course, you can also enhance or change a stunning color for the photos with WidsMob Retoucher in different styles.

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