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AAC to MP3 - How to Convert AAC to MP3 with or without iTunes [With Pictures]

Today, I want to give a lesson about AAC to MP3 conversion. Is there anyone who has prepared MP3 converter class yesterday? If all of you try to keep silent, I will ask somebody directly. Now, anyone question? Fine, write down all of them on the blackboard in order, and I will answer one by one.

Part 1: AAC VS MP3 – Who is the Winner in Audio Format Groups

Question 1: What is AAC file format? How does it work?

aac format

Answer: AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) stands for lossy digital audio compression, which has been standardized by ISO and IEC. In general cases, AAC delivers better sound quality than MP3 songs, with the fixed audio sizes. Let us put it simply, AAC is the successor of MP3. Like MP3, AAC is a lossy format which means AAC files do not sound identical to CD-quality files as it is compressed. Like MP3s, AAC file quality is measured by bit rate and its common bit rates including 128kbps, 192 kbps and 256 kbps.

Question 2: AAC and MP3 are both audio formats, and I find out that AAC audios are in better quality than MP3 files during the same bitrate, so can you tell me differences of AAC and MP3?

aac vs mp3

Answer: You may wonder is MP3 or AAC better? In fact, AAC is the default audio format among YouTube, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, PlayStation and any other digital devices, as well as in-dash car audio systems. Moreover, AAC stores music in 48 channels, while MP3 only offers 2 audio channels. But the fact is that, MP3 is far more popular than AAC audio files. Thus, sometimes you have to convert AAC to MP3, to be suit media players.

Part 2: Free AAC to MP3 Converter – Convert AAC File to MP3 Online Directly

Question 3: What a pity, so how about MP3 audio converter? Do I have to pay certain fees for converting AAC to MP3 audio files?

free aac to mp3

Answer: You do not have to purchase to get AAC to MP3 converter software. Actually, there are many ways to change AAC music to MP3 on desktop. The default audio converter applications on PC are iTunes and Windows Media Player, to convert a file to MP3 free. And online audio converters can do good jobs of music format conversion too, like Zamzar, Convert.io, Any Audio Converter and etc. You can find dozens in Google and convert AAC to MP3 online free in high quality. For iOS and Android users, Media Converter is the top AAC to MP3 converter app, to convert and edit media files for free.

Part 3: Convert Protected AAC to MP3 on Mac or Windows Using iTunes 12

Question 4: As you jus told, so many free MP3 converters, I do not want to install third party software, how about convert AAC version on iTunes?

aac to mp3 itunes

Answer: iTunes is more than a pure audio converter for Windows and Mac users. To start with, make sure your iTunes has upgraded into latest version, or at least up to iTunes 12 and later.

Step 1: Turn to Preferences, and then tap Import Settings option under General menu.

Step 2: Select MP3 Encoder from Import Using in the Import Settings window.

Step 3: Adjust AAC audio quality and bitrate in the Setting menu.

Step 4: Drop AAC songs in iTunes, and convert AAC to MP3 with iTunes.

(There are two ways to make MP3 conversion. The first one is to choose Create MP3 Version from File menu directly, or you can select Create New Version first, and then tap Create MP3 Version.)

After the AAC to MP3 audio conversion finish, you can see convert MP3 songs under original ones automatically. If you just need to keep MP3 music, just delete AAC audio files from iTunes, do not mix AAC songs with MP3 audios by the way.

Part 4: Convert AAC Audio to MP3 without iTunes

Question 5: How to convert AAC to MP3 in Windows Media Player? Or is it possible to convert AAC to MP3 on Windows using WMP?

Answer: In fact, Windows Media Player does not support converting AAC to MP3 as Windows Media Player (WMP) is an application designed to play its own file type (.wma) and its latest version mainly support convert those WMA files to other files with some codecs pack.

convert mp3 with windows media player

Question 6: Can I convert AAC to MP3 on Android Direclty?

Answer: Of course. You can download an AAC to MP3 conversion app called Media Converter to convert AAC file to MP3 music on your Android devices easily. This Media Converter allows you to convert all kinds of media formats to popular media formats. With this app, you can also clip a media file or extract audio to make a ringtone, etc.

convert aac to mp3 on android

Part 5: Convert AAC Audio to MP3 with WidsMob Converter

Question 7: How to convert AAC to MP3 with professional WidsMob Converter?

Answer: Though you can convert AAC to MP3 free with above converters, there are still many existing limitations. You cannot edit and adjust profile settings before converting AAC files to MP3. AAC to MP3 conversion may be influenced or interpreted by the poor Internet connection heavily. During this time, you can use WidsMob Converter to convert, edit and extract audio files on Windows.

Step 1. Download and install the software on your computer. Launch this program and choose "Add File" on the top toolbar. Then you can select AAC audio from your local folder.

Choose Converted File

Step 2. Locate "Profile" option at the bottom. You can see all preset profiles in categories. Later, select "General Audio" from its menu. Choose "MP3" as the output format.

Convert Audio

Step 3. If you want to change audio encoder, sample rate, channels or bitrate, then you can click "Settings" option besides. At last, click "Convert" to batch convert AAC to MP3 in high quality.

Conversion Finished

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

That’s all for today’s AAC to MP3 music conversion lesson, with our answer, you can easily get to know more about AAC file format and how to convert single or multiple AAC files to MP3. If you have anything difficult to understand, feel free to leave your advises and contact with us.

Jane Joe
Jane Joe
Jane Joe, an editor, specialize in video and audio software related information.