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CDA to MP3 - 3 Best Ways to Convert CDA File to MP3 on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac

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CDA is the file extension of CD shortcut, which used by Microsoft Windows to track the time and length of CDs. But CDA is not a real audio file, nothing contained in CDA file at all. If you insist on copying CDA files to media players to listen music offline, I have to say that you will fail doubtlessly.

Calm down and do some preparation to enjoy an audio CD in portable devices. So how to manage .cda file, or which way to extract audio tracks from CDs in free way? Today, I will raise some CDA to MP3 converter software, to convert audio formats for free.

Part 1: Convert CDA Files to MP3 on Mac and Windows with iTunes

iTunes is the free audio converter and media player, developed by Apple, to satisfy demands of music management. No additional charges for audio file transform, and you can transfer converted CDA to MP3 audio file to portable devices by the way. So it is a nice idea to convert CDA to MP3 free with iTunes.

How to convert CDA to MP3 Audio in iTunes

Step 1: Insert an audio CD into the computer’s disc drive, and run iTunes, which will detect CD automatically. If you are using Mac, you may need an external CD reader.

Step 2: When you see the dialog to verify whether to import the CD, tap Yes to move on.

Step 3: Choose songs you want to convert to MP3, right click to select Create MP3 Version. If you do not see this option, you need to follow this instruction: Edit (Windows) or iTunes (Mac) > Preference > Import Settings... > Import Using in drop-down box > MP3 Encoder > Click OK > Click OK to return to the page.

Later, your converted MP3 songs can be seen in Music Library. And no matter you transfer to iOS or listen in iTunes directly, the confusion of CDA files will disappear, after CDA to MP3 audio conversion.

convert cd to mp3 in itunes

Part 2: Rip CDA to MP3 on Windows 10/8/7 by Windows Media Player

After introducing CDA to MP3 converter freeware names iTunes, there is necessary to say Windows Media Player, which can do similar CD ripping job. And if you tick Rip CD automatically in Rip settings during CDA file conversion, all your CDs will be detected and converted into the MP3 audio format you set automatically, in free way too. In addition, Windows Media Player has audio quality adjustable slider, with which to change bitrate customizable.

How to rip CD audios to MP3 files on Windows 10/8/7 with Windows Media Player

Step 1: Run Windows Media Player, and click Tools in the toolbar on the top.

Step 2: ChooseOptions, to turn to Rip Music menu within Options window.

Step 3: Open the Rip music tab and the converted audio discs will be saved on Rip music to this location location. Select MP3 and move Audio quality slider under Rip settings. Tap Apply and OK in order.

Step 4: Insert the audio CD, and then find Rip CD option on the top. Select Do not copy right protection to your music and tick the terms. Click OK to start the process.

Wait few seconds for free CDA to MP3 converting with Windows Media Player automatically. In addition, do not forget to tick Eject CD after ripping under Rip settings, to recommend yourself as soon as CD extraction finished.

rip cda to mp3 with wmp

Part 3: Convert CDA files to MP3 with FreeRIP MP3 Converter

If you want to extract audio tracks from an Audio CD and convert CDA files to MP3, then FreeRIP would be your good choice. This FreeRIP can be a CD Burner and audio converter which has basic version and pro version. For simple conversion, you can just use its basic version to help you extract audio tracks from CD to MP3 or other audio formats like WAV, WMA, FLAC and OGG Vorbis.

How to extract CD audios to MP3 via FreeRIP

Step 1: Put an audio CD into your computer and start FreeRIP. Here the FreeRIP can show your CD information including artist, album, titles, year, etc. which can be edited.

Step 2: Check the tracks you want to rip and click Rip Selected Tracks To Default Format button. Then you can see a new window pop up to show you the progress. And it would be finished when you see the "Done" message.

rip cda to mp3 via freerip

You can find your new files on the desktop in a folder named after the band or artist. If you want to convert a format, like MP3 frequently, you can set it as "default" and then you can easily convert CDA to MP3 formats by choosing "Rip to..." in the Rip menu.

Small Tips

What Type of Files is a CDA?

A CD Audio Track or .cda file is a smalll virtual file generated by Microsoft Windows for each audio track on a standard "Red Boook" CD-DA format audio CD as defined by the Table of Conetents.

The .cda files do not contain the actual PCM sound wave data, but tell where on the disc each track starts and stops. Some audio editing and CD creation programs will from the user's perspective, load .cda file as though they are actual audio data files.

cda file

How to play .cda files?

You can click on the CDA file when you are in the disc file area and it will play in WMP (Windows Media Player). Or you can convert CDA file to WAV, MP3 or other file format which can be understood by computer by using a CD ripper.


So here in this article we introduce you 3 easy ways to convert CDA to MP3 Easily and Freely no matter on your Mac or Windows. Hope you can find a situable way to help you extract .cda file to MP3 audio according to your need.

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