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Hide Eye Bags – 20 Best Methods to Conceal Under Eye Bags with Ease

When you just had a long nigh or a super salty dinner leads to your eyes puffy, it is difficult to conceal under-eye bags. The under eye bag is also known as fluid retention. In other words, the fluid accumulates around your eyes and generates eye bags. There are a variety of factors trigger the problem and the most common is too much salt, too little sleep or too much stress. How do you hide the under-eye bags to look rested and fresh-faced? Learn more details about the 20 best tips from the article now.

Conceal Eye Bags

Part 1: 20 Methods to Hide Eye Bags

You might have heard about various methods to hide eye bags, such as green under-eye concealers, baking and more. Here are 20 solutions for efficiently concealing under eye bags.

Method 1: Understand the Cause of Eye Bags

Just as mentioned above, there are many factors that may lead to under eye bags, such as salty diet, poor sleep or high stress. Just learn more details about the cause should be important.

Method 2: What Cause Dark Circles under Eyes

Under-eye bags are always accompanied with dark circles, you should find out the trigger of your dark circles. Similar to the reasons mentioned above, you should avoid the problems to hide eye bags.

Method 3: Wear Sunglasses and Sunscreen

Sunshine is a big problem that causes various issues on your face including the eye bags and dark circles. When you go out in a sunny day, you should wear sunglasses and sunscreen.

Wear Glasses

Method 4: Prepare An Ice Bag or Cold Spoon

If you sleep too late, you can prepare an ice bag or freeze a spoon, or cover it on your eye after getting up. It should be a quick way to remove and hide the under eye bags temporarily.

Cold Spoon

Method 5: Ask Help from Dermatologist

If your eye bags are severe and lasting for a long period of time, you should go to your dermatologist and make a professional diagnosis to learn more details about the reason in order to hide eye bags.

Method 6: Reduce Alcohol and Salt Intake

If you prefer to drink or salty food, it may be the time to give up it. Alcohol and salt could damage your liver and cause eye bags. Of course, you should have a healthy diet instead.

Healthy Diet

Method 7: Put Your Eye Gel in Your Fridge

Many girls use eye gel for protecting the skin around eyes. If you keep your eye gel in the fridge, it could cool the eye area and shrink the blood vessels to get rid of the under eye bags.

Method 8: Keep Sleeping Well

Make sure to sleep early and better, if possible, you can also take a rest. It is important to hide eye bags. Even if you are busy, you should always try apps to help you sleep deeply.

Method 9: Use the Eye Mask Regularly

You use your eye every minute and the muscle around the eyes is always in high tense. An eye mask is able to make the muscle relaxing and improve the circulation to avoid eye bags.

Eye Mask

Method 10: Rely on High Technology

There are many devices help you to remove and conceal eye bags, such as U-Glisten, 360 Eye Massager Free Ball and more. You can purchase a desire one within your budget.

Method 11: Always Keep Warm

Girls prefer to beautiful clothes and sometimes wear little in the cold weather, which will cause some problems. If you want to hide your eye bags completely, you should keep yourself warm.

Method 12: Try An Eye Serum

Almost all cosmetic brands have released products of eye serum. Have a detailed research for all the brands from Amazon and find a desired one for hiding your eye bags.

Method 13: Cover Up Your Eye Bags

Red lipstick is able to neutralize the dark circles under your eyes. That is the basic of hiding eye bags. Of course, you can also learn more about more makeup method to hide the dark circles.

Method 14: Massage Your Eye Area

The pad of your ring finger is the easy way to massage your eye area and remove various skin problems. When you have time, you should have a massage for your eye area to hide under eye bags.

Eye Massage

Method 15: Moisturize Under-Eye Skin

The under-eye skin is especially thin and you should have a special treatment for the part. Just apply some eye cream to hydrate the area before you have a makeup to conceal the bags for your eyes.

Method 16: Apply Foundation

Before concealing eye bags, applying a light layer of foundation all over the under-eye is important too. When you have a makeup for your portrait, you should know the important for foundation.

Method 17: Choose The Right Concealer

Pick a concealer about one or two shades lighter than your skin to hide your dark circles and eye bags. Just search and compare the desired brands to choose a suitable one accordingly.

Method 18: Smooth Everything with A Q-tip

If you find any creases forming, lightly smooth them down with a Q-tip. It is another method to conceal your eye bags and beauty your portrait if you can insist on the habit.

Method 19: Prolong the Eye Bag Concealer

Both concealers and foundations contain oil, so you should sweep some powder over your eyes to prevent them from breaking down, or even use SKII or other cosmetics.

Method 20: Wear Contact Lens

If you are wearing a pair of glasses, replace them with contact lens. The former could cause eye bags. Of course, you can have excises in order to avoid the eye bags caused by wearing glasses.

Part 2: One Click to Conceal under Eye Bags

How to conceal the under eye bags within a portrait image? If you just find the severe eye bags within a portrait, how do you hide the eye bags? WidsMob Protrait Pro is a professional photo editor for hiding eye bags in your portraits images and selfies. Moreover, you can also use the advanced makeup features to conceal eye bags naturally.

1. One click to remove eye circles and enhance the portrait within one click.

2. Apply eye shadow makeup filters for concealing eye bags and dark circle.

3. Manage the skin, such as select skin area, change color tone and more.

4. Customize a preset to optimize the eye bags and enhance the portrait.

How to Hide Under-Eye Bags within a Portrait Image

Step 1: Download and install the eye bags concealer, launch the program on your computer. Click the Select Photos button to add the portrait you want to retouch into the program. After that, you can click the Select Folder button to add the photos.

Portrait Pro Interface

Step 2: Once you have imported the photo, you can go to the Edit tab from the right panel. After that, you can scroll down to locate the Enhancements menu to enable the Remove Eye Circles option to hide the under eye bags within just one click naturally.

Hide Under Eye Bags Portrait

Step 3: Besides the feature, you can also manage the skin to brighten skin or smooth skin to conceal the under eye bags. Moreover, you can also take advantage of eye shadow feature to add an eye shadow with the same color as the skin to reduce the eye bags as well.

Makeup Conceal Eye Bags Portrait

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the result, you can click the Export button, which you can choose the resolution, file format, quality, name or even apply a preset for all the images, especially you taken photos for the same person before click the Start button.

Export Portrait Image Portrait

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Just learn more about how to hide under-eye bags after reading our tutorial above. As you can see, a lot of facts could trigger eye bags. Thankfully, you have mastered 20 methods to remove or hide eye bags accordingly. If you just need to conceal under eye bags within a portrait image, WidsMob Portrait Pro should be the best program you can take into consideration.

Download for Mac Version

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